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hey everyone ! rate your day on a scale of 1-10♥️🐢

do you read?
You lost yourself in yet another soul.
You have a habit of falling too quick and too deep and you don’t know how else to love. They take and they take and they take and you give because it’s all you’ve ever known. You think: This is how it was meant to be. I love them, they love that I love them, the end.
But what about you? What about the love pumping through you or the desire flaming in the palms of your hands? You reach for someone that steps backwards when you are too close; you talk to someone who prefers to hear white noise over your voice.
You keep trying to save the person in front of you and you think that they will save you back but all they do is patch themselves up with pieces of you and leave you there with voids that cannot be filled.
— Yet, you still find it in you to keep loving this way (I pray it doesn’t destroy you) | n.b.

I forget who I used to be before I was hurt,
Ripped apart by the violence of love.
I’m poorly glued together by mistakes and fears,
These are the only things I’m really sure of.
Insecurity sticks to my core like cold during a storm,
Emptiness is embedded in my fragile bones.
Loneliness suffocates me, cutting off air I need,
These feelings sit in my body, making it home.
When your brain only allows black and white,
Nothing looks as it should, it’s all a dark blur.
Vibrancy and electricity mean nothing to tired eyes,
It’s even worse when you remember how colors were.
Is life worth living if it’s not being experienced,
Going through the motions, a lost soul in a host?
Wasted hope and days passing by in a flash,
I wish I didn’t exist anymore, I wish I was a ghost.
— B.V.// Ghost
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this is an old rhyming piece! sorry for the lack of posts but i've been crazy busy with the end of the school year. hope you enjoy this!

Maybe we miss who we used to be

do you like roses?

Dancing like no one is watching❤
Träningsvärk i heeela underkroppen efter träning och en kväll fylld med dans på dansgolvet igår, sträckte till och med ljumsken! Ja men hejja 🙌 Vaknar ändå upp med största leendet på läpparna tack vare livet och en kropp som känns grym! Vi borde definitivt se allt vad våra kroppar är istället för att fokusera på vad den inte har. DAGENS hemläxa babes 😘 #iamproudse
Dancing like no one is watching❤
My body is hurting from all the workout this week and a great evening on the dancefloor dancing likr crazy yesterday! 😍
Waking up with the biggest smile and a body that feels great. We should focus on everything that our body gives us instead of what ut doesnt have! Todays lesson ❤

what's your fav color?🌍


Counting days 💋

Happy Saturday Babes ❤️ || For every $100 you spend you will receive $20 Threads cash!! #threads #threadsbirmingham

Já começando os trabalhos.
Com essa escova e hidratação maravilhosa
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I'm hungry but it's too early to eat lunch

Good vibes @dreamermiami 🍍

good morning !¡ q; favorite color?

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