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Smile. Drink Coffee. Be happy 🙃 watch - @cluse (coming out soon!) ⚡️• Werbung

a new video will be up tomorrow! featuring some of my fave band tshirts 👧🏻🤘🏻sooo stay tuned guys!! luv u!

well you shouldn't have read her diary in the first place..😬 but thoughts? 💭

*accidentally thinks about something awkward i did three years ago*
me: nonononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononono..... 👉🏻shop this outfit straight from 21buttons! #21buttons

En smart kvinna sa en gång ( jag själv i detta fallet 😂) " Aeeeeee nu får det fan va bra"... och hon levde lycklig i alla sina dagar, typ.
Jag har spenderat för timmar i hysteri över vad jag ska ha på mig för att sen klä mig i något som gömde min kropp, i nedsläkta rum för att jag faktiskt en gång i tiden skämdes över hur jag såg ut och över den jag va, på solsemestrerar där tankarna aldrig varit där och då utan i någon form av fängslande vikt och kroppsfixeringsbubbla och deperat försökande att förminska min stora skönhet till rumpa. Jag levde inte!
Dagen då jag bestämde mig för att tillåta mig själv att va lycklig, le och att älska den kroppen jag har och säga FUCK THIS SHIT till alla negativa tankar om mig själv, är dagen då jag blev fri!
Ingen förutom du kan frigöra dej själv och det enda som behövs är orden" nu får det fan va nog" och en vilja att vara lycklig! Vi alla besitter den styrkan hörrni! ❤ (English)
A wise woman once said ( by a wise women I mean me.😂) " fuck this shit" and she lived happy ever after.
I spent too many hours trying to figure out what kind of clothes to wear and at the end ending up wearing something that hides everything, in dark rooms just cause I once was ashamed of myself and my body, at vacations worrying about my weight instead of being in the moment.
The day I decided to laugh and love my own body and to say FUCK THIS SHIT to all my.negative thoughts about myself, was the day I became free!
No one but you can free yourself,and the best thing is iy only takes fuck this shit in words and a strong power of wanting!
We all hold that power ❤

Sometimes we have salads and other times we have cream sauce pasta 🍝 that goes against the diet we keep boasting about. You live. You learn. 🤷🏼‍♀️😝#creamsauceismykryptonite #ilovepasta #beret #foodie #feedme #italianfood #outfitdetails #lunchtime #veganwannabe

qotd: Spotify of Apple Music? - 💌 - "
This poem is a celebration. An ode to those
still struggling to fit in. This poem
is the dirt under your feet and how you taught
yourself to sew a tightrope that feels like home.
This poem is for the times their positive words
meant more to you than the voices in your head.
The drunk calls and the times you held back
skeletons, even when you were so angry
you couldn’t chew without your overbite coming out.

You call them small victories;
I call them the big things: things like
learning your worth, fighting for what matters.
Things like the first time you met me,
you hugged me as if to say, “Look,
I know we hardly know each other,
but over 350 million people have depression
and there is a good chance you’re struggling.”
The first date was more like three;
the first conversation felt more like we.
This poem is togetherness.

I searched your being for scars like stars
to connect your body to stardust.
Maybe the blades they used were so sharp,
you bled out for three weeks. Maybe
you blacked out for years after that.
I understand more than you’ll give me credit for.
And when the bruises on your ankles
remind me that I burned my feet on concrete,
I will not cry. I love the looks on their faces
when I tell people how I am still
standing before them. This poem

is a semi-colon. It is not an invitation
for you to burn the hands you scarred. It is
a reason to run cold water over
every person you come in contact with.
It is a reason to keep going. "
— This poem is a celebration, a semi-colon

another pic from my book, ‘the boys i’ve loved and the end of the world’ which is published TOMORROW at noon EST!!! i’m so excited to share this with you all. tag your friends in the comments to help spread the word!

what time is it for you right now? it is 6:58am in california 🌹 @sighsz


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Non piangere.
Tira su il naso.
Stringi forte i denti.
Chiudi gli occhi.
Fai un respiro profondo.
Asciuga il viso.
Alza la testa.
Non piangere,non qui,non ora!
Urli e nessuno ti sente,piangi e fanno finta di niente. #accessories #classy #clothes #clothing #clubsocial #dress #fashion #fashionable #fashiondiaries #girly #highheels #hot #instafashion #loveit #makeup #model #musthave #ootd #pants #shoes #style #swag #swagger #tagsta #tagsta_fashion #weheartit

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