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I wear this hairstyle a lot and that's not cool when you are +25 🌚 (thank u for 300k this is insane 😱 // gracias por todo, es increíble que seamos 300k 😭)

do you like the way your voice sounds? -
"Take you like a drug
I taste you on my tongue
You ask me what I'm thinking about
I'll tell you that I'm thinking about
Whatever you're thinking about
Tell me something that I forget
But you might have to tell me again
It's crazy what you do for fame"

where are you from? -
I often wonder about how people would react to my death.
Would they cry?
Would they mourn?
Would they be relieved?
Would they even care?
I try to think of how people would really react
How they would feel, alone in their room
Where it’s quiet.
Where they can think.
I try to see why they wouldn’t be sad if I died
“Oh she stole my pencil in 3rd grade what a bitch”
“She got a B on that test, she’s stupid anyways.”
I think of all the ridiculous reasons,
Because I hate myself for those very reasons.
I want to die because of all those mistakes
All of those stupid things I’ve ever done.
I just want peace.
I just want to die.
I just want it to end.
But I can’t.
Knowing that someone might mourn,
and go through the same sadness that I have.
Knowing that someone could experience
the mental pain,
that can’t be stopped,
or numbed.
I can’t die,
knowing that I could put someone
through that kind of depression.
— social-outcasts-refuge

[halsey - colors]
what time is it for you?

art or music? flowers or cacti? tea or coffee?✨

This is most likely the last post for today :0.
Q; who is your favourite actor
A; dylan O'Brien

"He's more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same." -Emily Brontë -------------------------
New blog post sharing our engagement photos shot on film by the brilliant @kriskan 🎈LINK IN BIO 🎈 #TwoEmsWed #engagementphotos #engagementshoot #couplegoals #bridetobe


Savage boys🔥

➖➖Dashuri e zjarrt➖➖ Kapitulli 21

Blendioni:gru dola
Edhe un masi dul aj tepet nerwoz u bona mami tu fol me wllau um ngucshin qa ki moi
Un:veq dojsha me kop sen skom sen
Ata:diqka ki un sen
Pom merr gjumi
Ata;hajt flej pra
Un;qetasht ___________
Edhe rash qaty lot um pikshin sikur kur tbjen shiii ,pse jom kaq pa fat ,pse edu personin kur aj sum don ,thoja me vete aj buzqesh ,un qaj ,unshiqoj fotet e tjii,aj shiqon fm tjeter ,edhe un tani u qova nshkova ndhom e morra telin shenoja me qikn e gjagjit __________
Un;qa po ban?
Ajo:sen .mos te tha fr jem najsend?
Un:send ,
Ajo:o qka kom omgggg
Un:qa ?
Ajo:jo se ti ja qon fr tem tani bojet mos vet ...
Un;pasha zotin nuk ja qoi kerkujttttt ?? Trego
Ajo:ok qe 💏
Un:po e kom pa .
Biseda me fr e sajj
Andi:qa bone ?
Un;sen hiq.. ti ?
Du met tho diqka ?
Andi;Diqka per blenfionin ? edhe per mue keq ?
Un:fol ?
Andi:blendioni osht tuj tradhtu ty ,un e kom diabeti n
Qofse nuk boi ma mir dujet mu bo operim
Un;ishalla bojsh ma mir ti.. ;e flm shum qe um tregove flm shum bro
Andi:thash tregoi ma ert se ma von
Um;mir ki bo
Edhe veq e ka lo seeenn
Se i ka ardh gjunah nrm amo ky sen ska faj
Un omggg pse ma boni kto un senn si kom bo ufffffffffff ... e kom dit ma ka nij zemra
100&20 plsssss ma aktiw
Edhe un jom aktiw kur tjeni ju plsss

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New blogpost is up; how to eat to gain muscle🍔 Direct link is in my bio😘 I know lots of women are afraid to eat more, to eat carbs or to eat fats. I used to be too🙈 But do we really need to fear this or is this just as irrational as hiding from the monster under your bed?🐉
So many girls want to know how to grow that booty. Guess what? It ain't gonna happen with doing a 30 day squat challenge and eating only lettuce for every single meal🙅🏻 Your butt exists of mucles, the glutes🍑 Muslces can grow and thus so can your booty. However, you do need to eat and to work your ass off (on) in the gym!🏋🏻‍♀️
I already wrote you the post on how to train to grow them muscles so now it was time to explain you how to eat. Stop being afraid of calories! Yes calories can be used for fat storage but if used in the right way they can grow you a massive booty. Lolz my butt isn't that big but you've seen those planet sized butts out there on instagram right?🌎
Now don't expect your booty to suddenly become the size of uranus 🌝😂 Omg so sorry, could not resist making this joke😅😭#mysenseofhumoristerrible No but seriously, growing muscles takes hard work and time. If fitness isn't your passion you can't expect to start looking like a fitness model just by working out every now and then. But you CAN make a change! 👊🏼
You don't have to be the biggest one out there or the strongest🙅🏻 You just have to be the best version of you! Go smash your own individual goals! Make yourself proud and love yourself every single step of the way to success! You got this babe, I know you do!!❤❤ Now get out there and show the world how amazing you are!👊🏼 #gogetit #yougothis oh and on a sidenote; damn why do I have so much hair?😅


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