Basic wheel Wednesday 🤣 got some new being built for this car coming soon a 3 piece 🙌🏽 📸: @doubleedgemedia 🙌🏽🔥
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Wrap: @jvwrapsandcustoms Customexhaust: @dmcexhaustwerks
Engine/tune work: @renntech
📷: @theautophotog

I was thinking today, how very interesting, that Jesus never personally wrote down any of His life giving and life saving words. He totally entrusted His life's message, legacy, meaning, and teachings to His followers. He expected their obedience in spreading His salvation gospel. There is no account that I have read in the Bible where Jesus ever asks a specific follower to write any of His actions or sayings down (comment if I missed it 👍✌🙏). It seems that they obeyed the prompting of the Holy Spirit when the time was appropriate to get ink on ... papyrus? Idk - Lol. But I hear this question all the time..."Where is God?" while evil and tradegy happens. It would seem to me, in the way that the spread of Jesus' message was the responsibility of the earliest followers, the godless should be able to point to us - there is God abiding - there in him and in her. It is a heartreak that as Christians, we have some of us that want to know where God is in our irritating places - demanding comfort or resoultion in angry cries of helplessness...if you are good, God, where are you?! I imagine a voice responding, "Yes, where is God, where is He in you?" If Christians are too concerned over what to wear to Longhorn's this weekend, complaining over the evil in the world, but not showing the world God - if we can't see Him in the church body - yes, where is God? Is He waiting in your "spare time", in the money you have left over? Where is God's work in you - as the lady in front of you at Walmart nervoulsy counts change to add to her EBT for food (tisk, tisk), as the relationships of our kin and friends quietly fall apart ("we never knew anything was wrong"), as lonely people in the nursing home down the road can't remember the last time they heard a child laugh? Where is God ...in you? What light do you bring?

Faith without works is dead. We are the light in a dark world. We are the body. Don't ask where is God - He is where you leave Him. What is priority in your life? Who is the god of your wallet? Your time? Your plans? Your courage? ✌🙏♥
Hard preaching to you and myself.. hard stuff is worthwhile stuff.
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In the words or our beloved 14th National President and legendary Civil Rights Attorney, Frankie Muse Freeman, Esquire. “We got work to do.” #dst1913 #wegotworktodo #SensationalSouthAtlantic

Mind, body and Soul!!!!! In that order. It’s just as important mentally as it is Physically. #Fitness #healthandwellness #Theprocess27 #Teamtru #dmv THE TAKEOVER!!!!! #WEGOTWORKTODO Let’s GO!!!

QUITTING cannot be an option. Step back, take a breather, regroup, catch your breath. Do whatever you need to do BUT DONT GIVE UP. TODAY could be the VERY DAY that EVERYTHING changes. YOU JUST HAVE TO HANG IN THERE.
Speak LIFE into your day

Day 2: Plank Challenge 💪 this isn’t easy #wegotworktodo
@omgstrength what was I thinking I hate doing planks 😢 19 more days to go

@preciousabramscarr !!!! Prayers going out to you during this time of healing my SWOLE SISTA !!!! I love you and will see you soon I haven’t come by cuz I don’t wanna make you laugh 🙄😂😂😂 please send her some prayers Y’all #wegotworktodo #underconstruction #mysisterskeeper #support #healthiswealth

Savon Atkins Welcome to Quince Orchard High School!!!!!! GO TIME!!!!!! It’s Official #WEGOTWORKTODO

It's crazy how much these two have grown. In a couple weeks they will return to school as juniors. Got to say proud of how far they have came. Marquise is a two sport star in football and basketball and has a 4.0 for 2 straight years. Reggie is starting point guard and had a solid summer, he has a 3.1 Both expected to contribute this year. #UnderstandTheGrind #motivated #WeGotWorkToDo #NothingComesEasyAtTheHive

I SINCERELY appreciate all the well wishes and prayers over my speaking engagement at Muskingum University yesterday. To say it was a success would be an understatement. I am so grateful and humbled by the opportunity. I must say I LOVE THIS LANE and everyone in attendance made me believe THEY LOVED IT ALSO. This is JUST THE BEGINNING.

Starting the 21 days plank challenge with Donna Mekeda Bradley 💪😎

Day 1: Plank Challenge #wegotworktodo


After the fire in 2017, and after another run at a very hot State Fair of Texas, you could wonder if the Reaves brothers wanted a break from cooking. Nope.
They wanted to continue growing their catering business, both because they didn't have a working restaurant and because they don't seem like they sit down much. Brent had recently finished a small-business program through the Dallas County Community College District where he learned to create a five-year plan for the company. "It was probably the most life-changing experience I ever had," Brent says. A year later, after the fire, members of the program's Bill J. Priest Institute offered up their kitchen, located in the Cedars, for free.

A friend from Sammy's BBQ in Dallas offered an extra smoker, too. And Mark Hajdu, owner of a bar and restaurant called Lakewood's 1st & 10, let them cook out of his kitchen.

"We were on pace for a record-breaking year," Brent says, a little frustrated. "When all of these people came around, we were actually able to keep cooking."

The new restaurant will be about 1,000 square foot larger than the original and will have added perks like a small tasting room created specifically for catering customers. It will still have a private dining room on the side -- where Bible study was -- that will hold about 50 people.


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I’m just trying to get killer biceps like my girl Serena Williams💪🏾💪🏾 #WeGotWorkToDo

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