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A splash of color on a gray day.

Schøtstuene, Bergen, Norway

On this Dia de los Muertos, may your family & friends that have passed always have peaceful spiritual journeys.


The Fire Breather.

Tonight, for the very first time, I visited some graffiti tunnels & had a ton of fun! Many thanks to @lenslifephoto for arranging for the fire & light performers! They were awesome!


Today, I took over 800 photos at The Red Bull Air Race. Of all the pics, I was lucky enough to capture this unlucky moment for one of the pilots. They navigate a course of floating pylons against the clock. The pylons are thinner than a sheet of paper & easily torn if the planes touch them, forcing demerits. There are qualifying and elimination rounds. The planes can go up to 200 mph & 10 G's!




Regardless of your religious beliefs & philosophies, may you always have Faith in your life. Happy Easter!

On this evening, La Jolla was engulfed with a thick layer of fog. Fortunately, a lovely sunset came out above the fog.


The Sunset Surfer.

This time of year, Venus appears in the western sky after sunset. She appears as both the "Evening Star" and then the "Morning Star." Luckily, the Surfer paused for a moment just under Venus.

Washed over.

This lovely sunset was captured a couple of weeks ago as high tide was approaching. Using an ND8 filter & 1 second exposure, the incoming waves washed over the rock, leaving water trails & causing the surrounding waves to have this dreamlike ethereal feel. Enjoy!

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