We are thrilled to kick off our 2018 #weekofcolorzoom by featuring Celeste's look!⠀

Many of you know the importance of education to Theory. This year, we were grateful to be able to send Celeste to the Goldwell KMS Academy in NYC to take a Colorzoom class with renowned educator @zenoderrick. She came back from New York to share what she had learned during our in-salon class with the rest of our team. We look forward to sharing the rest of this year's looks with you!⠀

Stylist >> @beauty_operator_
Model >> @rennyrotten
Photo >> @noamyphotographer

Next in our #weekofcolorzoom is this look by Holly!

#hairbyhollyking >> @hairbyhollyking
Model >> @corasou
Photo >> @morth_photo

Next up in our #weekofcolorzoom is Micah's look!

#hairbymicahthornton >> @_mt.hair
Photo >> @morth_photo

Day 3: #weekofcolorzoom >> How great is this look by Celeste!?
#thebeautyoperator >> @beauty_operator_
Model >> @sarah.suta
Photo >> @morth_photo

Second up in our #weekofcolorzoom is this rad look by Joan!
#hairbyjoandayton >> @lilmsjoan
Model >> @deedidthis
Photo >> @morth_photo

We're kicking off our #weekofcolorzoom + sharing all of our stylist's incredible looks from this year's competition. First up is Katie's look! She created this look in New York City at the @goldwellkmsacademy academy in April.

#hairbykatieminalga >> @katieminalga.hair
Model >> @emisue3
Photo >> @morth_photo

Goldwell Colorzoom 2015 | Daniel Rubin

Last look in our #weekofcolorzoom is this incredible look by Daniel Rubin >> @djrcolor of Trio Salon >> @triosalon in Chicago | makeup >> Melissa Musseau | photo >> BABAK |
Thanks Daniel for all of your help with our Colorzoom looks this year, we always love having you + your expertise - HUGE congratulations to Daniel on making semi-finalist in the partner category this year!
@goldwellkmsacademy @goldwellcolorzoom #iamgoldwell #traditionalrebel #goldwell #colorzoom2015 #Colorzoom #btcpics #modernsalon #americansalon #salonalliance

Goldwell Colorzoom 2015 | Micah Thornton

First up in our #weekofcolorzoom is this rad look by Micah >> @_mt.hair #colorzoom #colorzoom2015 #iamgoldwell #traditionalrebels #modernsalon #btcpics #americansalon @goldwellkmsacademy @goldwellcolorzoom #theoryhairsalon #Bozeman #Montana

Special thanks to @morth_photo for photographing our looks again this year

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