“The best gift you will ever give yourself is living fully in the present. The future might be a little too loose and the past a little too tight, but the present fits just right.” -Mandy Hale
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Living vicariously through @shortgirlfitness and her fam today as they visit one of my favorite wineries in Napa! Darioush has a special place in my heart as it was where I went the first time I was able to leave my house after the hardest day of my life (a story for another time!) My best friend pretty much forced me out of the house because if you’re gonna be sad, might as well be sad while drinking wine in a beautiful place! I’m pretty sure this was also the first time I had smiled and laughed in about a month so even though it wasn’t an easy day, it was a good day! Looking back I’m grateful for those tough days and all the struggles because surviving them has given me a strength I never imagined. So this winery will forever be one of my happy places! What’s one of your happy places?!!

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I can already feel Wellington pulling the heart strings. Only three hours to go ❤️ #wellington #wellingtonnz #weekendgetaway #travel #workhardplayhard #culturecapital #welligtononaplate

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Last year over the holidays my plan was to leave the country for a few weeks. I went to book my flights super last min & realized my passport had expired...so an impromptu trip North to @heritagehouseresort with zero expectations was pretty much the greatest @gilt purchase I’ve ever made! I took my dog and we had a super private bottom half of the “cabin” with squirrelly WiFi & limited tv. Basically, everything I needed to decompress from my chaotic job. I saw whales, I read garbage romance novels, I woke early and watched the sunrise from the hammock. AMAZING EXPERIENCE!! I’ve looked into other lodging in Mendocino & am certain I’ve found the cats meow 🐱 also, it should be noted that there is no filter on those sunsets, real deal Holyfield
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if I could have anything in the world for free
I wouldn't share it with anyone else but me except perhaps a certain someone

Throw back to Tuesday when we welcomed @9postcards to @skyhighmtfranklin
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Today we relinquished the keys to our little cabin in the woods. 🏡 Of all the houses we've owned, this one was arguably the toughest for us to let go. For the past few years it has been our weekend getaway, a refuge from the fast pace of city life, a quiet place to reflect and relax, a reminder of how much beauty can be found in the simple things. •

Recently, after we sold our primary residence, we lived in this lil' shack for a month as we waited to move in to our new property. It won't win any fancy design awards and on the outside it looks more like a Chip & Joanna "before" picture than a fixed-up modern farmhouse, but this cabin holds more memories than we count. And for us, that's what makes it so special.

We trust that the new owners will fall in love with it as much as we did, and that they too will create endless memories at "the cabin".💕

Mother Daughter Retreat.
Reconnect, Rest and Rejuvenate
SHARE SPACE… with your mother
CONNECT… with your mother
RELAX… with your mother
SHARE HEART… with your mother
HAVE FUN… with your mother
JUST BE… with your mother
Just you and her…
Our MOTHER DAUGHTER RETREAT is a treat for you both!
When was the last time you spent quality time together as Mother and Daughter?
Maybe the Adult Daughter is also a Mother herself now, and she is focussed on the needs of her growing family?  When was your last full and uninterrupted conversation, or the last time you completed a sentence together?
The two of you, together, have so many shared experiences through passages of time. But life gets busy and situations change. Other relationships take precedence throughout stages of life, family and career, and contact between mothers and adult daughters can sometimes become infrequent or lacking in closeness. Reconnect, Rest and Rejuvenate, with quality time spent together.
Our ‘See Your Mother Retreat’ aims to allow time for you to delve deeper, reconnect as kindred women, and learn new things about each other. The space allows you to connect with the real ‘her’, complete with a lifetime of learnings and love, heartbreak and lessons that will strengthen your bonds through creativity, awareness, laughter and some much-deserved pampering.
Would you love to strengthen your mother daughter bond?
Allow yourself the time for inspiration to help you each find clarity on your strengths, passions, purpose and direction at your ages and stages of life.
This retreat will embrace:
* Meaningful Connection
* Understanding
* Storytelling and conversation
* Quality time
* Nurturing the relationship
* Sharing wisdom and stories
* Self care and Self love
* Family history
* Rest & relaxation
* Laughter, fun, inspiration
* Relationship transformation
* Discovering & learning from each other
* Time at the beach and nature
* The love you have for each other
Unique first ever Retreat of this kind, SPECIAL EARLY BIRD Price: $399.00 pp $798.00 Mother/Daughter
Retreat Date: ‪Friday 12th – 14th October‬
To book or for more details revitalizehealth@bigpond.com or link in BIO

Missing this sunny paradise with @sdouthitt642 #sunshine #bananatree #weekendgetaway #fortwayne


snow trip planning is in full affect, I must be crazy for throwing myself into even COLDER weather than it already is 🌨