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Igår bokade vi resa☀️🌴 så om 12 dagar får jag använda denna nya bikinin👌🏼 #week17 #vecka17 #bfoktober2017 #bfnovember2017 #pregnantbelly

🌸 VECKA 17 🌸 med lilla magen som sakta växer sig större! 👶🏼🌸 Tänkte dela med mig av två erbjudanden såhär på midsommaraftons morgon!
#1 Hos @glammom.se kan ni nu få 20% på hela deras sortiment med rabattkoden: "emmasundeback20" 👏🏼🌸 Gäller tom. 30/6
#2 Hos @aquashair så får ni även där 20% på spraytan. Uppge : "Emma20" i kassan när ni ska betala. För gravida så får man först göra detta efter vecka 12 👶🏼🌸 #pregnant #week17

You and yours vs. Me and mine #detroitvseverybody #week17 #halftime

Happy Four Months Elder Wiest! To celebrate, here is an assortment of pictures from the last few months! He's loving Texas and his mission and has already grown and learned so much! So proud of him and can't wait to see what the next 20 months bring! #mistermissionary #week17

2 more days and we get to find out what the gender is! 😍🤗🎀🎉🔨 #babybump #BabyM #week17 #genderreveal #soexcitied

BLESSED to have the Bestfriend I ever wanted. Someone I could be myself, share my LIFE with, and be excited on what lies ahead. Miss you and hope you loved what I sent in California! ❤ #Week17 #SilverMomentum

For første gang i MANGE måneder har jeg det godt, sådan virkelig GODT. Ingen kvalme, ingen træthed, ingen dårlig samvittighed over et speciale og alle de ting jeg gerne vil nå. Den her ferie har været tiltrængt, og jeg nyder for én gang skyld bare at fede den dagen lang 🍹#bali #vacay #hunkemöller #preggo #week17

Högst upp till vänster: vecka 9
Högst upp till höger: vecka 12
Längst ner: vecka 17
Helt sjukt vad jag växer😂 både tuttar,rumpa och mage har nog fördubblats tror jag🙈
Nu äre inte långt kvar tills jag får se lilla pyret för andra gången och Jocke för första😍 #week17 #bfdecember2017


Checking out the airplanes and thinking of future destinations!!! #week17 #airport #babylife

I had a blast at my first company barbeque on Saturday. Next time I'll be gumming hummus and pita bread!! #week17 #babyfun #baby

Choosing rubber flooring for the utility room & cloakroom #week17 #thecavbuildingproject

Tile chosen for the bathroom walls & floor #week17 #thecavbuildingproject

Week 17 - A tree top walk at lamington national park was the goal as we set off on our next adventure, little did we know we would end up on a sneaky hike to beautiful waterfalls with a stop off picnic along the way 👌 love the rainforest. If only @narraz88 had better balance and was able to keep his feet dry 😏 🙈 #boyshavenobalance #week17 #weekendadventures #rainforest #atonewithnature #waterfall #wetfeet #lamingtonnationalpark

2016 vs. 2017

Holy guacamole. My face has always been the last to show any difference especially with having big cheekbones and chubby cheeks for as long as I can remember. Honestly I dont think I've EVER in my 21 years felt confident enough to smile with my teeth because it made my face look bigger and I thought it was gross. Yes, gross. 😔
-& This is what I love and respect about this journey. It's not about being skinny or lean anymore. It's about feeling good, strong, and confident even if I'm not where i want to be yet but still feeling beautiful and confident where I'm at. Trusting the process even when I'm not seeing dramatic results. I have done this four times. FOUR. Twice before being pregnant and this being the second after. I would get too comfortable and go back to old habits as soon as i started seeing results. It never failed. And this time there's a major shift of not wanting to stop for as long as I live. Not stopping for my daughter, for my partner, family, and most importantly myself and maybe encourage others and show them it IS possible. This is what truly makes me feel like I know who I am which was so hard for me after having my daughter. The feeling of not knowing who I was anymore or wanting to be who I used to be. That can't happen and THAT'S OK. Fitness has helped me so much these past 17 weeks that I don't feel like the same person I was when I started. That sad, unhappy, tired, and uncomfortable girl is slowly starting to find herself again ....smile more again. 💜💪#bbgmotivation #bbgmotivation #bbggirls #bbggirlsunite #bbgmoms #bbgprogress #bbgcommunity #bbggains #Healthylifestyle #fitfam #week17 #bbgtransformation #bbgstory #bbgstories #fitnessstory #lifestylechange

Week 8 vs week 17
My next appointment is on Tuesday, 25th July. I want light blue elastics, hope my ortho has them.
I haven't seen any movements in the last few weeks and that's why I didn't post progress pictures. I have size 16 arcwires top and bottom but I have no idea what that means 😀 #bracesprogress #week17

Terminando my #week17 debiendo 2 días que pagaré mañana y el domingo #100 #nonstop #pushup #abs #orbitrek #exercise #workout #sweat #discipline #mychantingym nos vemos en @jeloutvn

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