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What are you eating today? πŸ˜‚

Hal and I are doing some baking this afternoon! He's very much enjoying licking the spoon πŸ˜‚

He's graduated to 6 ingredient sandwiches! πŸ’•πŸ₯™ #vegan #weegan

✨ FREE NECKLACE ALERT ✨ the amazing people at @weegan.life are doing a 48hr campaign (champs) where YOU can get a free "vegan" necklace!!!! No strings attached- all you have to do is pay for postage! They ship worldwide & have three shapes available- check out their page and I'll also pop the link in my bio so you can collect yours. Spread the message! #weegan

Dalsie dva dni sa mozete zapojit do vrcholu medzinarodnej kampane na podporu povedomia o veganstve Proud Vegan.🌱 @weegan.life vyrobili vela takychto priveskov, ktore si mozete uchytit zadarmo a stat sa ambasadorom veganstva! Respektive za postovne a balne kamkolvek na svete, ktore stoji 5.91$ (takze nieco menej eur) viac info a 3 rozne priveskyna vyber: ➑ bit.ly/2tei0xHβ¬… link aj v mojom info boxe, kampan trva 48hodΓ­n a nebojte sa zapojit zdielanim 😊 #weegan

Using Razor in @propellerheadsw Reason 9.5 today alongside the @uaudio SSL G Bus Compressor. Seems strange using these within reason but it's very good. #weegan #Reason9.5 #Bus

The team over at @weegan.life are doing something pretty cool for the vegan movement and I'm honoured they chose me to get involved! Want to get on board and help spread the vegan message? Jump online and head to http://bit.ly/2tei0xH (or just click the link in my bio) to get your FREE vegan necklace!
The only think you have to pay for is shipping and handling costs at $5.91 #bargain
There is 3 shapes available but only for 48 hours or until stock runs out!
The easiest way to spread awareness is to wear it! Be a voice for the voiceless, #bevegan #weegan

Pasta and mixed veg sauce with co-op garlic bread and some Tesco feta for lunch today. She wasn't a fan of the feta but scoffed the rest! #vegan


Living next to a #vegan deli that sells coleslaw is amazing ❀

When your #csa includes #rhubarb you make compote! And then you another @nomeatathlete_official Chia Banana pancakes with it. So freakin' good

Yesterday my parents took Enio for a little adventure trip for his seventh birthday. It's the first time that he's without us for such a long time and the first time that we're not together at night.
Enio seems to have fun, but it's not so easy for the rest of us. Especially Inara was really suffering when he left yesterday morning. She was inconsolable for hours.
In the afternoon I went swimming with her, which luckily cheered her up.
Seeing her suffer and cry so much was tough, but at the same time I'm glad that they have such a special sibling bond. πŸ’• (Enio also told me before he left that he will miss Inara the most)
Tomorrow we'll travel to my parents place to get him back! Can't wait! πŸ˜„

Dinner tonight is beetroot quinoa, mock chicken pieces in BBQ sauce, baby potatoes, spinach, tomatoes and peach salsa #vegan

I'm battling a mass of emails and invoices so Ive left mini vegan in charge of making cookies for snack time later!

Hey everybody! We want to thank everybody participating in our Proud Vegan campaign. Thank you for spreading awareness and becoming a vegan ambassadorπŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ’š .
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My 6yr old daughter needed a dairy free version of scones and clotted cream to take to highland dance camp tomorrow as they are having a tea party, and can't eat any dairy. As soon as she went to sleep I looked into making them And checked out ohsheglows.com - one of my fav vegan cookbooks and came across this! It's ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Who knew scones could taste sooooooooo goooood!!!????? Definitely going to stay on our #sweettooth list of #desserts! #vegandessert #nondairy #nondairyrecipes #ohsheglows #weegan #kidfriendlyfood #plantpoweredfamilies #dairyfreealternative #scones #sconesjamandcream #sconesandjam #sconeswithjamandcream #dairyfreescones #sconesandclottedcream #dairyfree @ohsheglows

Tofu wiener, cous cous, olives, avocado, pepper, corn, tomatoes and peas because it's too hot for anything else!

Lunch in the garden enjoying the sunshine today β˜€οΈβ€ #vegan

Made a little dipping sauce out of @kitehillfoods plain almond yogurt. She dips her veggies in it plain but I thought I'd jazz it up. I added a bit of onion powder, squeeze of lemon, and fresh chives and parsley. And I had some instead of hummus for once! #weegan #whatveganseat #babyledweaning #veganbaby #veganglutenfree #vegankids

Peaches, mango, strawberries, pineapples, blueberries, raspberries, cherries, blackberries, chia seeds, broccoli seeds, Trader Joe's super green plant powder #smoothie #vegansofig #veganchildren #vegansofinstagram #whatveganchildreneat #whatvegantoddlerseat #eatplants #wholefoodplantbased #weegan #fruit

When you realise it's Monday & you have to go back to work today 😫😩😳😭

Four years vegan, but over eight years since I've ever knowingly hurt a pig. In this society we usually choose to ignore information about the animals we call "food" because it's really painful to realise how grave our mistake was. Once you connect the individual with a personality to the piece of their body on your plate, you change forever.
But the truth is that pigs are extremely intelligent, self-aware, emotionally developed animals with complex social relationships. They are more advanced than your pet dog. Smarter, completely aware of what's happening to them as they're marched into slaughterhouses. And therefore each individual deserves our respect.
Bacon is tasty for two reasons: Fat and salt. Two things vegan foods can also be high in. Vegan food can also be grilled for that smokey flavour too. If you're ready to align your values with your actions just type "vegan bacon" into Google and you're on your way! Made from things like soy, wheat, rice paper or eggplant. Do pigs the favour and at least have a try. πŸ™πŸ»πŸ·
πŸ“· Milly at @peanuts_funny_farm

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