As @sethrogen would say, #weedisdope 😎 #high

Here's a few of my many opinions:
▶️ Your church does not belong in my government. ▶️ Gun control is patriotism.
▶️ The only difference between me and an illegal immigrant is that I was born in the US. I don't have a greater right to safety, education, and well-being because of this arbitrary fact. ▶️Planned Parenthood is dope.
▶️Weed is dope.
▶️Our children have a right to science-based, accurate, and thorough sex ed, including consent education and gender/sexuality education.
▶️A minimum wage that doesn't cover basic needs is wrong. Paying someone less than minimum wage because they make tips is wrong. ▶️ Taxing a scholarship is ridiculous, counterintuitive, and counterproductive.
▶️ You have more important things to worry about than if someone is gay or not. Rent them the apartment. Bake them the cake. Don't be a prick. ▶️ Global citizenship is more important than national borders.

If smoking helps. I'm gonna smoke. Judge me all you want. But I'm doing me, not causing harm to anyone. So leave me be and I'm gonna continue being me. #stayblazed #420

Whats better than smoking and blowing bubbles..... I'll wait #StayLit #LitKit #smokeeveryday #blowing #bubblesandbag #weedisdope #weed #sparkitup #inhale #exhale follow @Litkitinc follow us on Facebook too

Take a look inside one of our favorite dispensaries in Denver -- @medicinemanco 🙌 Trust us, it smells as good as it looks // #dispooftheday #topdispensary #denverco

That moment when you walk into a grow & think you may have died & gone to heaven 🙏😇 S/O to @stratosthc for giving us a killer tour of their facilities! // #elevateyourbeing

Sour D is a total classic & fan favorite for good reason! It offers an extremely pungent blend of fuel, skunk, citrus & spice that will leak through any jar, especially when the strain is well-grown 👃 // #skunked

What a beautiful joint... Yet it's all alone, staring out the window, longing for the day some kind person comes & lights him up. Show of LIKES if you'd be down to lend a hand 😂 // #ExistentialCrisis

Not sure about you but we prefer frost on our buds vs. on the ground. Get your mind off the cold & day dream about large grows with LOTS of beautiful flower // #snowstorm #winterishere #frostytips

Cannabis is beautiful even under a magnifying glass! Any guesses on what strain this is? (via @sir.stoned) // #upcloseandpersonal

💜 Be Kind, Be Gracious, Be strong. Take Care of each other. It's the Bettie way 💜
If you are passionate about cannabis & building a good life, while empowering women, helping patients & protecting human rights, then PLEASE FILL OUT OUR FORM in the bio!! We are always seeking cast & crew, big talent and entry level, volunteers or interns. Anyone can join events & fundraisers & we are always seeking new allies and #BETTIEAPPROVED sponsors! #supportsmallfarms #supportsmallbusiness
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Repost from @1.spiritual - This is how it's done ✊🏽💜 we rise by lifting others.... .
Shared by @high.vibrational @conscious_soul_tribe and created by @cwpoet .
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This uplifting landrace strain is a heady sativa made for daytime activities. Originating in the South African city of Durban, Durban Poison has become a global phenomena thanks to its racey effects ✈️🌎 // #DurbanPoison

It’s a fact, some dispensaries are just cooler than others. From the massive mural out front to the high-quality cannabis inside, @greengoddesscollective_ is one of our favorite spots in California. Stop by today to see what we’re talking about! 🌬🌳 // #GreenGoddessCollective

One of DJ Short’s most famous creations, Flo is a staple in legal states & provides a mellow high that’s good for any time of the day. DJ Short is also responsible for the everlasting classic, Blueberry // #Flo

Sometimes cannabis looks simply divine, almost good enough to eat. Turns out you actually can eat raw cannabis! Check out our article on the cannabis diet & see how it can help bit.ly/RawMJDiet (via @topshelfdistributing) // #RawCannabis

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