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"Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations."-unknown
And what could be a more beautiful destination than that of visiting a child who is battling a villain bigger than their little bodies can hold and making them smile; our answer is nothing. Nothing can top that or is a more beautiful sight to see. This is Parisa. Parisa is 5 years old, has Down Syndrome, and battles pediatric cancer, all with a smile on her face and the most upbeat, loving, joyful spirit we have ever seen. When Spider-Man and his crew, come to see her, of course it is their sole mission to make her laugh, smile, and help heal her soul and her spirit. But do you want to know something, Parisa, along with many more of our little superhero buddies, are the ones healing us; making our days brighter, and our hearts so much more joyful and full of gratitude and light. Our journey, our roads we travel, to bring inspiration, empowerment, motivation, love, and light to children in need, is not easy and not for the weak hearted. There are days, visits, moments that bring us to tears. But, at the same time it is the most gratifying, loving, inspiring, humbling, rewarding roads, journey, traveled so far; and we cannot imagine doing anything else. Good morning heroes! Remember no matter where your journey takes you, and how tough it is, there is always something beautiful to find and be grateful for.
#HeartofaHero #heartofaheroinc #heroes #difficultroadscanleadtobeautifuldestinations #wedoitforthekids #childrenarebeautiful #childrenhelpusheal #love #smiles #joyful #light #inspiring #humbling #rewarding #gratifying #ourmissionisoirpassion #empowerment #motivation #livetoinspire

Hockey Association Party!

Our founder Marshawn aka @beastmode working on the attack #wedoitforthekids #onecommunityonefamily #florealsports #beastmode

Philanthropist 🐎🐎🐎 #wedoitforthekids #steeplechase2017

Great time in Kansas City with my mans @chrishandles one of the best ball handlers in the 🌎 and my guy @poemans_dream NFL star ⭐️ defensive lineman. Great tricks and Dunks😎🏀🔴🔵💯 #stopbullying #WeDoItForTheKids #Harlemglobetrotters #KansasCityChiefs

My twin and I. Back to school duties #thedutyofamom #mummyduties #wedoitforthekids

A night that no one will forget!! Huge event for over 40 families in Manhattan on a roof top, was a very spiritual night dancing nonstop with all this great musicians and singers starting with @elifeinsteinn 🎹 @chaimgreen 🎤 then we had a special guest from Israel #ohadmoskowitz 🎤 then we had the super star @gadelbaz with @gershonveroba , @cddguitar 🎸 @samlowinger 🎷 @bhaudio1 🔈 @davidfadida . .
#tantzers #wedoitforthekids #hugeparty #Manhattan #rooftop #delicioushotbuffet #dancing #nunstop #everyonewasintheair #bringinghappiness #smiles😊

Love and Gratitude to @evanturner, @jelanifloyd and Li-Ning for these beautiful jerseys, custom made for the participants in the 2017 Evan Turner's Prospect Showcase. 250 kids, 150 college coaches, one day in Chicago. Cost to play: free. The chance to earn a free college education: priceless. #WeDoItForTheKids #ChicagoKidsAreOurKids www.evanturnersprospectshowcase.com


What a better way to spend the last day of Ramadan than with these lovely kids from Beni Suef while they get ready for Eid.
Partnering with Farha initiative, we were able to provide 100 children with new toys and clothes for Eid.
Happy Eid to everyone!
#HappyEid #WeDoItForTheKids

A big thank you to our amazing Fatima Sidra who is our chapter head in Phoenix/ Arizona!
She organized a toy run and collected over 150 toys that will be distributed during Eid :-)
Fatima, we love you 😍

#mftr #mftrUSA #WeDoItForTheKids #payitforward #spreadingsmiles

✨Everything comes from the core of who you are.✨ ~SHAUN T
We have to laugh through the tough times. It reminds me that we are LIVING! No matter what life throws at you , just KEEP GOING! Fight through the pain. Take chances. We are not perfect. My sister and I don't have the perfect relationship but when it comes to fitness & health we get to bond! Fight for it! Sweat for it! And forget it! You will SUCCEED! .
#HappyWednesday #wednesdays #wcw #crushiteveryday #thishappenedonsaturday #latergram #fitness #curvylatinas #momsoftwo #boysandgirls #sister #coachcarla11 #Anabanana #coachlife #egypt #ethan #halo #xander #wedoitforthekids #wedoitforus #weightloss #goals #gains #muscles #repeat #fitmoms @lioness_257 Kicking ass last Saturday!

Wishing everyone Eid Mubarak 🌙
We distributed over 100 new toys to the amazing children at Dar Banaty - Abnaa El Ghad Foundation last Thursday.
Thank you @mbchopeinsta for the beautiful toys that made these kids so happy 😊
#mftr #payitforward #WeDoItForTheKids

When your man is gone but thinking of you at the race! He knows my heart! #makeawish #racecar #wedoitforthekids 💙💫

🌈 All it takes is trust & dedication 💪#phoenixflame #rainbow #youth #jrnba #aau #wedoitforthekids

Looking back on my younger years, I remember my father always being adamant about taking us kids to church. I also remember the home that I grew up in and let's just say I struggled with believing in such a God. I questioned my fathers pursuit and his determination. Being honest, it'd anger me that he'd make us go, but now as a parent I realize that his pursuit was for our souls. The persecution and judgment he'd receive weekly from his children was his sacrifice that one day he'd hope for a glimpse of his faithful fruit. My father was far from perfect, he was flawed in many ways but what he left me was his legacy of faith, perseverance and unwavering unconditional love. He went to church not because he had it all together but because he knew he was lost and needed Gods grace and needed community and needed to surround himself in a miracle atmosphere. In an atmosphere where walls and barriers are down and people welcome Gods spirit to do what only He can do. To say to God, here is my sacrifice, here is my heart, I need you to fill me. I need you to intervene in my life and in the life of my children. I need your supernatural in my life Lord. I know now! I now know that it doesn't matter how the enemy tries to attack my obedience, but that in this obedience to trust his call, his voice, he will bring glory in every situation. Thank you daddy for blazing the trail, for never giving up and for showing me a true heart of worship ❤️🙏🏼🙌🏼 .
Train up a child in the way he should go,
And when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6 (NIV) .
Train up a child in the way he should go [teaching him to seek God’s wisdom and will for his abilities and talents],
Even when he is old he will not depart from it. (AMP) .
#itzmejuzlo #hl17 #wedoitforthekids #hopeandlifeconference #hegiveshope #faithful #momblogger #loveyoudad #memories #instadaily #mylifemyjourney #legacy #trailblazer #flashbackfriday #houstonblogger #faithblogger #proverbs226

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