😻on this #wellnesswednesday I feel like sharing how big my first boy is getting. Before school he said he wanted to do Halloween yoga (thank you @cosmickidsyoga!) He tries all the poses and follows the story. He enjoys it and it's something we can do together before sleepy baby Evan gets up.
Happy heart, I love him so 💙
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#WednesdayZenDay 🧘‍♀️👯‍♀️ Only 4 spots left in Yoga Booty Ballet tonight!

Great reminder from the tarot deck tonight. We should feel empowered and find whatever strength we need right now, whether it be the type to overcome physical obstacles or the quiet and enduring kind. Whatever it is, it’s inside all of us, waiting to be unleashed. 🌙💪🏽📿 #wednesdaywisdom #wednesdayzenday

Views like these make me believe in something beyond the physical realm 🕉 🕉🕉
For the past week, I keep seeing 11:11 on the clock. I’ve seen it 3 times in the past 3 days—everyday at 11:11 AM. So of course, I did what any new agey Boulderite granola would do—I hopped on @elephantjournal to figure out what it could mean. The article informed me that 11:11 signifies that one should pay extra attention to their desires and intuition. For me, this comes in good timing, as resolution season already has me thinking about this stuff! 11:11 suggests one will have “accelerated soul growth”—meaning dreams will manifest as our inner and outer worlds shift. 🕉🕉🕉
The universe is full of synchronicities. People come back into our lives at the right moment, the opportunities we seek also seek us, we’re urged to take action on something and we don’t always understand why. 🕉🕉🕉
Maybe this is all woo woo hippie bullshit. Maybe it’s coincidence that I’ve seen this number repeatedly. Maybe the Earth is remarkably beautiful as a result of mere coincidence too, due to space rocks colliding millennia ago. But isn’t it fun to entertain the idea that it means something? That these “coincidences” are the Universe nudging you toward something great? I won’t try to convince you of anything or redirect your beliefs, but I ask you to pay more attention. Bring awareness to what’s going on in your mind and in your heart today. 🕉🕉🕉 #WednesdayZenDay #tbt

The path to Enlightenment is a furry one.

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The sun boldly rising during dragon hours. 🌤☀️🐉 #wednesdayzenday #morningmotivation #indieauthor #jog

What about a hidden Bizantine styled monastery ⛩️ in the middle of the mountains ⛰️ founded by a hermit whom lived in a cave 🌲 and helped preserved de knowledge of a country in times of the Ottoman Empire 📜? Well, this place exists and it's called: RILA MONASTERY 💪👊🤘🇧🇬
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Never stop relaxing at Le Mas de Pierre 👌Thank you @emmawri for this lovely picture! #repost #lemasdepierre #luxurytravel #spa #keepcalmandrelax #wednesdayzenday #southoffrance #placestostay #relaisetchateaux

Wednesday zen day should be a thing. Thank you to @zashleyify for having cool mugs and for letting us live with her while we're homeless and just being a lovely human in general. @theheroprevails too, I guess... ☺✨🌻
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Happy Humpday. #WednesdayZenDay

#wednesdayzenday now has seating for 2! Thank you #anawhiteplans. I've been working all day it's nice to finally sit down! ...okay time to get up. I got a medieval murder mystery dress up party to get to!

There's nothing I can't do with Home Depot store credit and a PDF 😂😂😂 If you wanna build stuff but you have no skills, look up #anawhite. She's amazing! So many free plans. #wednesdayzenday now has seating for one!!!

Midi Yoga chez Progi! Merci à notre super instructeur Philippe Dauphin (vous le trouvez sur la photo?) : on est maintenant pleins d'énergie pour continuer la journée! #wednesdayzenday

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