one week until my husband and I start our travels for the holidays 🎄 anyone else out there feeling the crunch of everything on your to-do list for before then?!
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So one year ago I posted a transformation pic and well it showed up again, so after some thoughts with my ice cream as I’m typing this, thought I’d be more ballsy and revamp it up with a few more pics.... So proud of where I have come from 4 years ago at my worst... to today. This is only from joining the gym about 2 years ago. I’m not where I want to be yet, but it's still a work in progress everyday and I'm not giving up this time! I have to shoutout all the amazing people I have met along the way and the life long friends I have made. There is a saying it's the friends we meet along the way that's help us appreciate the journey. For me this couldn't be any more true. I know that without them and their tough love I don't think I'd ever be here even posting this for the world to see. I've become a happier person not only physically but mentally. So today I just want to say you are stronger than you know. And I’ll be damned if I ever give up my love for tacos because good things take time and just enjoy life!! Fitness isn’t about the destination it’s about the journey. As always be your best, be fearless, and most importantly SLAY 🤗💪🏽❤️ #thatsballsy #wednesdaywords #transformation #TacoAbs #bethebestyou #fitnessjourney #befearless #staypositive #fitnesstransformation #goodthingstaketime

A thousand disappointments in the past cannot equal the power of one positive action right now. Go ahead & go for it.. live in the NOW .. along your journey you may encounter leaches.. #energy leaches. Keep your #spirit intuned with your #vision and let you heart and mind lead you.. control what you can .. as the #lawofattraction takes its course in the areas you can't .... #positivevibes#selflove#cancer#love#empowering#trust.. #futuregoals I DONT NEED YOU TO BE MY #PEACE JUST DONT TAKE AWAY MY PEACE ..#derrickjaxn#relationships#career#associates#friends#society.. #peaceofmind#wednesdaywords

Happy Wednesday people!!! Wednesday Wisdom Words coming at ya from yours truly. 👉🏻 swipe through to continued video.. Be happy and excited for the people you see on your feed who are successful and want to share the journey with you. They had and have their goals and dreams and passions in their life just like you do! Don’t worry about,or envy other people accomplishments. They started with their own #struggles and #worries
This is YOUR journey, YOUR goal YOUR life and YOUR choices. Song in the background is #Blessings by @chancetherapper #keepgoing #bejuststrong #juststrong #empower #selflove #selfcare #inspire #motivate #bereal #berelatable #wednesday
#wednesdaywords #wednesdaywisdom
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acrylic + gold for all the christmas season weddings ✨ just fine with me!

So this is on the wall in the changing rooms at my gym and it is really resonating with me now - I have followed some big dreams in my life and on the whole they have worked out. So now I am going to follow another one.

How are you living the life you imagined?

Wednesday Words!
Practice using in a sentence and share with a friend!

Have a magical Thursday 🔮

Buying a new pair of Leopard stilettos is basically emotional therapy. Thank you, next ✌🏽😽😏 #girlsinvivo

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