We think it’s the other way around—life happens and then we tell stories about it. Nope! Thoughts (the stories in our head) always come first. Sometimes we replay them so many times they become habitual, effortless; but make no mistake, the thoughts came first.
Thoughts create feelings, feelings create energy, and then we act out of that energy. So if you don’t like your reality right now? CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS.
(My last post is a great starting point!😉)
I know people who think it’s silly to write down positive affirmations or repeat positive thoughts aloud every day. I get it. It feels embarrassing. But you know what else is embarrassing? Not realizing that we addictively use affirmations *every* day. In the negative.
“I’m always late. I’m so dumb. He never listens to me. She’s full of herself. I look fat in this.”
On and on. And we’ve been repeating these lines since when? 7th grade? 2nd grade? Kindergarten? These stories we choose create feelings that shift our actions. When we repeat those thoughts over months and years and decades—we create a certain type of reality for ourselves.
Resist. Tell a new story. Let yourself feel embarrassed. Say the things about yourself that you WANT—even if they don’t feel true now. And repeat, repeat, repeat. You don’t change a lifetime’s worth of stories with one week’s work. Give yourself time. Time to create a new life, time to create a new story, time to create a new (ie. more true!!!) you.
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Hustle is the direction of your dreams ✨

Get lost in what make you different 🤟
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Physical activity is so good for mind, body and spirit! 😍
It doesn't matter what the activity is, just get moving! .
Physical activity helps us destress and decompress. It is empowering, and if you are tired and cranky then you best get moving because it also increases energy, improves mood, and enables us to go back to our day with a renewed perspective. 😎
Feeling stuck? Hit the pause button and go for a walk, engage in some light stretching exercises, do a few laps around the office or climb a few flights of stairs. There is something about getting the blood flowing that just refreshes, reenergizes and recharges from the inside out! 💪 .
Happiness is a state of activity. ❤️
Get moving and find your happy 😁
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On Wednesdays we wear pink!

Name that movie!

Today in my challenge group we had a little fun and posted our sweaty selfies wearing pink!

Motivation doesn't always have to be thought provoking and and inspiring. Sometimes you just need to create a little fun to get everyone pumped for the day!

How did you get yourself pumped up today?!?!

October’s been a month of pain, sadness and tears. Truthfully one of the worst of this year. 💔 My husband lost his grandfather, my childhood dog of 14 years was suddenly put down yesterday (cancer, nothing else could be done 😞)...I’m stuck wondering what will be next. 😔 Took yesterday off to compose my heart a little bit and came back to get my emotions out with a vengeance today, and I’m glad I did. 🙏🏻 Workout was successful and I reminded myself that a few personal days of sorrow (or whatever) once in a while are necessary and won’t cause a loss of progress. 🙅🏽‍♀️ I’m hurt, I’m drained, I’m missing a piece of my heart...but I won’t be stopped. Today was for you, my sweet Sadie girl! I love you! 💔🐶✨
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I tore this quote out of a magazine (remember those?!) years before Pinterest and tucked it away in a book. It recently resurfaced and it still speaks to me now, even as I find myself in a very different stage of life. It reminds me that there is meaning in the mundane and beauty in the boring, should we choose to see it.
I still prefer magazines over Pinterest, what about you?
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This company reminds me of Dan Aykroyd in an SNL parody....whose the real champ?

Your playing small does not serve the world. Who are you not to be great? -Nelson Mandela #WednesdayNight #wisdomwednesday #wednesdaymotivation #wednesdaywords #wednesdaygrind

Wednesday Wisdom brings us a little knowledge in social media and the impact it can have on a job. Check it out! #tipoftheweek #thejobshopsf

Let go of the idea that you must always be what you have always been🌻

Sometimes I forget how to use social media. I forget that things don’t need to be staged. I forget that it doesn’t have to have a theme. I forget that not everything has to have a reason. It can just simply be. It’s simply here to share the magic of different human experiences. Sometimes you get so wrapped up in how everything looks, you forget to just enjoy the journey.

Just the way the world works. 🌎 #qotd #benicetopeople #wednesdaywords

I’m not perfect, I don’t claim to be. I’m actually so far from it, it hurts sometimes. It hurts me and it hurts others. But I will not let my imperfectness stop me, because what use is it to strive for something that does not exist? Instead, I choose to use those flaws in my character, my wrong decisions, my weakness, my shame and my hurts, to be motivation to carry on. I choose to be vulnerable about the things that make me feel less than, to serve as an encouragement to others.
The most important challenge you will face in life is the fight to stay in the game, to pick your head up when it hangs in defeat, to raise your hands in victory when you are surrounded by failures.
Friends, I’m here... I see you pushing through blood, sweat and tears. I feel your broken heart and your crushed spirit. I hear your sobs as tears fall while you’re alone and in that place of uncertainty. And I know... I know... but you are strong, you are courageous, you have a purpose, and you are an inspiration to people you have yet to meet. Carry on warriors.
Your cheerleader💗

#WCW + what books are you reading lately?? 📚 I’m currently devouring “Station Eleven” by @emilystjohnmandel & “An Absolutely Remarkable Thing” by @hankgreen. 🧠✨ #WednesdayWords

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