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I do swear that I'll always be there.
I'd give anything and everything and I will always care. Through weakness and strength, happiness and sorrow, for better for worse, I will love you with every beat of my heart. 😇👰 #Ido #WeddingVows

Bride Swag Goals 😎❤️
#throwbackpic #binukavy .
Photography by @ravsstudio
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your words, they carry weight. i think too often we don't realize the weight of the words we speak. if you're reading this, chances are you've been hurt by someone's words. you've likely also felt healing or encouragement or value by the words someone chose to speak into your life.

scripture tells us that the power of life & death lies in our TONGUE. that's weighty--the fact that something as small as our tongues would have such power. i want to be better about speaking words of LIFE into the lives of those around me. the people in our spheres of influence are there for a reason--they're not coincidental. i believe God brings people into our lives at the time that WE need them or THEY need us. the thing is that many times, the people he brings to us are only for a season. (full disclaimer: i don't do well with seasonal friendships. i get straight up SAD when a season of friendships ends, but i digress)

point is: love the people in your life & love them well. choose your words wisely. you never know just how seasonal that friendship might be so maximize your influence while you can 🙌🏻 #speaklife

also, these vows 😭 husband + wife commissioned me for these to hang in their bedroom to remember the heartfelt words they promised each other on their wedding day. my prayer? that their marriage would be stronger & flourish more. 🖤

Touching wedding vows that will make your heart melt #anonymous #04April2017 #weddingvows

As promised, I'll always fill your tummy with yummy food forever ❤️ @nd_lim
It was my first time trying out @lushlabsg for eye lash extension x really like the recommended fluttery 12mm D curve lashes which open up my eyes so much more! The lashes look really nice curled up especially from the side profile😍 Thank you @lushlabsg!

After saying his vows to Savannah, Cole read another set of vows to her daughter, Everleigh. Does it get any sweeter?! ❤ #theknot 📷: @valoriedarling | Dress: @grace_loves_lace @showmeyourmumu | Hair/Makeup: @hairby_chrissy @emmawillismakeup @contourfossa | Florals: @tre_fiori_floral_studio | Design: @cakeeventco | @beinspiredpr | Family: @everleighrose @sav.labrant @cole.labrant

In this week's issue of HELLO! Sir Rod Stewart & Penny Lancaster renew their wedding vows in a romantic ceremony at home! Pick up your copy to see their world #exclusive photo album. Plus the Duchess of Cambridge on her passion and her mum Carole's heart-throb. This week's issue is out now!


Couple : Yong♥Tze 070717 (hot date)
Congratulations on your forthcoming Solemnization and my very best wishes to you for the future.
Bridal makeup, Hairstyling and Photography by Angel Chua.
Every girl dreams of a beautiful wedding and magical memories, so if you are booking solemnization online in 3 months advance and looking for a makeup artist and photography, you can start to make appointment now. If you like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact me.
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Now that's true love

These watercolor brush lettered vows still make me 😍😍😍 such a sweet anniversary gift!

When Laura and Collin got engaged, she started writing a journal to document their time leading up to their vows. Collin had no idea and when he received the journal shortly after getting ready, his reaction said it all. All the feels.
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Happy Wedding Wednesday!! Here is some vow inspiration for your day!

You are my sunshine 📷 @ginaesposito

Day 3/21 ✅
Up early on this beautiful ☀️ Wednesday morning! To be honest, I’m not much of a morning person, I’d really love to just stay in bed where it’s nice and cozy, but I know my human alarm clocks are going to rise shortly after me and the quiet and calmness will be gone... so up and at em I go!
I know for a fact I’ll never regret getting up early and getting my workout done, but I’ll always regret not getting up to get it done!

No regrets this morning! 👊🏼

Wedding details: scrolls with the translation of the ceremony speech & straw and olive decor. Photo by @thecablookfotolab

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