Get your bridesquad ready... the fun begins with the dress shopping.. #bridesmaids #weddingdress #weddingprepping #gettingmarried #weddingplanner #amorandco

❤️❤️❤️ Honeymooners! .
This is one of the most FAQs I answer so, promise me you won’t make this mistake! 😱😱😱

And if you want to make sure you don’t miss anything else when planning your honeymoon, give me a DM and I’ll be glad to help!
. .
👉🏼👉🏾👉🏻 Don’t forget to check out our FREE cheat sheet on how to get the most value for your honeymoon budget in the link in my bio!

It has been a looonnggg time coming (like almost a decade or something) but in 365 days I FINALLY get to marry my best friend!! 🖤

When you like the results 💄 and are getting all excited because it really dawns on you that you will be a BRIDE today💍💃 Mornings with the bride are one of my favorite moments of the wedding 🙏

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⚠️ WARNING: Do YOU envision this type of beach for your next vacation? 🏝
I must warn you that MOST resorts in the Caribbean aren’t always able to produce this result...and the resort’s photo editor is AMAZING! 😬
So many factors go in to deciding which beach is best for you. And if you TRULY desire crystal clear, swimmable beaches 🏊‍♂️ with soft white sand, I urge you to contact a GOOD travel agent to help make this vision a reality... 👀🙋🏼‍♀️
What makes a “good” travel agent? Basically, one who will refuse to give you a book or a bunch of numbers when you first email or contact them.
👉🏻 If they don’t ask you questions first about the exact type of trip you’re looking for, try someone else.
👉🏾 If all they ask for is your budget and dates, run the other way. 🏃‍♀️ .
👉🏼 If you don’t feel like they truly care about your experience being the best possible, your instinct might be correct.
A true travel agent will not hand you package 📦 after package 📦 that fits in your budget, asking which one you like best. 🙄
Instead, they will ask you LOTS of questions and pack as much of your wish list into that budget as they can! 🙌👍🏼🤩
They make it ALL ABOUT YOU.
. 💎 And if you’d rather have a vacation that meets YOUR needs instead of a package that has been “pulled off the shelf”, contact me today by clicking the email link below my bio.
✈️🏝😎 I’d be happy to help make YOUR dreams a true reality!

I can’t match for anything. #WeddingPrepping #addidasoriginals

💥 BAM! Another FANTASTIC bridal show with @syracusewedding in the books!
👰🏼🤵🏽I’ve already filled 4 of my 10 spots left for 2018 planning...
📧 Snatch yours up by hitting the “EMAIL” tab below my Instagram bio...
👉🏼👉🏾👉🏻 Let’s get the honeymoon of your DREAMS rolling because you DESERVE more than an “off-the-shelf” honeymoon! ✈️🏝😎

When your work buddy decides its too cold outside and wants company. #workingdog #staffdog #frenchmastiff #amorandco #weddingprepping #melbourneweddingplanner #loveyourjob

Sorry for the absence friends! Been busy getting ready for my sisters wedding!
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Sorry I haven't posted in a while! But I PROMISE! I am still showing up everyday and crushing my workouts!
My life has been literally CRAZY!

I move in 2 weeks!

I am purging my house, I have so much LOL so I have alot to bring to the thrift store.

I have been working 6 days a week some weeks!
I have been wedding planning and don't get me started about that 😂😂 Then I get my workouts in. I promise once I am moved and settled you will see more posts from me, at least 2/day!!! Also I have been thinking, I want to do a challenge group after my 80 day workout. If you are interested drop me a DM <3
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Two success stories in Two Days?!💪🏻 HECK YES!💁🏽‍♀️ .
Congrats to the new Mrs. Steinberg! 👰🏼 @alanafried is one of our clients and married the man of her dreams this past Saturday in NYC ✨ -
Alana worked over the course of 9 months with @samprevite_rd & @klodi_musk from @getmomentumfit to #shedforthewedding 🔥
Alana lost 25 lbs and gained muscle mass (& a toned booty 😉) On top of her physical accomplishments, her relationship with food and her body are remarkable 💕
Alana looks at food as fuel and knows that all foods fit 🙌🏼 Throughout her entire wedding journey she was able to enjoy her celebrations🥂 with the mindset of INCLUSION not restriction 🙅🏼‍♀️
Tag a #bridetobe below and let us know when and where you are getting hitched! 💍

En wat doe je dan in het ziekenhuis ? 🤷🏼‍♀️ #weddingprepping #weregettingmarried #august2019 #august2019wedding #loveofmylife #excited #jaikwil #ceremonie #vows #weddingvows 👰🏼🤵🏼✨

This couples farm in the high country was so magical to work with. The simplest draping and fair lights can create such an amazing atmosphere #draping #melbournewedding #melbourneweddingplanner #highcountryweddings #loveyourjob #weddingprepping

My best friend tied the knot yesterday, I apologize for my absence, however Matron of Honor duties called! #imback #weddingplanning #weddingprepping #robertspartyof2 #mattandashtiedtheknot

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