Thank God for the rains even though it came unplanned and has some of our deliveries still pending😭 We still remain grateful🙏

In other news, The 3 pcs Cooler is back 💃💃 The cooler with 9lives, classy and quality is an understatement.
Those who know, knows!!! Perfect for picnics, travel, or to store food pending when it's ready to be served.

It's quite big and deep enough to serve family and guests from.

The last time it didn't last, it's here again don't miss out o!

I have a video of this down my feed please feel free or send a DM and I'll send it

DM &LINK IN BIO is the winning ticket 👍😁 PRICE #25,000 (SET OF 3PCS)

"You look like Wednesday Addams... on a good day... Friday Addams." 📸@dariusmurtagh #colsue2018 #glenviewbray #weddingguests #fridayaddams #lastweekend

These girls are always a hoot! Life of the party when they are around! #BelonioCousins #weddingguests #beenawhile #marriedinthemountains #HandsomeandDucky

We're cuter in person, honestly #filtercantsaveusnow #bestofabadbunch #weddingguests

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