Reid Glacier on Mt. Hood's west face is named for Professor Harry Fielding Reid of John Hopkins University. On the 1901 Mazama Annual outing Professor Reid made measurements of various glaciers on the mountain, gave evening campfire lectures and later wrote several articles for the Mazamas. #mazamas #mazamaspdx #mazamaspdx #weclimbhigh #mazarchives #localhistory

1) Another wonderful summit with my girl, @mountainkarma 😍⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
2) The first volcano summit for Dylan. Congrats bro!🙌🏻
3) On the ride home, I realized I’ve now completed all the Washington volcanoes. 🤯

El otro día fui a esta ruta y me sorprendió. Me dio en la cara y me puso a pensar en una beta que tengo bien mangá lo cual me motivo a regresar al otro día a repetirla una vez más. Esta la conocemos como La Revancha del Coqui y está en el sector Urticaria en el Parque Julio E Monagas en Bayamón, Puerto Rico. Gracias por la foto 📸 @crys_amador #escalada #escaladadeportiva #escaladaenroca #escaladaenpuertorico #sportclimbing #climbingpr #weclimbhigh #puertorico #blackdiamond #blackdiamondequipment #bluewaterropes #pranaclothing

Planning a #trip #north to #alaska? The #mazlibrary has brand new #hikingguides just for you! Check them out the next time you are at the MMC. #newrelease #mazamaspdx #weclimbhigh

I hike because I climb. I let my legs carry me and my pack from trailhead to summit and back again. I hike to get up into the cool air of the mountains, to see their jagged peaks staring back at me, to trace their lines with my eyes, to make strong attempts at standing on the tippy tops. Because I can’t climb a mountain without hiking there first. And I can’t see the best views from the top without climbing there after. But make no mistake, climbing and hiking are not one in the same. Climbing requires a completely separate skill set. I’ve seen an increasing number of media outlets using the word “hike” to incorrectly reference a mountain climb. This does a disservice to those seeking epic views without actual mountaineering experience, it borders on being dangerous. Words matter. Search and rescue teams have carried out dozens of rescue missions in Washington state this year and naval helicopter teams have performed 22 rescues, 7 searches and 4 medical evacs. The number of rescue missions has doubled in western Washington since 2009, and the numbers keep growing. Social media has played a big role inspiring people to get outside, which is awesome, but they’re venturing out without the preparedness and skills necessary for some of these more remote and extreme places. In the mountains, the weather can turn on you in a matter of minutes and you can get caught up shit creek without a paddle. If you’re interested in exploring places like the North Cascades or even learning more about mountaineering, check online for resources near you. There are tons of classes, books and meet ups that can give you the information you need before you hit the trail. Because every time mountain rescue teams are deployed, their lives are put in danger as well. So let’s all stay safe and have fun in the mountains, ok? And let’s return to experience them again and again. @eddiebauer #WhyIHike #EBContributor #LiveYourAdventure

This weekend was a great success. After our original plans failed, we decided to take on the challenge of climbing Sahale Peak in a day, 5,300 ft elevation gain and 14 Miles, despite being pretty out of shape. We started at the trailhead at 4am, after cups of hot coffee, and hiked through the dark into the fog, debating about the possibility of thunderstorms. We kept ourselves busy with conversations on gardening and home improvements (old lady alert)!The sun came up and we climbed through wildflowers and walked a thousand switchbacks. We saw deer, whistling marmots, squeaky pikas and some very serious mountain goats. We climbed into the smoke from wildfires. We charged onwards and ever upwards. We hit the rocky summit block and climbed to the top with rope and pro, at 8,680 ft., chuckling about how smooth everything had gone, how much energy we still had, how good we all felt. This is a rookie mistake, though, knowing very well we still had to go all the way back down! Still, our spirits were so high, it was impossible not to ride that feeling as long as possible. It’s always comical, after the fact, to look back and reminisce on how broken you’ve felt coming off a climb. Feet burning, swollen and painful, knees throbbing, back aching from 14 hours worth of carrying a heavy pack. You laugh at the way your body pushed through something that sucked SO HARD. You distract yourself by counting steps or making up songs. This climb wasn’t like that for me, for the most part. But I was incredibly exhausted and we did get hail and thunderstorms on the way back down those 1,000 switchbacks. And when we got back to the campground we couldn’t even motivate ourselves to get out of the car. So we ate chips and drank beer and watched the windows steam up. We talked about the climb and let our bodies stiffen up and simultaneously relax into near slumber. Then we all slept like the dead. #weclimbhigh

Packing for a climb always twists my stomach in knots. Fearful thoughts follow me around like a shadow, periodically poking and prodding at my mind. It isn’t the inherent dangers of climbing that get to me so much (although they do exist), but the fear that my performance levels won’t cut the mustard, which has definitely happened. I’m glad that I’m going with 3 other women this weekend, not because there’s anything wrong about climbing with men, but because somehow I feel less subconscious when surrounded by feminine energy. I don’t feel so slow around them, even though I am. It’s more like I’m happily just taking in the views, being methodical. And the views should be breathtaking, so long as the weather cooperates. If this weekend results in a camping trip with friends, drinking beers and relaxing, I’m fine with that too. Whatever the case, I’m heading out to North Cascades NP tonight! Now hopefully I’m not forgetting anything...✌🏼❤️

Mazamas representing on Mt. Jefferson this weekend! Isn’t Mazama blue stylish? #mazamaspdx #weclimbhigh #WeAreRab

Big shoutout to our friends @warmlite_gear for the great #tbt post! #weclimbhigh #mazamaspdx #Repost @warmlite_gear with @get_repost
Throwback Thursday already? This week had just flown by! This week our adventures take us all the way to Pakistan.
The Mazamas, the oldest climbing club in the United States, sponsored an expedition to the Hidden Peak. The group consisted of ten climbers who left for Pakistan on June 13th, 1985.
Of course, Warmlite wanted to be a part of this amazing adventure! Warmlite tents, clothing, and an array of of our other American made products held up to this daunting task. .
Send us your Warmlite journey for a chance to be featured!

It’s about 94F, I don’t have AC in my car and my commute from work to home today is almost an hour and a half long. I wanna roll around in the snow!!! Oregon, why must you be so awful right meow?! 😭

Looking for some summer hiking ideas and inspiration? Check out the new releases shelf in the #mazlibrary! New guides to NW Camping, NorCal, Rainier, and PDX walks among others. #weclimbhigh #mazamaspdx ⛺️ 🧗🏻‍♀️⛰

Today marks the 124th Anniversary of the founding of the Mazamas atop #mthood! On July 19, 1894, 155 men and 38 women reached the summit of Mount Hood amid a sleet storm. The wind and freezing soon forced many off the summit, but roughly 40 remained to formally organize the Mazamas and elect William Steel the first president. Later, 105 of them signed on as charter members. What an amazing 124 years it has been! Here looking forward to next year's 125 anniversary and many more years to come! #weclimbhigh #mazarchives #mazhistory #Mazamas124 #mazamaspdx124

Groups of climbers camped at Government Camp and treeline, July 1894. Many went on to help found the Mazamas atop Mount Hood and become charter members. This week we celebrate the 124 Anniversary of the Mazamas on July 19. #weclimbhigh #mazarchives #mazhistory #Mazamas124 #mazamaspdx124 #governmentcamporegon

Hike more, worry less. Three lakes on one hike, just keep climbing from Lake Louise to Mirror Lake to Lake Agnes. #lakelouise #mirrorlake #agneslake #banff #banffnationalpark #optoutside🌲 #pnwonderland #weclimbhigh #subalpinelakes

Have you ever gone for a walk on a boardwalk not along the beach but from mountain peak to mountain peak? In the Canadian Rockies you can do that after climbing Sulphur Mountain. #weclimbhigh #pnwonderland #banffnationalpark #optoutside🌲 #sulphurmountain #sansonpeak #albertacanada #sundancevalley #mountrundle #tunnelmountain

Groups making their way from Salem to Government Camp, July 1894. Many went on to help found the Mazamas atop Mount Hood and become charter members. This week we celebrate the 124 Anniversary of the Mazamas on July 19! #weclimbhigh #mazarchives #mazhistory #Mazamas124 #mazamaspdx124

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