Listen and follow what needs to be done! 👍🏻👏🏻✅🙏🏻 #wearealjalilanursery #aljalilanursery1 #aljalilanursery #wecanmakeadifference

Drag the objects to their corresponding initial letter. Bravo!!! 💕❤️🤩✅👏🏻 #wecanmakeadifference #wearealjalilanursery #aljalilanursery #aljalilanursery1

We enjoyed dragging the objects to their intended space! ❤️🤩✅😍👌🏻👏🏻 #wecanmakeadifference #wearealjalilanursery #aljalilanursery #aljalilanursery1

A child’s learning shouldn’t be confined thru writing and reading. Our ways of learning should also be adaptive to modern technology thereby giving our kids an equal access to inevitable innovation. ❤️💕👏🏻⭐️⭐️⭐️ #wecanmakeadifference #wearealjalilanursery #aljalilanursery #aljalilanursery1

Values and Prayers are taught during Quran. 🤩❤️😍👌🏻 Job well done! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 #wecanmakeadifference #wearealjalilanursery #aljalilanursery #aljalilanursery1

🙏🏻 Teaching our kids to pray at a young age helps them ground their faith. 😍❤️💕👌🏻 #wecanmakeadifference #wearealjalilanursery #aljalilanursery #aljalilanursery1

Swipe left to see more videos of our awe-inspiring girls praying with their ❤️. Bravo, girls!!! 😍🤩 #wecanmakeadifference #wearealjalilanursery #aljalilanursery #aljalilanursery1

Our 2-3 classes are also joining our scheduled Quran pray time! 👌🏻❤️🤩😍 #wecanmakeadifference #wearealjalilanursery #aljalilanursery #aljalilanursery1

Practice makes perfect. We continue to strive for excellence in the recitation of our prayers. 👌🏻✅🙏🏻 #wecanmakeadifference #wearealjalilanursery #aljalilanursery #aljalilanursery1

Salaam. ❤️ teaching our kids proper greetings and manners at an early age. #wecanmakeadifference #wearealjalilanursery #aljalilanursery #aljalilanursery1

Who is next to recite their prayer 🙏🏻 up front? Good job girls! ✅👏🏻 #wecanmakeadifference #wearealjalilanursery #aljalilanursery #aljalilanursery1

It’s time for our scheduled Quran lessons! ❤️💕👌🏻#wecanmakeadifference #wearealjalilanursery #aljalilanursery #aljalilanursery1

Smartboard for smart kids!! 🤩⭐️👌🏻⭐️✅ #wecanmakeadifference #aljalilanursery #aljalilanursery1 #wearealjalilanursery

Incy Wincy Spider Song! We memorized it so well, didn’t we? #wearealjalilanursery #aljalilanursery1 #aljalilanursery #wecanmakeadifference

The best way to start our day is connecting with our friends through sing and dance! It’s circle time! #wecanmakeadifference #aljalilanursery1 #aljalilanursery #wearealjalilanursery

You might be surprised to hear me tell you that a starter kit from Young Living won’t change your life. It won’t unless you have the drive of truly opening your eyes and flexing your muscles to choose better.
The starter kit is the gateway to that change for sure, but it’s not automatic. Reworking our decisions to not be so conditioned to what the industry of big box stores throws on the shelf for us.
Things they are never once required to test in a lab as safe. We’re their guinea pigs. It really should be no shock why cancer and infertility rates are on the rise. It’s not that we need awareness of those two issues, we’re very aware of the pain of those two things. We need to raise awareness on what’s CAUSING those issues. And what we’re ingesting, inhaling, and lathering on our skin since age 0 is a huge part of the rise. Did you know only 5-10% of cancers are genetic? The other 90-95% are caused by environmental factors.
We must wake up. We must do better. We all have people in our life that have been directly affected by these two things. It’s awful. It’s heartbreaking but I truly know we can change the course.
I desire to get you started with a kit because it’s the first step to knowing you can do better and knowing there’s a company and a person (me!) and a tribe (my team!) you can really trust.
Whether the time was 4 years ago or now, it’s never too late to make a difference in yours and your family’s life. Ask your spouse or ask your family member for a Christmas gift of the gateway to choosing better. Starter kits under the tree are clutch but only if you keep that blindfold off.
Order by end of tomorrow to make sure it gets to you in time for a new start in 2019! The gift that will keep on giving. And for funsies, I’ll send you some of my favorite goodies to get you going so easily. Lezzzz go!

The latest Child Poverty Monitor shows that 1 in 5 Kiwi kids live in households without access to enough food or healthy food. We are doing our bit to ensure kids in need receive a healthy lunch at school. You can help simply by Buying a lunch today! #buyonegiveone #childpovertynz #nohungrykids #wecanmakeadifference

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