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Checked the mailbox this afternoon not expecting mail at the new house so soon, but what a happy surprise awaited! Dear Chel of @goinggreyandslightlygreen put the biggest smile in my heart. 💞🌷 What a special time this is for hubby and I. We are weary and aching beyond words but enjoying every moment of the unpacking and watching this house transform into our home. 🏡💕 God is so good! (thank you Chel 🌷) #weboughtahouse #gentledomesticity #joyintheordinary #firstmail #settling

Getting the house ready to move in has been exhausting, this weekend we had a much needed refresh and night(s) out. Can we finally get moved in this weekend?!!😍 #journeytothejacobsons #weboughtahouse #weneededthis

When buying a property with someone else, you will be asked whether you want to hold the property as “Joint tenants” or “Tenants in common”... Not sure what the difference is? 🤔 Find out here: https://bit.ly/2Nw0Txw
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Absolutely stunned by the beauty found walking the perimeter of our land today... #nature #beauty #funghi #mushrooms #lichen #forest #woods #countryliving #ghentny #greenacres #weboughtahouse

West is best (when it comes to Sacramento!) so much so that we completed / closed on a house today! 😆🍾
After living here for nearly 3 years I finally feel that I can call it home even though ‘home home’ will always be North Yorkshire!

Congrats! 🍾.... take a few days off...relax. You've unpacked the last box, changed the locks and found a spot for your treadmill that you'll probably never use....now.... Get Life Insurance Coverage (Income Protection). You've protected your home....now what about your income? You've just invested in that beautiful home that you'll make even more wonderful memories with your family. Don't leave your family homeless....The right type of #LifeInsurance certainly offers peace of mind, especially if your health or job is shaky.

Homeownership is a big commitment that requires planning for the unforeseeable.This doesn't have to be a a stressful task, but it's worth creating a #FinancialGamePlan that's right for you. ° Take inventory of what you own on a Spreadsheet & Picture Catalogue. *Homeowner's Insurance ° Routine Maintenance Plan. Your new home is an investment. ° Emergency Fund. "..but I've just handed over my life savings". I know it sounds like a stretch..but the last thing you want is to be caught empty-handed when the AC refuses to act accordingly *Home Warranty
Let's talk more about Home Ownership an all that comes along with it. Do you have the right type of Life Insurance?

#LifeInsuranceAwarementMonth #HomeOwnership #NewHomeOwner #RetirementPlanning #Insurance

My new back yard!! Theo is on happy puppy!! #backtothecountry #newhouse #weboughtahouse

we did a thing! we bought a house! 🤗👫🏡💗 we packed up our things in atlanta and are putting down roots in opelika, alabama. 🐯 we are so excited for this new chapter and we pray that our home would bless all who enter 😊 thank you Lord! Deuteronomy 28:6

Still unpacking boxes. Almost finished the bookcases which means it’s all done apart from my office stuff and the sewing room. Of course there’s a general tidy up to follow and more fine tuning over the next week or so...but it’s so worth it. Glad we hunkered down the past few years and became debt free before saving like crazy for a home deposit. It wasn’t easy, I’ll be honest, but today we can truly say “worth every bit of effort and sacrifice to get our own home”. #weboughtahouse #firsthome #worththesacrifice #effortpaysoff #happy

I think I’ve reached my point of giving a shit about packing carefully.
#weboughtahouse #twoweekstogo #hoarders #3498334potsandpans #pilates #packingyoga #thepurge

September has been such a whirlwind of a month with two trips, during which we BOUGHT A HOUSE! Thank you so much to @realestatewithaheart and @seattlesmortgagebroker for making this happen so quickly! And to everyone who has supported and helped us through this process. We are so excited to finally make it our own! #weboughtahouse #homeowners #ourfirsthome #firsttimers #housevirgins #holyshit #adulting101

My in laws came to see us in our new house... bringing us a @johndeere ride on mower with cruise control and a wagon!! .
#luckygirl #weboughtahouse #greenacres #mowthelawn

Don’t be afraid to say hi when you see us out and about across the Peninsula 😊🚙⠀
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