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"She used to pick me up after school, we always talked about my day in school. It was the stress releasing factor for her. It's good to know that at the end of the day she is there for me with zero expectations."
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"I have a bunch of crazy people in my family. We fight, we laugh and we do things together. We have differences with each other. Some times we just shout on each other, but we stand as a unit in difficult situations. I remeber how difficult it was when I had to move to out for few months. It's difficult for us to live without each other."
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"One of the biggest problem in world today is drugs. youngsters are getting addict to it. It's corroding our society slowly. I want to be a custom officer to stop international smuggling of drugs. Its my way to give something to my society."
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"Well, college for me is a platform learning, not only related to my education but also personal experience. My school life was a very protected and I had many people to support me. There was no competition between friends. We all helped each other, even teachers were always beside us, no matter what. None got jealous and BOYFRIENDS problems were granddad, for girls it is the biggest topic for their gossip. I hated it though. But college life was complete twist. It actually turned my life upside down. College life got me out of that protected shell. 'the little frog got a little out of the well :P.' People started judging me from the first day. There was no uniform now. Now even my clothes and looks made a difference. I rarely took notice of that in my school. Weird glances, stupid comments, teacher favourism, jealousy and this endless list came my way. But I really feel that this was my first step in the real world. College gave a bigger platform to address my own talent. My own skills got, improved . I joined new Societies. Now I had a large crowd who could address my talent and appreciate it. I addressed the crowd of 1000 people as an anchor at my college fest." Whats your inspiration? "Confidence and faith my parents' have in me. Their belief in me induces confidence in me and helps me to achieve new heights. When they believe me I feel privileged."
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"When our school started after last summer vacation we went to our class teacher with our holiday home work. She said she will check it after few days . After that she repeatedly turned us down and at the end of the semester she signed late submission on our holiday homework."
With Shades of Happiness Foundation
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Fall trail ride with my boy Werner. Enjoying the river ๐ŸŽ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ‚๐Ÿ#horselove #horses #horselife #nature#fall๐Ÿ #instagram#webogram #photography #instagood #instagram #farmlife #countrylife#dressage#showhorse

"Our society is growing in terms of technology but lagging behind in terms of ethics and common sense. Youngsters, either abusing against or for religion, don't even know what true religion is. They don't care to know what they are supporting is true or not they just want to brag their knowledge. I think it's just a way of living our life."
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