Happy Friday! 😊I hope your weekend brings you rest, relaxation and good times. What's your ideal weekend look like? #liveeverystep #allgood #selflove #fashioniswhatyoumakeit #whowhatwearing #whattoweartoday #wearwhatmakesyoufeelgood #findyourhappiness #ootd

So I love a royal wedding (especially the hats) but the royals have rules as to when you can and can't wear them. Thankfully I can wear my fav TOMBOY Grey Mesh day or night, dressed up or down, exercising or relaxing. ⠀
Which of our TOMBOY Caps is your fav?⠀


Another hotel, another work outfit. Next week I am on vacation (yay). But this week it’s all about the work attire. #wearwhatmakesyoufeelgood #todayiwore #todaysoutfit #styleover40 #styleover50 #styleatanyage

Summer wardrobe? Found it! I now have obtained 5 pairs of black baggy overalls. I have a problem, but at least I'll be comfy wearing it. #wearwhatmakesyoufeelgood
#shamelessselfie 🙄🤳

• Earlier this year we started working on her Spring wardrobe & this time we added those layers to warm her up for the Melbourne chill. We purchased smart earlier this year, so we already had some great staples to now build on and simply layer up to make her wardrobe work hard • When we shop in one go, it means that we can easily mix and match to make sure we have the right balance. A good wardrobe isn't necessarily about having a big wardrobe, it's about having a smart wardrobe full of pieces that actually work together to make loads of different outfit options to cover you for all occasions and seasons • #smartshopping #shoppingmadeeasy #personalstylist #personalshopper #wearwhatmakesyoufeelgood #lovewhatyoudo #dowhatyoulove

Today is world IBD day, I’ve been a Crohnie 14 years now and an ostomate 3 years. This is life for me and so many others, inc my OH who goes through it all with me and is so supportive, despite his illness being just as hard to deal with at times. We push each other to carry on and not to give up on days were we're just to tired and in pain. It's the only one good thing to come from having IBD is i met someone just like me and I'm so thankful for him everyday. He’s my rock and my best friend.
I've a loving, caring family too, who'd I'd be lost without and some pretty awesome friends who are always there for me. This battle is hard on everyone around me, I know people inc my parents wish they could do more for me and to take all this away. Life is hard at times, there’s days were I think why me? What have I done to deserve this? my body is broken, it attacks itself from the inside, so no one on the outside can see my pain and suffering.
I’ve lost jobs and friends because I’m too sick, not everyone you meet is going to understand this illness. No one is going to understand why you can’t go out and be “normal”, no one understands until you get it yourself. The ones who do, they are the special ones, they are the ones who are there for you day or night, they are the ones who see you at your worst and your most vulnerable, they are the ones who support you no matter what and don’t question you. This is my reality and it’s not pretty, I’m peeling back the make up and the fancy clothes, this is the real me.
I’m 31 years old and I poop out my stomach into a bag, I lay awake at night in pain, I’ve been inside hospitals more times than I can count, I’ve been pumped full of drugs I don’t want to be on, drugs that I don’t know what damage they maybe doing to my body, but if I don’t take my medicine, things could be far worse than they are. I’ve had X-rays and MRI’s I’m not surprised I don’t glow in the dark, I’ve had to be fed via a feeding tube as my body couldn’t absorb things, I’ve had sepsis twice, I will need more surgery one day, this is a huge operation to remove my large bowel/rectum. We need a cure #worldibdday

Sharing 2 outfits today. The first is what I ended up wearing the second was what I first put on. I haven't worn that tank top since becoming a mom and it just doesn't fit like I remember and I didn't feel confident in it. So I traded it out for a simple black tank. For me wearing clothes is all about loving how you feel. So wear what makes you feel good!

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