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SACTWU Fashion Show at the CTICC #WeAreSouthAfrica ... dressed by @scalodesigner so loving this pant💃🏼🙌🏽..

Banyana Banyana vs China SS4 @ Midnight 00:00. #supportourteam #weareSouthAfrica #banyanabanyana #tinyfrogs #teamSArise

Sabuwona! Molo! Heita! Howzit! Or Hello from
Our Social Sciences Representative in South Africa.

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World History In Minutes
The union of South Africa formed in 1910, enacting laws that required black men to carry passes at all time, while barring them from voting or owning land. The National Party camevto power in 1948, and its policy of apartheid took racial segregation beyond anything hitherto attempted: a category of "colored" was invented arbitrarily denying rights to many more individuals on the grounds of mixed racial heritage.
At first the African Narional Congress advocated passive resistance, but after a 1960 massacre of peaceful protestors at Sharpville,they adopted voliolent tactics. The ANC leaders Nelson Mandela (1918-2013) was imprisoned in 1963. South Africa ejected from the common wealth in 1961 but economic sanctions were few until the 1980s, by which time the country was a pariah. A state emergency was declared in 1985 amid increasing black resistance. In 1990, President de Klerk began dismantling apartheid- Mandela was released and became ,in 1994, the first black president in the first free election. #OurHistory #VivaMadiba #WeAreSouthAfrica #DoNotLetRaceSeperateUs #WeAreOne✌🏼❤🙃🇿🇦


O líder sul-africano Nelson Mandela foi um dos mais importantes sujeitos políticos atuantes contra o processo de discriminação instaurado pelo apartheid, na África do Sul, e se tornou um ícone internacional na defesa das causas humanitárias. Nascido em 18 de julho de 1918, na cidade de Transkei, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela era filho único do casal Henry Mgadla Mandela e Noseki Fanny, que integrava uma antiga família de aristocratas da casa real de Thembu. Nelson Mandela faleceu em 05 de dezembro de 2013, em sua casa, na cidade de Johannesburgo, em decorrência de uma infecção pulmonar. 🤔👏

Agradecemos o apoio @zezejunioroficial ! #rumoaotopo

Trying hard since '97 #lentedag

Somos a equipe do 3° ano B junto com o TJ, representamos a África do Sul na IV Gincana Cultural do Colégio Estadual Hilda Carneiro. 💥RUMO AO PRIMEIRO LUGAR!💥

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