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An amazing morning...thank you so much to everyone who donated! and extra love to @rmcgeejacobs @stswimwear @jackiecleary1 and @nicola lancer. #weareshatterproof #shatterproof5k

The Shatterproof Challenge - Rappel LA
#weareshatterproof #addiction #disease #help #volunteer

This was easily one of the scariest things I have EVER done but I am thankful to stand w the amazing charity @weareshatterproof to fight the stigmas of #addiction!!!! Such an incredible experience!!! And They do rappels all over the country so check them out and see how you can participate!! #weareshatterproof #swiperight

Literally livin on the edge 😎 #weareshatterproof

Stay tuned for video footage of @scmascot's adventure later.
Look, dad! No hands!
Really hoping I don't burn one of my nine lives today. 🙀 #WeAreShatterproof #CrewSC

"Rest in peace my beloved Son. No more struggles, no more sadness left for you. I miss your smile, I miss your laugh, I miss your amazing hugs... Justin was a very smart, very beautiful child. His struggle with drugs began when he was a teenager. I now truly believe that he had mental health issues and in those years we didn't go to psychiatrists as often as people do today. I feel maybe he would not have been self-medicating had he found a doctor that figured out what the problem was back then. That being said, he went to college and he got a degree in psychology. He loved music and was an avid reader. He was a wonderful grandson. He loved helping people in all of the jobs that he had in the service industry. His last job was with Harlem Children's Zone as a caseworker. We struggled for many years along with him with this horrible disease. He spent time in prison and came out with a very positive attitude, thinking he was going to be able to turn his life around but the reality is when convicted of a felony nobody really wants to give you a chance. He had finally gotten a place of his own and seemed to be in a good space and got a job at a dog daycare. He loved the job as he was very involved in animal rescue. My last conversation with him was wonderful. He died in his new apartment most likely celebrating his newfound happiness. I'm sure he thought he had bought heroin but the toxicology came back as pure Fentanyl. As any parent will tell you, the new normal is a nightmare, a nightmare of guilt, a nightmare of what-ifs, a nightmare of heartache." -Adrianne Dollard

This past Saturday I rappelled down Reunion Tower for the #shatterproofchallenge! Check out the recap video and the view! What a ride! #MFFL #WeAreShatterproof -Champ

Thank you to all who came out this weekend and supported the @shatterproofchallenge at @beaconharborpoint
#harborpoint #stamford #weareshatterproof #beaconharborpoint

Rappelled down 22 stories today for @weareshatterproof, an organization fighting to end the stigma of addiction. Terrifying, but so much fun with my HEI family! #heihotels #weareshatterproof #harborpoint


Small Business Saturday is this Saturday. I’m booking all day Saturday through my Facebook page for mini sessions. Sessions will be $175 and a portion of your cost will be donated to @weareshatterproof on #givingtuesday. For those that don’t know I lost my cousin this weekend to her battle with addiction. Shatterproof is a nonprofit that helps with breaking down the stigma of addiction. I’ll be doing the mini sessions any time throughout the rest of the year or throughout 2018. Please help me raise money for a good cause and of course, support a small business like mine. .
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"On February 2, 2017, I lost my mother to opioid addiction. A few months later, even though I was still grieving, I registered for the Shatterproof Rise Up Against Addiction 5K Run/Walk in Kansas City. Through fundraising for the Shatterproof 5K, I was able to share my story with others and give them hope. It also motivated me to educate people about Shatterproof so they could support the organization too." When you choose Shatterproof as your charity on AmazonSmile, the money goes a long way, saving countless lives and helping families dealing with the devastating effects of addiction.
Help support Shatterproof by shopping at AmazonSmile:smile.amazon.com/ch/45-4619712.

Read this article and others on our blog: shatterproof.org/blog (live link in bio at top of page.)
#support #shareyourstory
#opioidaddiction #addictionrecovery #addictiontreatment #prevention #changetheconversation #shatterthestigma #weareshatterproof

On our blog:
The World Lost a Great Person
"Philip was the best brother a person could ask for. He lived to make people laugh and make them feel loved and happy.”
Read the article here: bit.ly/Shatterproof-Philip
#support #shareyourstory
#opioidaddiction #addictionrecovery #addictiontreatment #prevention #changetheconversation #shatterthestigma #weareshatterproof

Congrats and thank you to all of our TCS New York City marathon runners, who ran a collective 209.6 miles today and have raised $38,000 and counting for Shatterproof! Great job!!! 🏃

Getting in a few “pre game” reps before tomorrow’s 5K walk/run benefitting @weareshatterproof and honoring @Jacob Smarch by telling his story to help others. #riseup #weareshatterproof #atlanta5k #shatterproofatlanta5k

This Saturday:
Rise Up Against Addiction in Atlanta!

Join our 5K on November 4th.

Support a friend, honor a loved one, celebrate recovery.

There's still time to sign up as a participant, to make a donation, or to volunteer at the event!

(link in bio at top of page.) #5K #run #walk #atlanta #PiedmontPark #themeadow
#opioidaddiction #addictionrecovery #addictiontreatment #prevention #support #changetheconversation #shatterthestigma #weareshatterproof

The outstanding speakers at Saturday’s Shatterproof 5K #weareshatterproof @massgovernor @missmaeg525 #michaelbotticelli

A few words from our Founder, Maegan Kenney 💜 @weareshatterproof #weareshatterproof #studentsagainststigma #hopedealer #operationopioids #compassionchronicles #bethechange #dontdie. Link to full speech in bio

Some of the team today with Governor Charles Baker at the Shatterproof Rise Up Against Addiction 5K 💜 @weareshatterproof #weareshatterproof #riseupagainstaddiction #studentsagainststigma #operationopioids #hopedealer #dopetohope #compassionchronicles #bethechange

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