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Damon on We Are Many, a documentary about the Iraq War.
#DamonAlbarn #wearemany #iraq #blur #gorillaz

It is the last chance to watch our outgoing seniors play. Lele and Julie want you to be there tomorrow! Wear your blue and come cheer on the #ispdolphins as they take on the AIP owls for a chance to be crowned ADECOP Champions #wearemany #weareone #wearedolphins #thereisnoplacelikeisp

Happy to be in Belgium tonight to play for such fine folks as our dear friend Nadine! #charismo #wearemany #hackensawboys #freedirtrecords #sedatebookings

#ArtOfResistance, burning bright for centuries; spotted on the stolen lands of Ypsi, MI, for all the grandkids of rebel-witches! #WeAreMany #TryAnarchoFeminismForLife

Goosebumps! Talk about ending on a high note! What a way to close out a fantastic year at ISP. You are an example to follow elementary! Have a great break! #wearemany #weareone #wearedolphins #thereisnoplacelikeisp

what a day 💥 and now we keep doing this. THANK U to the tireless women who pulled this together all over the 🌎🌍🌏 #EXPECTUS #WEAREMANY #lovetrumpshate #wmw #womensmarch 🙋🙋🙋

Still!!! #birthdaygirl From my secret bestie #wearemany Morin knows how much I love her red velvet cakes 🎂,thank you so much babes @heladodelicia #cake #redvelvet #gifts

loved meeting so many 💪💪 strong, intelligent, inspiring women along our journey 💥💥 so much ❤️️ for you all! #wearemany #aceandjig #aceandjigroadtrip #staystrong


Tiga Burung Kecil
Gubahan ciamik #threelittlebirds oleh kak @oasistanata
For @playingforchange_jogja bersama pemain2 handal jebolan toko
Full version. https://youtu.be/daOnDOpuPpo

#pfcday2017 #playingforchange #playingforchangejogja #playing4change #bobmarley #music #etnic #reggae #peacethroughmusic #wearemany #mobilerecording

He is staying at the hotel I work at and I served him breakfast and then I told him how I love what he's doing and he asked to shake my hand and then we shook hands! We also spoke about the rally I have just got back from!

Quote of the day- "Let's have loads of fun at tonight rally, yeah?" - Jezza to me 2k17 #WeAreMany #JermeryCorbyn
#ParadiseIsPossible #Egalitarian #feminist

@jeremy_corbynmp @labourasd @uklabour @pavilionlabour

Four cities in seven days, all on the stolen and sometimes-unceded lands of the Pacific Northwest, home to some of the most spectacular nonhuman beauty as well as beautiful humanity of dear friends. All too quick. Over too soon. My heart is open wide and yet already hurting with how much I'll miss close friends who I love and are too geographically far from me usually (you know who you are, I trust!). I'm grateful for the varied places and people that constitute multiple homes, all of which I carry as constant companions on my wanderings. At the same time, four cities in seven days that could be the same city, or so many others on Turtle Island, drearily made uniform and without sense of compass or care by the ravages of capital. Wealth these days, it seems, levels all beloved communities to alienating, homogeneous "luxury" boxes of glass-gray-metal emptiness. The rich think they have -- or can buy -- everything and everyone. But they can't trade cash for what counts: social bonds, social relations, belonging, us. #NoJustice #JustUs #Empathy #Dignity #CaringCommunities #WeAreMany #RevolutionaryLove #TryAnarchismForLife (sidewalk stencil, #ArtOfResistance, so-called Seattle)

"The killer...drove an ingot into each of his eyes, then cut off his head." #exorcism #legion #weareone #wearemany #pazuzu

Happy to share this day with our precious rhinos and precisely Sudan,much has been done and said but until we come into face with the reality,their chances of existence will live on being compromised.with an open view of what 3 rhinos on the planet mean! The entire world! It's incomprehensible,it started with land fragmentation for cultivating,to shooting them for fun and enjoying their ferocity upon dying from the sharp pains of bullets,the myths of their horn use escalating,from beliefs that it can cure cancer,convulsions,influenza etc,but worse if all it's ability to quest mans insatiable sexual lusts and desires,to making ornaments and prove social statuses,not forgetting greed for power that made their home countries politically unstable facilitating their massacres.the story continues but as we are here today they are only 3:
What a shame that this happened,but yes the reality is it happened! It's time to raise up world,and fight this good fight! Why wait until the blacks and southern white rhinos have followed the same track and realize then we could have done something! It's my feeling that the fate of these three Is a call to sober up,it's time for people to realize the extremities of human greed and lust,to realize that human minds and hands are tools that have caused massive destruction of our fauna! Why wait till it's too late?why wear animal artifacts in the name of beauty and fashion? Why kill an animal to prove to men your status quo? Why should an animal die to boost your libido? Why Why why! If they all go extinct what will users use? In this century we are we need to change our mindsets and realize that the protection of these mega cuties is our moral obligation! Those who claim to love animals are more than the poachers and the dealers,I believe we can win this war against poaching and rhino use.
I wish they could demonstrate to express their calamities but unfortunately they count on you and me.please let's speak for them!

Daily, hourly, we need to grow bigger hearts, scar tissue and all, to encircle more and more people and places -- hearts bigger than the biggest earthquake or hurricane. #CapitalismIsTheDisaster #NoJustice #JustUs #WeAreMany #SolidarityIsOurBestWeapon #MutualAid #CaringCommunities #Love

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