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In the past 2 weeks I’ve gotten a dope tattoo, finally bought a camera, and booked a trip with @zaks.faks to London, England! 2018, you’ve been pretty sweet so far 📷🙌🏼🌄

whatever you are looking for is looking for you too - s. williams

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I am capable. I am worthy ✨✨✨
📸: @freetofloat poem by @beautaplin via @teekigram

Our coat racks + cubbies are ready to be filled. Come see us this week. Link in bio to sign up for a class.

Inhale greatness exhale negativity. 🙌🏽💜💓How many times have you compared yourself to another? Stop! So many times we go through life thinking we NEED to be something else when we should focusing on our own greatness! ❤️❤️ Direction is more important than speed....many people are going nowhere fast 😏 Took me a bit to stop comparing my own progress with others....every flower blooms when they’re ready! Into week 2 and already i can see some small changes!! Grow wings grow!! 🦄🦄💓❤️😍 #figureshow #npcfigure #rebelliaselflovechallenge #rebelliaambassador #wearelimitless #upshow #fnxfit #fnxambassador #redefineyourself #figureprep #fitfam #livesore #beautifullybadass #growwingsgrow #norestdays #slay #chickswholift #inhalegreatness #exhalenegativity #directionismoreimportantthanspeed

I want to live as long as I can.
I want to live as happy as I can.
I want to live knowing I’ve loved.
I want to live being loved.
I want to live to share my passion.
Fitness came into my life young. Sadly when you lose a parent to preventable disease at a young age - you have 2 choices. Live your life as they did or live your life differently.
Laughing, loving, eating well and exercise has been my way of life for a long time. I was 19 when I lost my dad. I had already started to teach Aerobics (yes that was a thing) 6 months before he passed away. He bought me a cool workout outfit (I still have it) and I know he was proud.
When he passed away I was sad, mad, angry and I stopped teaching for a few months. I then decided that made no sense. And here I am today 46 years old.....loving this exercise thing MORE THAN EVER!!!! I love helping others find this lifestyle and get SUPER EXCITED when they start to feel it!! So I don’t post about exercise to be annoying....I post IN HOPES TO INSPIRE💙💪🏼💙 💙Anyhow....exercise just makes my life better 💙 @danika__ann @kasperstoker @carter.arm14 @shamefaced666 & Jack

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This morning I woke up around 4am, just in time to feel my upper back completely tighten up in a spasm that wouldn’t release. I tried to go back to sleep, hoping the pain would be gone when I woke up, but it was so intense I couldn’t sleep at all. I had to cancel my ski day (sorry @sarahskilling 😩) and patiently wait for my chiropractor to open at 9am. It was a LONG wait.
I was really confused....I do so much yoga! I’m so careful about proper alignment and not pushing my body into shapes it can’t handle. I’m especially careful with my back because it’s hyper mobile and is easily irritated. So WHY on earth would this happen? .
The answer? I don’t know. I really don’t. I feel a bit better than I did this morning, but I’m still in quite a bit of pain! Someday I might understand why it happened, but right now I’m taking this as a sign to be grateful for my health and to pause and rest when my back gets sore rather than pushing through (i.e. the two hours of being on my feet cooking last night after teaching a yoga class even though my back was sore). Patience (and rest) is super challenging for me, so I’m curious—what are you working on being more patient about? Comment below and tell me! 👇🏼 #wearelimitless #practicemakesprogress

I heard on the radio this morning that this particular Monday is known as "Blue Monday" or the most depressing day of the year. There is even a formula to calculate this, that includes variables such as time since xmas, cold weather and debt accumulation. I am quite surprised about the amount of work that went into calculating a "bad" day. So I hope everyone is having a happy Monday because days should be about what you make them and not a silly calculation.

The world looks brighter from behind a smile 🌎✨ #GlyderGirl @haydenkortemoore is all smiles wearing our Free Me Long Sleeve in Alberta, Canada #WeAreLimitless

I had such an amazing time shooting this video with @mikethelally #soundengineer

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