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Week 1 in the Books; Proud of my Dudes!!
#WeAreLC 🐅🏈

Champagne campaign 🥂 #weareLC

So proud of this girl! This year came with a ton of changes and she stepped out of her comfort zone and is having a blast!

#wearelc #mustangs #cheerlife #love

Great teammates make for great teams 💛 #thefutureisbright #gettingbig #wearelc

Thank you so much @tripleplay46 for the great pictures! #CheerKnights #LetsGoCatholic #GoKnightsGo #WeAreLC

Early Prom pictures😊 #WeAreLC #RollTribe

"If I didn't work with people all day, I'm not sure how successful I would be at work or, really, any aspect of my life. I take after my father in that I love conversing with people because it gives me energy. Getting to know my team in Louisville and all the residents here has made the adjustment of moving to a new city so much easier than expected." -Simran, New Communities Manager at LC Idlewild #WeAreLC

It was considered an upset, but there was nothing upsetting about it. 🤔 #WeAreLC


No task is too small for our facilities team.

2nd place at the meet #WEareLC

My loves ♡


"When I first got to LC, I was focused on what I "had to" do and it was a bit overwhelming. And then I got some advice to replace the words "have to" with the words "get to" and it completely changed my perspective.
I get to help structure a team and processes that get us to our 2020 goals. I get to be a part of identifying and deciding on the projects that build the LC brand. I get to learn from our extensive history and put my stamp on our future. I get to participate in a new Executive Leadership Team and help us become a high-performing team.
My ‘get to's’ are endless here, and it's an incredibly exciting challenge." - Tana, Vice President of Finance, Development Strategy #WeAreLC

Snapped a quick picture yesterday at the end of the Veterans day assembly at school, this year was by far the best one I've seen done by the school. My grandfather is directly next to the principal one row under officer Patrick!| #veteransday #veterans #vets #thankyouforyourservice #airborne #marines #army #navy #airforce #infantry #spittingdragons #USA #lakecentralhighschool #wearelc @lakecentralnews

Yeah my football son is just a tiny bit spoiled but that's ok! He's earned it! Happy last district game day Perez!! #53FootballMom #WeAreLC

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