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Stoked to be back in Catalunya with a good crew, ragin on some sick rigs!! Heres a nice shot by @annaliinalaitinen of Papichulo, a legendary 9a+ up in Oliana. Puttin in that work for now, tryin to get that route game strong!!! #weareisland @honngy @dawoods89 @chris_sharma @kbecan25 @greg_mionske @colinb311 @hah_vee_air_ @island_io @fiveten_official @petzl_official @walltopia @frictionlabs @climbskinspain #trangoworld
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Its been one week since I left this majestic cave up in Flatanger, Norway, and I really miss the place 😰🇳🇴🌊🐟🍁 Its gonna be awesome to train up for the next wave of attack this coming spring by climbing on as much crazy gneiss as I can find. Colorado has been super pleasant so far; nice weather, good alpine bouldering, and of course, some much deserved rest and relaxation. I think it should be snowing in RMNP the next few days which means Hypnotized Minds is the next one the list⚡️ #weareisland @island_io @fiveten_official @petzl_official @walltopia #trangoworld 📷@bearcam
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Gettin closer on the Thors Hammer rig. Made a link from the holds in this photo at the third bolt all the way up to the chains...which felt surprisingly chill...now I just need to add in the 12 move start with the wet holds 😱 Lets get this party started⚡️#weareisland @island_io @fiveten_official @walltopia @petzl_official #trangoworld 📷➡️@bearcam

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A lil instabang action from @syknar of @andygullsten, @dawoods89 and myself makin a team ascent of @ethan_pringle's legendary Eye of Odin [8c+] !! This is one of the best routes in the world for its grade and style; perfect holds in immaculate stone form complex thuggy boulder problems, with just the perfect amount of mediocre resting positions. Originally bolted by legend @dani_andrada_climb, and a great example of how striking some of the lines this cave produces. #weareisland @island_io @fiveten_official @walltopia @petzl_official #ilovenorway 🙏🏻🐟🇳🇴🍁

Penso che un sogno così
non ritorni mai più,
mi dipingevo le mani
e la faccia di blu..
#moon 🌙 & #sun
💘 #weareisland

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Well I sure didn't expect much when we started warming up yesterday, most of the crag was saturated with humidity, I was still feelin pretty sore and haggard from the last session, but then my dawg @dawoods89 made a super inspiring ascent of the beast rig Thors Hammer [9a+] which got the crew all fired up, so I decided to give my secondary proj a proper send burn for the hell of it, and boom, made the 2nd ascent of The Illusionist [9a] !! SWOOP 🇳🇴🐟 #weareisland @island_io @fiveten_official @walltopia @petzl_official @frictionlabs @gnarlynutrition @climbskinspain 📷➡️ @bearcam @ethan_pringle @andygullsten @courtneyawoods @lindsey.dolan @syknar
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Somehow battled through the lowest crux, the wet holds sucked, five bolts of infinity, they're passed tense, red-lining recovery, freaking out in the rest, kneebar number one, set forth onward, followed through in redpoint crux, into kneebar number 2, realized current location, intense fear of punting poisons mind, fear of poison cleanses mind, focus is light, blinding light, zone is acquired, operating space is available, full syncronicity in effect, zenny but hectic, slow motion and fast foreword, resting ritual complete, upward motion, theres still energy, checkpoint, checkpoint, checkpoint, toe-hooks, foot jams, dont forget the sequence, kneebar number 3, un-sequence-able rail, you will make you fall, doubt, thoughts, sunset light, rock is gold, pupils adjusting, thoughts are gone, resting is over, movement, beta is forgotten, peace is chaos, the rail is shuffled, the heals lock, anchor is clipped⚡️Elation is real!!!!!!! Thor's Hammer [9a+] ascent number 6 #weareisland @island_io @fiveten_official @petzl_official @walltopia #trangoworld 📷➡️@bearcam

👑Credit: @dave_graham_
While battling the humid conditions and wet holds on Thors Hammer I've become pretty intrigued by this rig. The Illusionist [9a] is a something like a hard 8b boulder followed up by a freak 8b route, and another amazing Adam Ondra line to finish up here in Flatanger. The race against time has been on since day one, which means even if the weather is not cooperating we have to go a muerte every chance we get. #weareisland @island.io #trangoworld @fiveten_official @petzl_official @walltopia @gnarlynutrition @frictionlabs @climbskinspain 📷@bearcam @dawoods89 @ethan_pringle @courtneyawoods @lindsey.dolan

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I've been here in Norway climbing in the massive Flatanger cave for the last four days in a row and I must admit, my mind is blown by these awe inspiring futuristic lines. Its been many years now that I haven't committed to climbing on a rope, mainly dedicating my time to improving my weaknesses in climbing by pushing myself at my anti-styles on boulders. Its been an incredible experience so far returning to the sharp end with what feels like a new body, and methodology. I've been trying this route pictured in this sick @bearcam photo, Thors Hammer [9a+], with my dawgs @dawoods89 and @ethan_pringle and its crazy the motivation which is coursing through me. Despite the heinous rain storms which have been saturating the cave with humidity, and all wet holds, I've made steady progress and have accrued some essential links. We have nearly a month left, and I haven't felt this type of syke I'm experiencing since the first time I visited Ceuse in 2001. Its crazy when you can notice the start of a new era in your own climbing; inspiration like this is only congruent with jaw dropping natural lines, and the best stone in the world. This is just the beginning; I feel giddy, infatuated, consumed, and unable to stop my mind from racing through beta and sequences of rigs I've already attempted or ones I dream of getting on next⚡️SWOOP. #weareisland @island_io @fiveten_official @petzl_official @walltopia #trangoworld @gnarlynutrition @frictionlabs @climbskinspain

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SUPER SYKED!!! Finally managed to make the 2nd ascent of @dawoods89 new power test-piece Spray of Light [8c] after struggling HARD with the heat and humidity we have been dealing with over the last month!!! Every session I grew fonder of the moves and the actual climbing, and the urge to link the whole sequence began to be overwhelming, but with the uncooperative heat wave it was starting to seem like a dream, something only in my mind, not an actual real event that could exist in this time and space. Climbing is such an amazing game of belief, concentration, and execution, and I feel really lucky my life revolves around this game, it teaches one so much about life in general. Thanks to the homies who came to spot or support the epic haha @kray_sean @syknar @fausey @tchadx @shawnraboutou @dawoods89 @sheneenagins @beauknowsphotos 📷by @kray_sean #weareisland #ZAmovie #trangoworld @island_io @fiveten_official @petzl_official @walltopia

That's us - we're off! About one week into a full 12 months of #freedom and #adventure. 4 months #vanlife, 7 months of #travelling then 1 month left for extras!
A huge thank you sponsors:
// @redchiliclimbing #redchiliclimbing #redchilishoes #atomyc . // @allcord_ltd #allcord @camp1889 #campcassin @mytendon #tendonropes .

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Sick screen grab from my ascent of the legendary @dawoods89 rig El Corazon [8B] which will be featured in the new #ZAmovie we have been shooting here in Rocklands with @beauknowsphotos and @threepeakfilms !!! Its been an amazing trip so far, and im pretty sure its only get better!!! SYKED!! #weareisland @island_io @fiveten_official @walltopia @petzl_official #trangoworld @frictionlabs @gnarlynutrition

📦From: @dave_graham_
Had a blast on "dyno-day" a couple weeks ago with my dawg @dawoods89 !! We swooped up @nalle_hukkataival 's legendary Industry of Cool [8a+~8b] along with the freak Flying Guitar [8a] !!! Finally a couple rainy days here in Rocklands which is forcing the posse to rest, which is most likely for the better!!! Hoping to send sone rigs here as soon as it dries!!! Instabang comin from the notorious @syknar !!! #weareisland @island_io @fiveten_official @petzl_official @walltopia #trangoworld @frictionlabs @gnarlynutrition and thanks for the Industry of Cool clip @threepeakfilms !!!!

Another Summer trip in Canmore leaving empty-handed, humbled and reminded of just how terrified I am of outdoor climbing. Looking forward to a year of both mental and physical training for the next out trip to get scared. #weareisland #imnotarealclimber

👑Credit: @paulrobinson87
Backkkk in South Africa!!! Feels great to be back after 30+ hours of traveling :) here is a cool shot of the crux move from a recent first ascent I called, "unwrapping the bricks," 8A (V11) in the cederberg. #bouldering #rockclimbing #weareisland @prana @asanaclimbing @evolvusa @clifbarcompany @goalzero @justins @frictionlabs @petzl_official @soill photo: @alexandrasimone_photography

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