🌱A simple but articulate explanation for regenerative farming we’ve come across recently | ‘sustainable farming is not making any more holes in a sinking boat. Regenerative farming is fixing the holes in the boat and adding a new, stronger hull every year.’ There’s a great opinion piece on @nytimes on how soil will save us. For a mind-opening + hopeful start to your week, hop on to the link in our bio.

We know it’s rarely a universal fascination to talk about soil and microorganisms in the food world, but we believe it’s timely to introduce this silent engine of life into discussions of food choices.
Soil under our feet is full of bacteria, fungi, algae, protozoa, nematodes, and many, many other creatures. And this swarming organisms have a tremendous appetite for carbon. Plants and soil organisms work in an amazing partnerships to take carbon out of the air and put it into living matter. There’s so much ongoing debate on how to reduce greenhouse gases human activity releases to our atmosphere to save our planet - but there is only one practical and inexpensive approach | that’s to put the carbon back where it belongs, in the soil. And we can, and we will do that by taking care of our soil, farming regeneratively to conserve and rebuild healthy soil, and preferentially purchasing food grown in carbon-rich soil. It starts underground - like most revolutions. Join us. 🌱🌱🌱

We LOVE being the family milk that makes your favorite everyday recipes just a bit more healthful, nourishing, and deliciously creamy. "...milkadamia milk has a thicker consistency and a richer and much more tasteful flavor. Also it has the most milk-like consistency out of all the other options out there!", says @katelynpjones of A Touch of Pink🥛🌱Hop on to Katelyn's blog {link in our bio} to shop her wholesome smoothie recipe for an everyday wellness elixir on your breakfast table, friends!

Regenerative farming can look unkempt. Where traditional orchards are neat rows of trees on manicured lawn, our orchards appear a wild tangled abundance of untamed green. There’s real beauty in this rural scenery, just not of the trimmed fields variety, it’s instead a riotous rhapsody of living things upon and within the soil🌱🌱 — regeneratively yours, milkadamia. Check out the story Food Navigator USA published on #milkadamia + celebrate our upcoming launch in Walmart with us 👉🏼 link in our bio.

Here’s a little know food for thought for Tuesday - just the first meter of soil contains as much carbon as the entire atmosphere. A mere 2 percent increase in the carbon content of our planet’s soils could offset 100 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions going into the sky. That’s why soil will save us. Agriculture systems that regenerate new top soil, that conserve our precious water resources, that let the land thrive with minimal intervention will save us. The food choices that support regenerative agriculture will save us. 🌱🌱🌱 #mooismoot #freerangetrees #soilwillsaveus #wearefortrees #weareforsoiltoo

May we all celebrate National Freedom Day by spreading light+kindness. #milkadamia #wearefortrees #freerangetrees #freedom

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