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It’s Plan With Me day!!! Head on over to YouTube (link in bio) to get a flip through of my September Bullet Journal and then see how I’m setting up my TN for October 🍂🍁
I’m switching back to my pastel @tombowusa color palette for Fall and I think I’m in love all over again! 😍
Oh, and you’ll be getting an extra bonus video this week on Wednesday, so stay tuned ☺️💕💕
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So, this week's layout, #beforethepen for #minimalmonday. This week I start a four week course, finish up a regular appointment and try to get myself in gear for October. I am also patiently awaiting delivery of a pair of jeans after I discovered I should have been shopping in the Tall section all along and now am revelling in the fact that JEANS NOW DON'T FALL DOWN ALL THE TIME. It's a wonderful feeling.
What are you doing to prepare for October?
#bulletjournal #bujo#minimalistbujo #minimalistbulletjournal

Am Wochenende wollte ich die Termine aus dem Future Log für Oktober migrieren. Weit gekommen bin ich nicht, weil ich dann viel dringender das Farbthema noch mal ändern musste 😅 Mir gefällt es gut und jetzt kann ich endlich auch meinen Kram übertragen 😉 [ ] content first [x] design first 😂

Slight design tweak for my weeklies :) so, my OH and I starting #IF (#intermittentfasting) from today and, besides all the health benefits, I'm pumped about it because that means.... more stuff to track in my bujo 🤗😍 us, bullet-journalists, are so weird 🙄

A perfect spread for anyone needing inspiration for their bullet journal headers 🖋 @amandarachdoodles #notebooktherapy

I haven't shared a weekly layout in awhile, because I'm still obsessed with this one and have been recreating it every week! Hope you all have an amazing week 💥🌻🌈

Cominciando una nuova settimana!
🇬🇧Starting a new week!
#bulletjournal #bulletjournaling #bulletjournallove #bulletjournalitalia #bulletjournallove


I Love this quote. It's so important, whether it's your career, a trip somewhere or your own personal development. YOU are capable and YOU will manage. Just remember to take one step at a time.

Love y'all! 🍋✨

So busy before it's time to fly 😪✈️

SEPTEMBER 2017 - Master To-do List

So much progress this month on my Master To-do List! But lots to do this weekend when I get home. Lots of catching up now that my two-month Super Secret Project is almost finished!
This spread is so helpful all month long. As I finish a task, I color it in with that day's color. It saves me every day!

My first bujo post on IG. Yay! This is my #octoberplans so far. I set 3 goals to achieve every month which is a good way to work towards the long term goals. The monthly tracker is to keep an overview of how I'm faring on things that I wish to do. My mood tracker is empty (of course) but I promise to upload a snapshot once October progresses.
@unumdesign #unumdesign

New beginnings, new book. 🍂

I'm starting autumn and married life with a brand new bullet journal - it will have a whole new vibe and new agenda. I like to think of my current book as very experimental and creative (every page and font looked completely different), and so this new one will be taking all the elements I liked from experimenting but with a much cleaner and modern approach 🍑 look out for a flick through video of my current full Bujo soon!

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Ottobre per me ha il sapore dei nuovi inizi e profuma di tisane.
Ecco il mio mensile.
Come state organizzando il vostro Ottobre?
🇬🇧 October has the taste of new beginnings and the nice smell of infusions.
This will be my monthly.
How are you organizing your October?
#bujoitalia #bulletjournalitalia #bulletjournal #bulletjournaladdict #bulletjournallove

Yesterday's lettering turned sticker. I think I came out really nice! Come get them in the shop this week.

I love fall, but I have a confession to make. I hate pumpkin spice anything. You can take my fall-lover card away now, officer... Trying to incorporate daily lettering back into my routine, it's good for my soul.

Another new not so random #quotedoodle 🙃
There's a lot going on internally atm so I've got to remember that overthinking isn't always the way to go.

Ecco l'altra pagina dedicata a #Melbourne e all'Ocean Road, la famosa strada che ha dovuto percorrere Marlin alla ricerca di Nemo 🐟
Here's the second page about Melbourne and the #oceanroad the road that Marlin had to swim to find Nemo 🐟
#bulletjournal #showmeyourplanner #showmeyourbulletjournal #findingnemo #igersmelbourne

As some of you know, my page is not known by people I know in real life except for 4 people. This page and all of you helped me accepting my true self and since then I have changed a lot. Even though Instagram is changing again and I feel like I've lost many instagrammers I loved cause they felt overwhelmed, here is still full of people who give me love unconditionally.
This morning I've opened my personal IG and I've found all the people I knew before I've started this new me. I felt like those old friends don't know me anymore and they never did. I felt like they knew a Patrizia I am not and I wasn't. And I've started thinking at all the things I've done and said and felt and I was like "who is she (me)?". The very weird fact is that all of those people look exactly the same. They post the same pictures with same thoughts with same mind of years ago, just in different times. And most strange: I didn't feel bad about it. Is this something you've experienced too in your life? .
#bulletjournal #bulletjournalitalia #bujocommunity #bulletjournalcommunity #bujoaddict #bujojunkies #bujocommunity #bulletjournaling #bulletjournallove #bulletjournalspread #thoughts #mentalhealth #journalgirl #journaling #staedtler #bujolover #wearebujo #scribblesthatmatter #illustration #bujoart

👉 Swipe to see more!

Wahoooo!!! My custom calendar is ready! I am lost for words. I am so proud of this piece of work. This golden frame size 32×50 cm is out of order already! I have different design of frames now though. Well keep ordering guys I am here!
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False. Laundry isn't really on my list 🙅 #srsly 😬
Replace it with a visit to IKEA and we're all set 🙏 How would you alter this quote to make it yours? #dropitlikeitshot

Decided to try something a little different to celebrate yesterday being my final day 🥂

Eccomi tornata da #Melbourne, devo ammettere che come cittá non mi ha entusiasmato.
Un po' troppo caotica e sporca, molto diversa dall'Australia che ho visto fin'ora.
Ho comunque dedicato alcune pagine del mio #bulletjournal 📝
I just got back from #Melbourne, honestly I didn't really like it.
It was too crowded and dirty, so different from the #Australia I've seen so far.
Anyway here's a page I dedicated to this city on my #bulletjournal 📝
#bulletjournalart #showmeyourplanner #showmeyourbulletjournal #igersmelbourne #plannergirls

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