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This is the first pic we took together while we were dating. Its funny I was getting my emt certification and I showed a few of the guys in my class this pic and told them I really liked this guy. They looked at the pic and said our relationship wouldn't last cause we were to casual and goofy. They said we would just stay good friends and never be anything more haha. Well we proved them wrong. 7 incredible years later I am so grateful for my very best friend. You are truly my everything babe 7 years down eternity to go. Can't wait for all the love and adventures that are to come. #happyanni #loveyoubabe #wearebabies #lucky#7

Happiest of birthdays my love. You are my treasure, my light, my life. I love you more than you will ever know. I'm truly grateful to be able to go through this lifetime with you. Cheers to many more celebrations together. // #hes24 #wearebabies #happybirthdaybooboo

It's been 7 years since we said YES and I'm more in love than ever! This marriage and your love are my life's most rewarding and meaningful gift. 🎁💙 I acknowledge you for being my best friend, my lover and my reason for generating life and adventure. #love #houston #houstons #anniversary #wearebabies

Last weekend at the haunted hayride with @ksymmons #hayride #wearebabies #holdme

thank you @johnythegirl for the greatest #tbt EVER. 6th form dance '07 with the great mark rigg #wearebabies #thehillschool #hillties

Happy birthday to my forever friend!😍😍even when we spend time apart, it's like nothing has changed. Thanks for being my ride or die, I will eventually force you to live in the same town as me😈 #wearebabies #chubbycheeks

There was a time when he was a just cute boy I had a crush on and asked awkwardly if he'd take this picture after we won second place in a dance competition. I'm glad I got the nerve to ask (I was so worried he'd know how much I liked him by me asking!) because it's my favorite picture in the world - a picture of when we were babies, 18 and 19 years old, and only friends - just a boy and a girl before they started dating, before they moved to a new city together, before they got married on this date 13 years ago, before they had babies and jobs and mortgages. This is a picture of a girl who hadn't any clue whatsoever that her life would be shared with his and with him always. This is a picture of a girl with a crush and butterflies not knowing those feelings would last a lifetime. #WeAreBabies!!!

Almost 9 years later and I finally framed the canvas!! 😍 #wearebabies @iggygu Gentleman thought I was weird with no matte or glass, but I am really liking the simplicity 🤗 And I really dig the man in this photo. 🤣 #2008 #memories


If you ever feel alone and the glare makes me hard to find Just know that I'm always parallel on the other side
#birthdaygirl #BFF #loveher #gabypordos #friendshipgoals #lovelovelove #wearebabies

Before Thursday’s were for the throwbacks, Thursday’s were for Boca Joe’s. #tbt #wearebabies #almosttenyearsago #ffsweareold

Last weekend at the haunted hayride with @ksymmons #hayride #wearebabies #holdme

@barista_midori and @coolhandcoffee did our best sample roast today. You learn something new everyday.

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