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Normally when I take time away from a piece, I come back with fresh eyes and spot all the things that need fixing. Having taken a few weeks away from this one I almost feel like I should leave it as is so it feels like a work in progress. #weareallaworkinprogress #pencilpusherslettering

F.O.C.U.S: Follow One Course Until Successful.
In order to achieve our goals we must starve distractions & feed our focus!

In the black, there is some white •

In the wrong, there is some right •

In the dark, there is some light •

In the blind, there is some sight • - Abhinyana

For a saint is just a sinner who fell down.....AND GOT BACK UP!!! #weareallaworkinprogress

Some snippets from the end of yesterday's shoulder work, my shoulders were burned out. Feels good to finally see some striations, vascularity. I never really like rocking tanks when I work out, im pretty self conscious about How I look a lot. You will normally catch me rocking a hoodie/long sleeve. Not saying anything is wrong with a tank. Something I need to get better with myself. But If I do I like to be isolated when I workout because it's my time to work on myself and get better. At the end of the day it's just therapy for me. Find what works for you. #Weareallaworkinprogress

#rooftops #jesus #halelujah #weareallaworkinprogress . I pray each day that I'm moving closer to you God, because if I'm not, save me from the wrecked path I'm on. ❤☝#hillsong

With Mercy, Serving, and Hospitality we can all work together to grow the kingdom! Hoping everyone has a blessed Sunday! See you tomorrow! #sundaymessages #weareallaworkinprogress #praisinggod #givinghimtheglory

Earlier today at the office! Note to self: Stop hating yourself for everything you aren't AND start loving yourself for everything you already are! #weareallaworkinprogress 😉😛😍

Prayin' for my babies ... If you could use prayer pm me. Would be honored to pray for you tomorrow morning in my new, here on earth, little paradise!

#ruggedelegancesanfrancisco #soulfulliving #ourabodeisaworkinprogress #weareallaworkinprogress


F.O.C.U.S: Follow One Course Until Successful.
In order to achieve our goals we must starve distractions & feed our focus!

//SELF CONFIDENCE// This is something that I have struggled with my whole life.
I have a fear of putting myself out there. It has held me back from so much, and it's something that I have really become aware of over the last year.
It has stopped me from:
🔸Meeting new people
🔸Going after a job I want
🔸speaking up about something I know about
🔸giving my kids an experience they might love
🔸trying something new that I'm not sure if I will 🔸articulating thoughts in my head to others
🔸Trusting myself

It's something I have promised myself I would work on.
Even last week, I thought I knew something at work and I acted as if I knew the situation (trying to be more confident on purpose), but as it turned out, I was completely wrong and it backfired big time. 😕

I know I need to be patient with myself. I need to give myself some credit. I know something's, right? I wouldn't be where I am today if I knew nothing?
But how do you build your own confidence? ✅ Give someone you don't know a compliment ✅apply for the job
✅ask questions even if you do know the answer
✅try something new- what if my kids LOVE it?
✅just talk! Don't think so much.
✅trust that not everything is perfect. I have flaws, but so does everyone else. It's ok to be imperfect.
But what ever you do, don't assume. We all know what that does!
I have been working really hard on ME these days. Identifying what I want to work on is step 1! Next is following thru and doing things to build my confidence.
What are those things? Posting my thoughts for all of you to read

#mondaymoment #selfconfidence #loveyourself #weareallaworkinprogress #wellness #mindbodyspirit

My "I didn't want to be here, but I showed up, worked out, laughed, and survived" face. Mondays are tough for lots of reasons, but if you start something then #NeverMissAMonday. When my alarm goes off the first time at 4am on a Monday morning this is what is on repeat in my mind. If I like it or not... #ShowUp #AdvoCareFIT #CampGladiator #TylerTexas #5amWorkout #Rehydrate #WeAreAllAWorkInProgress 🙌🏼

Let's take a walk down memory lane 💃🏾. Miss these two but In two very different ways. Greg you was ALWAYS the one to keep Bobby from poppin off on me. These vids are like two years old but I replay them ALL the time cuz when I see young black men I see KINGS. I see potential to be more than what mainstream media, new outlets tries to indoctrinate society to think. I see young men trying to make a living the best way they know how. If you stop to think about all the impediments that are systematically set in place to STOP black men from winning you would think twice before you walk down the street and start judging, scrutinizing and ridiculing! Pray for our black men, LOVE our black men and PUSH our black men b/c you never know the load they had to carry which caused them to make the decisions they do! To all my black men, keep LEVELIN' up. Choose to live a clean wholesome life.Take advantage of all the programs that out here trying to help. 💯Good morning and God Bless 💃🏾 ~ excuse the language from the second video y'all. Everyone ain't make to the point where you they stopped cursing #weareallaworkinprogress #MorningLove #StayBlessed #Godfirst #WeallWEGOT❤️

I feel like no matter how much you accept and love yourself we all have these moments, it's hard to ignore the negative thoughts sometimes. I have a hard time with it even when it's someone who has a similar body to mine I can't help but feel "lesser" or "not as good". It's a daily struggle sometimes and I want others to know you're not the only one. I try to turn my thoughts into different statements like in stead of wishing I looked like someone else I try to just appreciate and be happy for the person instead of turning to negative self talk and comparative language. Doesn't always work but I try hard. #weareallaworkinprogress #remembertobekindtoyourself #bodypositivity #selflove #selfcare #bodypositive #allbodiesaregoodbodies #effyourbeautystandards

Believe. In. Yourself‼️
Gotta. Have. Faith‼️

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