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Being left handed has never hindered me like it did this morning. Day 6 and I grunted this shooter buck in to ten yards. He came behind me and needed to walk another 5 feet so I could clear the tree and stand with my bow to draw back. After seeing there was no deer making the grunt he simply turned and headed back into cover. #wisconsinbow #attachacam #gopro #weaponarmor #extremeparacordgear

As I'm sure most of you know, geese partner for life. This lovely couple is talking a walk down the isle today and she's already honking at him. 😉😂 #Geese #Wedding #weaponarmor

Got some awesome decals for my GoPro #weaponarmor #duckhunting #turkeyhunting

Today we hunted Chukars! #Tanner #Penny #weaponarmor

Can't sleep so i'll post 👉🏽 splatter paint stick. I wanna make more! 🤔 people try to hide their sticks while filming and I say if its a custom one why not keep it in frame eh ? #selfies #weaponarmor

If you make it to the @greatamericanoutdoorshow in Harrisburg, PA make sure you stop by the @sitkagear booth! #sitkagear #weaponarmor


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