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Jo-Anne McArthur en la presentación hoy para medios de We Animals, un libro que no va a dejar a nadie indiferente ❤️. Foto: Javier Gamonal

What an honor to have Jo-Anne McArthur at our vigil tonight. Please get familiar with the very important, very brave work she's been doing for the animals. ➡️@weanimals @theghostsinourmachine ⬅️Here's Jo-Anne with @earthlingsfilm writer/director @shaunmonson #bearwitness #weanimals #theghostsinourmachine


Elefanten på bilden finns på en djurpark i Slovenien. Bilden, som var en del i den fotoutställning om europeiska djurparker som organisationen @bffoundation visade i EU-parlamentet den 11-13 oktober, är tagen av @weanimals (läs mer om hennes nya bok om djur i djurparker på länken i hennes profil)
#djurensrätt #djurpark #djurparker #weanimals

Only 4 days left! The Festival of Political Photography 2017: Post-Food will be open until this Saturday, 6 pm. Wed 11–20, Thu 11–18, Fri 11–20, Sat 11–18. 📷: Jo-Anne McArthur, from the series We Animals.
#PVF2017 #valokuvataiteenmuseo #thefinnishmuseumofphotography #joannemcarthur #weanimals

I took this photo at a "humane", "family-run", "organic" farm. The CFIA shut it down and all the animals were euthanized. But before that, this place was certified and in operation. #thankgiving #turkey #weanimals

Went to the LA VegFest today. Had the pleasure of meeting the beautiful and inspiring @randanelson and @ninanelson as well as learning about the @fauna.foundation and seeing @freeleethebananagirl 🍌 Such a eye opening day surrounded by like-minded people 🌎❤️🐮 #weanimals

Følg Jo-Anne McArthur sitt utrolige arbeid for å dokumentere dyrenes liv i dyrefabrikker. Videoen viser hvordan dyrevernere jobber for å avsløre forhold som skjules for offentligheten.

Se hele videoen på facebook-siden til @weanimals.

Nettverk for dyrs frihet har lenge jobbet på samme måte, spesielt i norske pelsfarmer. Om to uker møter fire av våre pelsvarslere pelsindustrien i en rettssak i Stavanger - pelsindustrien har saksøkt pelsvarslerne for å stoppe avsløringene av dyremishandling.

Mer om saken: www.pelsvarslerne.no

Støtt arbeidet med å dokumentere og avsløre dyremishandlingen!

Foto: We Animals / Jan Sorgenfrei

#dyrsfrihet #weanimals #dyrevern #pelsvarslerne


Gli animali in cattività semplicemente non possono essere dotati di stimoli, gruppi sociali o spazi di spazio simile a quello che la maggior parte delle specie sarebbe in natura. Per gli animali più grandi e complessi come i primati non umani, questo compito è tutt'altro che impossibile, lasciando gli animali a sperimentare inevitabilmente la noia, la frustrazione, la solitudine e lo stress per tutta la vita.

Un orango. Australia, 2010.

Jo-Anne Mcarthur / We Animals
#WeAnimals#animals #dirittianimali #zoo

It arrived! The amazing Jo-Anne McArthur's book @weanimals. If you guys haven't seen @theghostsinourmachine and seen the amazing work this lady does you should check it out. She's my hero! This book is absolutely stunning and heart wrenching in equal measures. A shocking and moving insight into how we treat the non human animals here with us. #vegan #animalrights #animals #weanimals #animalliberation #abolishionistapproach #vegans #photography #animalphotos #books #vegansofig #vegansofinstagram #ukvegans #veganlife #untileverycageisempty

When its only Thursday but you want to show of those gainz and let people know you are an animal! Becoming swolenimals💪🏽🐱🐼🐰 #gainz #weanimals #flexzone #nighttrips #becomingswole #lifthard #liftingweights #fitlifestyle #fitnessmotivation #fitness #gains #gainzville

Nos esforzamos tanto por encontrar el amor, solo para arrepentirnos de la decisión tomada? Amamos, odiamos sin compromisos... si, eres sólo un maldito animal 🎵🎵🎵 #weanimals #elvenking

This looks like the makings of a great library to us!
#Repost @kadritaperson (@get_repost)
Some books arrived for our joint activist library! #books #bookstagram #captive #weanimals #vegan #animalrights #animalliberation

What a #Vegan BBQ looks like - #CompassionBeginsOnYourPlate #BeTheChange
#AnimalsMatter #WEanimals (repost from a respost sorry for no credit to whomever shot this...) #FriendsNotFood #STOPeatingAnimalsFFS

The photographs in Captive, the new book by award-winning photojournalist JoAnne McArthur/@WeAnimals, are jarring and haunting—fear and hopelessness are etched into the faces of the countless animals she observed in zoos and aquariums around the world. “We say that zoo visits are educational experiences,” McArthur writes. “That’s true, if what we mean by education is that the ideology that animals are here for our use and entertainment becomes further ingrained. True also, if what we mean by education is the reinforcement that objectification of the ‘other’ is not indecent.” By framing her photographs to include the bars and glass that deny animals the chance to be who they are, and by capturing human interactions with the captives—from taking selfies to total indifference—McArthur shows that zoos aren’t solely to blame for the plight of captive animals. Everyone who buys a ticket is complicit. (link on AEC home page - via @peta)
#animalechochamber #passiton
#animalliberation #captivity #animalrights #animalactivism #photography #wildlife #zoo #weanimals #speakforanimals #fortheanimals #loveanimals #emptythecages #emptythetanks

They come here only knowing to be pig, cow, or chicken... they embody their beingness fully without holding back. They exist because the sun rises every day just as we do. They don't shield. They trust because that's all they know. To pretend we don't know their trust. To pretend we don't know their beingness... is the greatest crime of all time.... to ourselves and our Mother Earth. Denying their rights is denying our own. We need to nurture this... my god do we ever need to nurture this. @weanimals

#shesscarlett - Repost 🍼 #weanimals
For cows to produce milk, they must give birth, just like all mammals. On commercial dairy farms, calves are always taken away from their mothers shortly after birth so that the milk intended for them can be collected for human consumption.
Mother cows bellow for their babies and show signs of distress for days and weeks after their calves are taken from them.
Calves are either kept as replacements for their mothers or sold to the veal industry. Without dairy, veal would not exist, yet while many people can see the injustice in one of these industries and make choices that represent that, they choose to look away from the cruelty in the other.
Humans do not need cow's milk. Dairy alternatives are everywhere today, and they're delicious. If you can choose dairy-free, please consider doing so.
Calf in a hutch. Australia, 2017.
Jo-Anne McArthur/We Animals - #regrann

Toronto area friends, supporters, lovers of docs, and those who followed the success of The Ghosts In Our Machine, but are scared to see it: 💪🏼 Check out this upcoming encore screening event: Sept 22nd, hosted by Cinema Politica Danforth, 7pm, at Eastminster Church. Jo and I and za crew will be there. #theghostsinourmachine #fortheghosts #weanimals #documentaryfilm #film #encore #cinemapolitica #toronto #danforth #screening #animalrights @weanimals @theghostsinourmachine #awardwinningdocumentary

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