It’s an iced coffee kinda afternoon ☕️🙌🏼 It’s only Wednesday and this week has already been a piece of work to say the least. Before I joined #directsales I only worked in the corporate world. I remember leaving work meetings thinking ‘omg this is going to suck or that was so pointless’ but now that I’m apart of something so much more special, I literally leave meetings presented by our amazing #ceo feeling happy, inspired, and excited! We are changing the way women feel about themselves and occasionally selling some skincare and makeup. 😉💪🏼👑 #youareworthit #feelinspired #beinspired #selflove #selfworth #womenempoweringwomen #weallinthistogether #limelife #iamhome

I remember the first time I got on a stair-master I couldn’t even last a minute. It’s all about small steps and being consistent. #weightlossjourney #transformationtuesday #weallinthistogether #lifesgood #gymlife #weightlosstransformation #wearefamily #cantstopwontstop #believeinyourself #stairs #progress #transformation

I’ve lost count of the number of conversations I’ve been having with God lately. Today was a particularly tough day, and on top of my own life happenings and the ones I share, a heartbreaking tragedy continues to break hearts in the city I call home. More suffering, more pain, more confusion and more lives lost through this great vacuous portal that seems to have opened a few weeks ago and continues to claim so many we love and many whom we have never met. Parts of our innocence, maybe. I don’t know where to put this all. I don’t have anything to crafty or helpful to say or do and the only thing that feels right in my heart of hearts is stay close to home and be is as kind and loving and tender with myself and the world as I can be. Love is an art form and art comes in as many varied expressions as there are breathing hearts on this earth and spirit hearts holding us from above and below and beside. Art, much like love, is never tidy. It shies away from perfection and is more concerned about truth. The process of making, much like the process of loving, allows for mistakes and surprises and offers us numberless opportunities to try again. To forgive. Maybe not to ever understand or make sense of, but to rest into what is true. I want to see the blueprint of what God is following so I can make sense of the things that make no sense to me. I am trying to use my brain, when what I believe God is asking me to do is continue to use my heart. In case it helps to hear it, please know I love you. These online communities mean something to me and I am grateful that they enable us to connect with each other from so far away. To my city, I am holding your heart in my heart and I hope that we are able to heal from this in the most prolific and generous ways. #sendingoutamajorlove #torontothebrave #weallinthistogether

Avsluta söndagen med ett arm/bröstpass 🏋🏻 Glöm inte att kika in hos @fitnessnisse.se och köp ditt plagg från @5percentnutrition
Använd koden: Marjoh10 och få 10% rabatt 💪🏻🏋🏻#5percentnutrition #5percentsweden #5percenters #5percentfamily #fitnessnisse #weallinthistogether #1dayyoumay #gym #hälsokompaniet #sverige #träna #loveitkillit

I pledge allegiance

I pledge allegiance to the soil
of Turtle Island,
and to the beings who thereon dwell
one ecosystem
in diversity
under the sun
With joyful interpenetration for all. -Gary Snyder 🌞🌏🌝#happyearthday #loveyourmother #weallinthistogether #duh

I'm no angel... so what does that mean exactly? Simply put, i make bad decisions all the time & truth be told some on them on purpose 😈. But the main take away is, we're all only human & as such need to stop this silly notion that we never do anything well... for lack of a better word - immoral. We lust, have greed, screwed up moments of pride so on & so on. All it does is make us normal. So, don't pass judgement on others just because they "appear" to do things you'd never do
#weallinthistogether #people #nooneisperfect #judgenotlestyoubejudged
#beyourself #becool

Color has jack shit to do with Brotherhood. Real will always recognize real. To my Brothers out there. Keep 🔨🔨🔨. #keephammering #brotherhood #weallinthistogether #iammybrotherskeeper #realrecognizereal

Those that know me know I love pretty much everyone. But I really love me some people with a good #senseofhumor . It’s pretty easy to just love one another by the way. You just choose to. Give it a go and might find you get even more back. #peace #love and #happiness to all. #1love2gether #weallinthistogether #relaxgringoimlegal #lol

Finish product 👌🏿Don't forget to support ok kids #weallinthistogether

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