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Call me Snake. Good night all.
#snakeplissken #weallhaveadarkside #weallhaveissues

Knowing ur own darkness is the best way to deal with the darkness of others ! .. #weallhaveadarkside #exploreit #dontbeafraidtoexplore #darkmoodphotography #darkmoods

"So starting today, im breaking out of this cage. I'm standing up, I'ma face my demons. I'm manning up, I'ma hold my ground. I've had enough, now I'm so fed up. Time to put my life back together right now."-@eminem
Photographer: @kennypmphotos
#tbt pic to almost 3 years ago
2017 was a roller coaster, these past few years were, I've faced a lot of demons, starting to finally conquer some fears & do things despite being afraid or caring what anyone else will think. Don't live in a cage, angry, scared, depressed, remember you are in control even when it doesnt feel like it. I know sometimes it feels too hard, the dream unable to reach, seems like their are no options, I promise you their is. All the power you desire to have over your life & your happiness is staring at you in the mirror. We all have demons, all have a darkside, dont let it consume you, dont run from it, understand it, face it, conquer it. I may seem very nice but I had major anger & attitude problems more of my life, also felt entitled. The anger consumed me, I mean I was angry at the world, I went to some dark places & did some dark things, I mean it took years & sometimes I still struggle to overcome it. I used to just let emotions flow because they are what they are, but with anger I learned to control, take a step back, think about whether im being rational or making something bigger than what it is, rather its worth it, the stress , pain etc this anger will cause me & that I can be angry & feel emotions without always being extreme. I dont want to allow anger to control nor define me. I dont want anger to allow me to lose my life, my moments, my health. Whether the person is wrong or not, what other people do is on them, what you do is on you. So face your demons, chase your dreams, smile, laugh, love unconditionally, conquer your fears, life is way too short to give anyone else control. #happythursday #motivation #itsnevertoolatetostart

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