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Chapter 6
zachs POV
man shes so pretty. y/n is perfect but i cant like her. all ill do is break her and i cant do that. i wont be here for long and she wont be able to handle the distance. but shes perfect.
y/n: zach..
zach: yea?
y/n: how long r u staying here?
zach: 2 days i think we booked a hotel for tonight and tomorrow.
y/n: awesome. we can hang out more and if u want u guys can stay at my place. my parents r in bora bora for the summer so theres plenty of space.
zach: that would be awesome ill talk to our manager and the boys.
y/ns POV
the day continued and it was time for the boys to do soundcheck so they had to leave. Hailey, Riley and i went to the concert and got all the way up to 3rd row. this kid named Eben came on first and he was awesome and energetic. then the lights went out and the guys came on stage.. SPAM THE COMMENTS FOR MORE
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Vivian’s POV
I lock eyes with a boy who has sparkling blue eyes and he seems like he just walked out of an Abercrombie and Fitch catalog. “Hi.” I say nervously as he flashes his perfect pearly whites. “Hey. You alright?” He asks as I nod and getting up to adjust my top before smiling back at him. “Are you new to the building?” He asks holding a Trader Joe’s bag filled with groceries. “Yeah, I just moved in with my friend. I’m Vivian.” I say holding out my hand. “Dylan.” He says shaking my hand smiling at me. (picture two )

My phone starts to buzz showing Lana is calling making me laugh. “Well I gotta go, but nice to meet you Dylan.” I say walking away to the elevator.

I hear him walk away and I turn around to see him looking back at me and I enter the elevator blushing.

Maybe LA does have more to offer than my dream job.

Jonah’s POV
We are gathered around in Daniel’s living room and I just told all the guys my history with Vivian and my situation where I’m having mixed feelings between Tate and seeing Vivian again. The boys hear me out, trying to process everything. “I really like Tate, yet what I have with Vivian is something you don’t get often. I’m just confused with the timing of it all and I really don’t know what to do. I mean all of you guys are in a relationship like me, how did you guys know it felt right?” I ask them. “I can’t speak for the rest of the boys. But for me, Christina is my best friend and we just get each other. I can see myself spending my life with her and I’d do anything for her.” Corbyn says making me smile.

We hear a cough and we look at Daniel saying, “Well, this girl is just like me but we have some differences. She’s my number one supporter and makes you see the world differently. When you find that, you just don’t let her go.” He says staring at Crystal who is talking to Anna as they cook dinner for us making me smile to myself. “I guess what we all have in common Jonah is you need to trust your gut in this and it should feel right and not forced.” Jack says as they all nod in agreement. 🌻 finished in the comments 🌻

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Vivian’s POV
So many things are running through my mind.
How did they meet?

Why didn’t he tell me?

I’m so confused.

I look at them smiling to each other as I smile at both of them. “What?” I breath out quietly looking down at my lap and I see my eyes start to blur.

I feel them stare at me and I smile.

Before Jonah can say anything, your phone buzzes and it’s Lana saying it’s time to go. I thank the sky feeling grateful because confrontation is not my forte. “Nice to meet you Tate.” I say smiling at her as I put on my purse getting up to gather all my things. “I gotta go, nice to see you guys.” I say starting to walk away. “Wait V.” I hear Jonah say before I start walking away faster to pretend I didn’t hear him.

I need to get out of here. ***** Lana took me up to her Santa Monica apartment and my jaw drops at how nice it is. When you enter there’s an open floor plan of the living room and kitchen with some white furniture and a balcony to face the beach and Lana told me there’s two rooms. One for her and she generously offered me her guest room to stay in. It seemed like it worked out perfectly. “Home Sweet Home.” Lana says placing her keys on the counter as she smiles at me as I take off my shoes by the door following her actions.

I smile at her and say, “Thanks again Lana for letting me live with you. It means the world to me.” “Of course Viv, thank you for living with me.” She says making me smile and laugh. 🌻 finished in the comments 🌻

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