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Oggi 21 Marzo si aprono le porte della primavera 🌻💐 e non poteva esserci giorno migliore per regalare con un piccolo gesto felicità e volontà per andare "oltre"... ....perché veramente... "ANDARE OLTRE SI PUÒ" !!! #wdsd17 #aosp17 #ilpiugrandeselfieditalia

#DavidTennant & #GeorgiaTennant supporting people with Down's syndrome on #WDSD17 #MyVoiceMyCommunity #LotsofSocks via @DSAInfo

Some of WUWTF rocking colorful socks today celebrating Gracie and all of the other individuals who rock that extra chromosome and brighten our lives everyday, but especially today on World Down Syndrome Day! #WDSD17 #downsyndromerocks #rockyoursocks 💙💛

❤️ Mi alegría ❤️ Mi todo ❤️ Mi hermano ❤️ Día internacional del Sindrome de Down ❤️ #WDSD17 #downsyndromeworldday #yoamoaunapersonaconsindromededown

Just chillin with my homie with an extra chromie and my buddy Matt ✨⭐️#wdsd17 #irockanextrachromosomecalledkindness

#MyVoiceMyCommunity #wdsd17 #วันดาวน์ซินโดรมโลก

World Down Syndrome Day 👍 #lotsofsocks #wdsd17 #MyVoiceMyCommunity

GOING BEYOND IT'S POSSIBLE! #WDSD17 #AOSP17 #ilpiugrandeselfieditalia

You don't just need Down Syndrome Awareness Week to spread awareness and love #LotsOfSocks #WDSD17


Kelly is a nice woman I met through running! She can run really fast and she is helpful. Kelly did the uphills and the downhills when we did a @myteamtriumphwi #halfmarathon together! She encouraged me to work on my goals so I got out and ran during the half! Here she supported me and @ndss with our #racingfor321 event on #wdsd17 She even came to see me in my drama club musical! I'm looking forward to participating in @herhalfmarathon with her! There is still time for you to join us! Use KAISER5 to save on registration! Open to girls and women 8 and over! #redefineyourpossible #hermadison #herhalfmarathon #hermadison5k #bemadison #inspiringwomenrunners #13point1 #runnerfriends #transformationtuesday

It's befor #wdsd17

Dica do dia: "The Lucky Few" de Heather Avis. Um livro ESPETACULAR, que fala principalmente sobre amor! E fala também de adoção, sindrome de down, fé... recomendo! Comprei pela Amazon! Acho que só tem em inglês, mas é bem fácil e delicioso de ler! #Repost @macymakesmyday with @repostapp
Today we have so much to celebrate. 3/21 is #worlddownsyndromeday and it is release day for The Lucky Few book!!! Today we shout the worth of people with Down syndrome, the ones that make us #theluckyfew. A person’s worth is not tied to the number of chromosomes in their body. Not only are all people with Down Syndrome worthy of life, but they deserve the same opportunities as everyone else to be able to live that life to their fullest potential.

When we live in a society that fails to believe the best about individuals with Down Syndrome and teach others about the disorder, we unjustly label an entire group of people group as “less worthy” than everyone else. Today, individuals with Down Syndrome prove societal misconceptions wrong all the time. They’re going to college, owning businesses, and creating successful and fulfilling lives for themselves and the people around them. I could not be more proud to be part of the Down Syndrome community.
The truth is: I don’t want my children to have to prove anything to anyone simply because they’re different.Everyone is different, and they’re spectacular just the way they are. It’s time for the rest of the world to recognizes that. #theluckyfew #wdsd #wdsd17 #worlddownsyndromeday #theluckyfew

If the future of Filipino food is something that concerns and excites you, I encourage you to join and support groups that advocates preservation of our local gastronomy and culinary heritage. I promise you, you will find others who share this same passion.
Last weekend, we have finally launched the Slow Food Youth Philippines @sfynphilippines which is a part of @slowfoodyouthnetwork International.
Creating something new maybe unsettling, but this only adds to how amazing it will be to be part of the global network of young food activists. The rules are not defined and, as young people, we have the energy and ideas to reinvent our future, so let's start locally.
Special thank you to the following for making World Disco Soup Day 2017 possible:
@communeph @poblacionph
@luntianfarms @casadelformaggio @freshstartorganic @ritualph @mnlgrowkits @destilerialimtuaco @liquidomaestro #wdsd17 #slowfoodyouthnetwork #SFYNPH #HindiFastFood #preservefilipinofood

Gisteren een geslaagde World Disco Soup Day gehad in samenwerking met o.a Circulus Berkel Deventer en Davo Bieren. Bedankt voor de leuke dag! #circulusberkel #davobieren #wdsd17 #sfyn

🍐🍎🍆Pique nique #discoxepaday de reaproveitamento de alimentos e conscientização alimentar.
.🔸Parceria com @slowfooddonachica @universidade.univille #sabordesobra e #museudaimigraçãojoinville #joinville #joinvillefazbem #xepa #xepaday #slowfood #slowfoodbrasil #slowfoodjoinville #wdsd17

feriköy ajanım🥕
birkaç kereviz, havuç, ıspanak ve yeşillik bugün için kurtarıldı🕵🏻‍♀️ #wdsd17

Happy National World Disco Soup Day! Come out to celebrate FSC Farmers Market Downtown @ 422 Guadalupe St, Austin, TX 78701 from 10:30-1 .

Slow Food Austin is hosting the first Disco Soup in Texas! Disco Soup is a Slow Food event where perfectly edible food on its way to the landfill is rescued, chopped up, and transformed into free meals to hand out to the public.
With the help of the Sustainable Food Center and To Go Co Compostable Products, Slow Food Austin’s Disco Soup will bring together volunteers and local non-profits working to stop food waste in Austin – like Keep Austin Fed, Break it Down, the Central Texas Food Bank, Little Herds, Urban Roots, in.gredients and Compost Pedallers – to share their tips on how to eliminate food waste and benefit the local food system in Austin. In addition to enjoying a delicious, free meal, attendees can participate in farmers’ market shopping, take part in activities for kids (including face painting) and listen to live music by Austin-based band Batty jr. and a currated funky playlist by musician and producer Marshall Lowry.
While parts of the world population suffer from hunger, one third of the food intended for human consumption is thrown away every year. According to the FAO, each year 1.3 billion of tons of food is fed to landfills. On April 29th, Austin’s Slow Food chapter calls for attention and action to stop global food waste, by organizing one of the most well known projects of the Slow Food Youth Network: Disco Soup.
Austin’s Disco Soup will be one of a hundred evens happening in 40 countries globally for World Disco Soup Day on April 29, 2017. This year’s World Disco Soup Day is the first of its kind and the largest food waste awareness event in history.
Slow Food Austin’s Disco Soup is FREE and open to the public. All are welcome!

bugün #worlddiscosoupday! çünküm dünyayı yemiyor, yiyemiyor, bildiğin ziyan ediyoruz! bu meseleden dertliler, dünyanın dört bir yanında, slow food topluluklarıyla kazan kaynatıyor! biz, tabi, cins olduğumuzdan 😬 yarın yapacağız çorbayı, gelsenize:) bugün de pazar, market, mutfak nerede ziyan olmak üzere gıda var, kapıyoruz! bu hususa da gönlünüzü düşürürsünüz belkim! Mevzu ciddi, çorba şimdilik eğlencesi🕺🏻💃🏻 #wdsd17 #WDSD #slowfood #slowfoodyouthnetwork

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