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Certo che andare oltre si puo'!!! Oggi e' la giornata Mondiale sulla Sindrome di Down e vesto la tshirt di @andareoltresipuo per dire che l' inclusione è possibile, e che le differenze e le diversità non sono ostacoli.
#ilpiugrandeselfieditalia #aosp17 #wdsd17 #NotSpecialNeed 😉💛

Join us in celebrating World Down Syndrome Day and recognizing all of the amazing moms who work tirelessly to raise their babies to be strong, smart, kind and independent. #WDSD17

Oggi 21 Marzo si aprono le porte della primavera 🌻💐 e non poteva esserci giorno migliore per regalare con un piccolo gesto felicità e volontà per andare "oltre"... ....perché veramente... "ANDARE OLTRE SI PUÒ" !!! #wdsd17 #aosp17 #ilpiugrandeselfieditalia

So this is Lydia: the little girl who started our Down Syndrome Awareness project. Her mama booked a mini with me and out of that laughter together and joy in this little one, we birthed a photo-project. Here's our most recent shoot together and a couple from our first. I adore this child (and her family) and she's the reason I'll never quit fighting for others to see her as a little girl needing love, learning, and opportunities.

#notspecialneeds #notspecialneedsjusthumanneeds #wdsd17 #worlddownsyndromeday #t21rocks

Yep that's me 😀 today and everyday I rock that extra chromie of kindness 💛 I love life , I love everyone I meet , I love my family and I love my friends and I love u. #wdsd17 #irockanextrachromosomecalledkindness

World Down Syndrome Day 👍 #lotsofsocks #wdsd17 #MyVoiceMyCommunity

Can you guess who's theses skinny legs are supporting #WDSD17 ?

Oggi è la Giornata Mondiale della Sindrome di Down! L' inclusione è possibile, le differenze e le diversità non sono ostacoli! Le persone con Sindrome di Down hanno bisogno di cose normali. #ilpiugrandeselfieditalia #aosp17 #wdsd17 #NotSpecialNeeds @andareoltresipuo 💛


Xmas In July at the closing party 😜! @wds.official really knows how to throw a party!
I'm already looking forward to next year! #wdsd17 #BeABoss

On the way to the closing ceremony!! @wds.official #wdsd17 #BeABoss

Saturday's Meetup: How to Change the World a Little Everyday
#wdsd17 #BeABoss

Waiting in line early in the morning for Sunday's Mainstage events #wdsd17 #BeABoss @wds.official

Ready for the opening Keynote! #wdsd17 #BeABoss

Say it, live it, be it!! #livelifeboldly #wdsd17 #youarewhatyouthink

Survived another bro-weekend alone with @ceeeeejmcrae while @danielle.m.baker and @lauregon_ were off dominating the world at a conference. We didn't pass out in a river this time, which shows we are learning, but we did have to put up with hideous views like this. #gross #wdsd17

What's the opposite of #fear? #wdsd17 #community #service #adventure

At #wds2017, learning about fear, resilience, and a heck of a lot of other neat stuff! Ready for the next speaker.
#wdsd17 #teameverybody

On my birthday I did a giant match making experiment and had the great joy of connecting @firuzehm and @leapmandala so they could talk about motherhood and travel and the hustle life. Today I had the exquisite privilege of seeing Firuzeh rock the stage at #wdsd17 AND I learned that @rileytemp (Jody's son) has been hanging out with Firuzeh and her kiddo (who is super lucky to have an older guy like Riley around) in the Bay Area. I don't know how to explain what happens to my heart when my friends become friends with each other. It's this mix of pride and compassion and compersion and relief and overwhelmingly gratitude and appreciation. My people have more love in their lives, more joy, more people to reflect and learn and play and care for them. It makes my job of loving my friends even easier because now there's more of us doing it. Which is all to say I'm on a train and a bit delirious from the many hours of travel today but it's worth it (as Firuzeh so sweetly articulated today) the cost is one I pay joyfully and mindfully and eagerly. Because days like today are like getting an extra birthday half way through the year. Love you all to pieces. Thank you for taking such good care of each other. And of me. :)

This woman is so brilliant and so generous with her mind and her heart and her time. It was the delight of my week to see @firuzehm on stage at #wdsd17! My community is the freaking best. #united4iran #community

Addressing institutionalized, systematized racism. Wow! Oregon = 2% African American. #rise #wdsd17

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