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Since it's #humpday and I haven't been able to train legs for over a week :(
I figured I share a glute progress photo.
I don't usually post photos like this but I've been trying to focus on how far I've come not how far I have to go.
The first photo is from this last year.
When I got sick last year I ended up losing a lot of muscle but I'm slowly getting it back.
I lose muscle pretty quickly so it's important for me to stay consistent.
This is heavy squats, deadlifts, weighted lifts.
This is built not bought.
I have a hard time building my glutes and hamstrings so I have to really focus on muscle contraction.
I'm still not where I want to be butttttt ;) I keep working towards it everyday.
No matter my set backs.
Keep pushing forward to build the body I want.

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Happy #humpday & #wcw ! -
How bomb is this @si_swimsuit one piece !? Thanks @agray35 for capturing this 👙🤷🏻‍♀️
#SiSwimsuit #siswim #Sportsillustrated @mj_day

Built to last 👊🏻.

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#WCW on two of the most important #women in my life. My momma & my wife. Beautiful & so so kind, they are an inspiration! Filled with ❤️

Marque as zamigas que já usaram um desses hahahahaha

My first ever #wcw goes to @theikawong i can't believe how much fun we have together and how bad i miss you already, and it helps that your extremely good looking 😉😚

I'm obsessed with her! #WCW @aliya_janell 🤤💃🏾


#WCW ✊🏽🖤

Good evening everyone!!! I will be 45 in 2 weeks August 16th!!!! To be exact! I am so glad I do not look like what I been through!! By the way.. people do not believe my age! God is awesome! I am my #wcw I love me some me with MY Flaws and all! God got me! I am that woman! I am beautiful! Praise God!

#WCW is my wife @wildflower_aw Baby I love you so much I can't even explain it in words. The way you look at me lets me know that we will last forever you are the best thing that has came in my life and I wouldn't change that for anything I love you baby and you are the only thing that matter to me ❤️❤️

#wcw she told me to use another one but I like this one the most😻😻🤤

#wcw my mf fav homegirl 😈 aka lil k.............d 😂💀

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