Unapologetically posting twice within 24 hours bc this video is awesome and I wanna share it with the world. Shoutout to @dynamomusic for asking me to participate, and to @codyfry (click his name & follow the link in his bio for the full vid!) and @coryjwong for being absolute homies and creating something so awesome. 🔥🎺

since coming to Nashville in early June, I’ve had the privilege of joining and recording with some of my favorite bands and artists, as well as meeting and collaborating with a plethora of other talented musicians. Dreams come true, y’all. Always believe, stay on the grind, and you’ll find yourself places you can’t imagine.

Давно не выкладывала фоточки с ГП и Лондона, поэтому сегодня будет много) #ГП #лондон #wbstudio

Shoutout to @slernphoto for these crispy pics📸!! Peep the #Hoose in action, crushing our set before @yingyangtwinsmusic! #Vontoberfest

"We were the monsters and fire-breathers
We were the quiet sunrise leavers
You were a good girl, what could I do? 
I was a lost boy when I met you"
#thelostboys #themidnights #wbstudio

Got this on my trip to WB studio on my 30th Birthday last month! How I have resisted opening it for over a month I will never know! #chocolatefrog #harrypotter #wbstudio #wbstudiotour #30thbirthday #birthdaytreat

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