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7 days out and the work is basically done. Just gotta flush out a little water and then it's game time! 🔥🔥🔥🔪🔪🔪 It's all a part of the process. @paul_dillett @wbff_official www.ajfit.online➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #magnum #alphaclothing #fitnessmodel #wbff #musclemodel #workout #lift #lifestyle #aesthetic #physique #abs #motivation #champion #kc #kansascity #london #beard #beardgang #contestprep #230club #sloppyaf #neveragain #ajellison ajellison

One of my all time favorite to give me wings I incorporate this movement after a pre exhaust warm up.
✅Make sure you get a full stretch at the bottom.
✅Keep your chest tall, bringing your chest to the bar.
✅Drive your elbows back, think of pulling with your elbows.
✅Squeeze & contract!
✅Focus on 3-4 sets with 12-15 reps.

If you present yourself as what you think people will like, you’re becoming a shell of yourself. Those who you are so eager to impress will never know what you are truly like or how you really feel. You’re doomed to always keep up appearances or else you risk revealing yourself as a phony.

Your true needs will never be satisfied and you’ll always feel empty. No one will ever like you for you.

We’re all adults. Everyone is responsible for themselves and their own happiness. At the end of the day, you’re the only one who has to live with yourself. You’re the only one who experiences your emotions, you’re the only one who faces your battles. Most people are just passing through your life, and they truly have no effect on your well being or future. Stop concerning yourself with pleasing them.

The only person’s expectations that you need to meet are your own. All you need to be happy is to live your life on your own terms. If this makes anyone uncomfortable, they can see themselves out.

벌써 1년이 다되어가는 영상
노래 참 공포스럽고
우울하네요 오늘 날씨처럼😂
저때 상의 95사이즈
지금 상의 105사이즈
겨울되믄? 110?
커지긴 했담
#벌써일년 #세월이야속해 #사이즈 #피트니스모델 #스포츠모델 #공포영화 #장산범

Exatamente 7 dias para a minha competição! E como eu estou? Extremamente feliz, muito bem condicionado e pronto pra viajar amanhã para Londres! Vamo que vamo!! Que a semana mais restrita esta por vir! 💪🏼👊🏼💢 Não deixe que as pessoas te façam desistir daquilo que você mais quer na vida. Acredite. Lute. Conquiste. E acima de tudo, seja feliz!


Here's to another weekend full of calories and lifting heavy ass shit! #roadtoolympia

Weekend fun 🥂 #kelshelladventures

trained legs today but my back was looking a1

3일간 방목으로인한
얼굴 폭격
하루종일 운동해도 복구 불가 상태

Kind heart.
Fierce mind.
Brave spirit.


Most of the battle is getting yourself in the right state of mind 🖕

Missing Paris already however very excited to be heading to the French Riviera next ➡🌏👌 #travel #eurotrip #topdeck

Work that booty!
After a lot of trial and error I've recently come to the conclusion that my back issues may stem from my underactive (and quite frankly WEAK) Glutes.
I've always known my glutes were underactive but have never really associated that with my constant back issues until now.
So as part of my new focus on health and longevity rather than just an all out pursuit for a good physique, I have started working on weaknesses like this by doing at least 15 minutes of pre-workout activation before the heavy weights come out.

What a memory.. being on the @miami.pro stage was incredible - now to step it up a gear! -
Feeling so motivated to improve and come back formidable. Clean bulk here we go! -
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This is my 6 week transformation. Entered into a #bodybuildingcom #returntoolympia challenge. I still enjoyed the everyday foods however I did it in moderation. I strongly feel that diet and watching what you eat is 75% of the battle and the 25% is the actual workout. @amavrock

Always go with the decision that scares you the most as that is whats going to help you grow the most 💙

HEALTH IS OUR FOUNDATION! 💪I lost my mom over a year ago and I believe if I knew what I know today about health 🥝🥑🍉and exercising 🏋️‍♂️she would still be here today. My passion is health (mind, body, spirit). Health is the foundation of all of our lives. No matter if you're a millionaire entrepreneur, a teacher, an engineer, etc. without health you cannot execute your own passion! Dont wait until it's too late😷. Give me a follow 👍🏼@justin.c.rice for plenty of FREE advice on how to become a healthier version of yourself. Thank you! I look forward to seeing your progress & feel free to DM me any questions!📲

Me vs me, every damn day #focus

#청주 #엔비휘트니스 #엔비pt
#믿을수있는 #퍼스널트레닝효과
도희,재영이 다리 운동 파트너 레슨쉽

#피트니스스타 #머슬마니아 출전 준비^^ 부족한 다리 근력발달에 대한 부분적인 원 포인트 레슨쉽
운동은 그 사람에 몸에서부터 보여지고 나타난다
청주 및 전국에서 피티를 받으러 많이 찾아 주시고 상담을 와 주시는데요
그 이유중 하나는 책임감 있게 체계적으로 알려주는 #엔비휘트니스 만에 프로그램과 커리어 높은 선생님이 있기에 가능 하다고 생각합니다.

직접 방문하여 상담 주시는 모든 분들이 쉬는날에도 상담을 해드리다 보면 놀라게 되는 경우를 보는데요
고객이 절실한 만큼 항상 고객에게 먼저 다가가며 건강을 보답해 드리는 #청주 #엔비휘트니스 가 되겠습니다.

엔비소식지: http://nbfitnesscj.itpage.kr/
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