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2013 👉🏼 2017. I built these, baby! #consistencyiskey 🔑 Email me to get started on your fitness journey. 100% customized to YOUR goals.
Edit: for the haters' comments, I am TRULY flattered that there are MEN hating rather than women. Must be doing something right 😁😄🤣💪🏼😘 #Besosssssss

it's not a insult is a compliment 💖
SHE is a Pro woman 🏆
SHE cultives a life she enjoys 🙏🏼
SHE makes her moves
SHE doesn't push herself down
SHE desires a partner not a boyfriend 👫
SHE calls people out 👌🏽
SHE knows when to walk away 🙅🏼
SHE doesn't compete for attention
SHE creates her reality
SHE invest in herself 💅🏻
SHE dares to "go for it "
SHE knows that the life she live might be intimidating but she lives anyway 🦄
📸 by @ak_annakelle .
💄 @olliezeta .
🦋 CDCbody.com for nutrition , vegan diets, exercises and home workout.
🏆 certified coach for @wbff_official posing and diets

____ 🇧🇷 MULHER ALPHA 👱🏼‍♀️
Não é um insulto é um elogio 💖
ELA é uma mulher Pro 🏆
Ela cultiva uma vida que ela gosta 🙏🏼
Ela faz seus movimentos
ELA não se empurra para baixo
Ela deseja um parceiro não um namorado 👫
ELA chama as pessoas para negócios 👌🏽
Ela sabe quando se afastar 🙅🏼
ELA não compete pela atenção
Ela cria sua realidade
Ela investir em si mesma 💅🏻
ELA se atreve a fazer as coisas "
Ela sabe que a vida que ela vive pode ser intimidante, mas ela vive de qualquer maneira 🦄 .
🦋CDCbody.com para nutrição, dietas veganas, exercícios e exercícios em casa 🏆 coach certificada pela #WBFF de nutrição e pose

When I was 35 weeks pregnant I started to get stretch marks on my stomach, I was 16. I was mortified. I already had them on my hips, butt, and thighs from puberty and I absolutely hated them. I cried when I started to get them on my stomach and I was so self conscious of them for years. I hated them, I thought they were ugly, I thought everyone else would think they were ugly. Especially being a teenager, who'd want to date a 17 year old with pregnancy stretch marks? I beat myself up for years. Then something happened. I started taking care of my body. I started focusing on my health through fitness and nutrition and started working on my mental health and relationship to myself. It turned my whole life around. I was being selfish in the best way and working on me in all aspects while not worrying about others. Not only did I get a healthier body out of it but a much healthier mind. I loved my body and all it could do. I could sculpt it how I wanted but I knew there were some things I couldn't change and there was NO reason to let things I can't change bother me. I took a whole life and perspective change but I was finally able to accept my body for what it was and truly love it. I hope you know stretch marks aren't something to let run your life. They are there and that's it. Forget about them and move on. ❤️ #stretchmarks #loveyourself

The ultimate goal is to be better today than we were yesterday, with a plan to become even better tomorrow!
When I look at this picture I see my own competition, I have zero desire to case being better than anyone else, all I care about is becoming better than the person I see in the mirror #determination

Who would want to see us on stage for the fun of it once we all fully develop in the future(even tho this nigga already looks fully developed😂) 😳 this shit would be fun TBH since my boy is the only teenager I can really relate to taper wise. Crazy to think he's only 18 man kid is something else FR, guys like him are what makes me wanna work harder too, check him out he's always positive 🙏 he deserve much more recognition Fr


Great workout with great people ☝🏾️
Team of 3 row 'murph'
1500m row (500 each)
20 pull ups
20 push ups
20 squats
X 5 each ( person on each station and rotate only when all movements are complete)
1500m row
Then in pairs with athlete @jnfitlete:
• deadball over shoulder
• HSPU's
Then 1 mile run for me while they did wheelbarrow Fran 😂

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From a bikini to a red dress 😜

Thank you for this non edited picture @healthyvisionphoto I love working with you Warren!
I owe my Great hair to @ellemodaintresses ! Thank you 😘😘😘

Anyone that knows me or has seen me train knows that I'm certainly not the strongest guy in the gym but I'm pretty happy that after not doing them for 3 months I can still pull up double my body weight for deadlifts (even if the technique is shocking 😅) I'll back this off to 1.5 times bodyweight and increase the weight with good form over the next couple months 👌🏼

Just a little insight on life. death is not the greatest loss, the greatest loss is what dies within us while we are still alive....LIVE TODAY!!!!! #motivation#inspiration#quoteoftheday#quote#mindfulness#karma#spiritual#universe#happy#smile#lifestyle#fitness#mydubai#bodybuilding#wbff_official#wbff#fitnessmodel#speech#speaker#motivationalspeaker

****I have space to take on 3 new clients in July**** Whether its fat loss, muscle gain, strength, off season/ prep or general health get in touch.

You will receive nutrition and training plans, support, reviews and regular check ins to keep you on track.
Effort and commitment is essential ... no time wasters please. 🚫
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So much YES 🙌🏻⭐️

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."
-Winston Churchill
This quote means a lot to me as a coach 😌 I hope it does to all of you as well.

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