Just a little spoopiness courtesy of #waywardguide 📸: @higgaroni

Finally! And at a decent hour for the CEST people 👍 Can't wait to ketchup!
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#tfw you want to embalm in peace but everyone decides they want to tell you about what they did over summer break. 📸: @higgaroni 💄: @roxanne_mcdanel #summertimesadness #waywardguide #morticianlife ☠️ 💀

When you’re a serious investigative podcast reporter but you’re also aware that Google Earth is always takin’ pics. #waywardguide 📸: @higgaroni 💄: @roxanne_mcdanel

Dreaming about #waywardguide like... 📸: @higgaroni

A totally normal and not at all unusual day when you're an overprotective miner mom. (with @ryan_the_ryan & @curtmega, photo by #WaywardGuide director @coreylubo)

Another day, another instance of finding a pic of yourself your bro dressed as a taxidermist mortician and a pastor respectively. #WaywardGuide @tincanbros

The only selfies that matter are selfies with a completely exhausted Joey Richter in the background. (on #WaywardGuide) Also he opens an off-Broadway show tonight so go see #solveitsquad if you're in NYC!!!!!

Happy birthday @joannasotomura!! Getting to know you this past year has truly been a delight. I am so inspired by your kind heart and your enthusiasm for your work. Love you and hope you have a wonderful day! ❤️🎂🎉 #waywardguide 📸: @higgaroni

... ... ... whoops. Got lost staring into @dylansaunders’s eyes and forgot to write a caption. #waywardguide

Are Artemis and Madison friends or foe? This was shot between takes, so you still don’t know! 😝 #waywardguide

Happy Belated Birthday to the one and only @seanastin!! So many of your incredible roles over your career have inspired us!! We sure are a lucky bunch to have you create another on the #WaywardGuide set as Lesly Stone!

He’s just a simple country boy, with a prop truck, scouting locations on a movie ranch. .
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Hey all! Patreon patrons at the $25+ level for this month will get a signed print of this photo from the set of #waywardguide, taken by @higgaroni! Also I am running a sale on some of my past prints for ALL Patreon patrons, so get on that! patreon.com/mkwiles 💕

Life Comes At U Fast: One day you’re cast in a one-line gag part in a show, and next thing you know the lead is dropping out and the director is asking you to play the eponymous Rumpelstiltskin instead. It’s been an honor to be the first person in history to go onstage as this show’s lovable ugly wizard, in my first true #Wizardhat🧙‍♂️ power play of 2018. And thankful to get my dress back from Jackie who’s been using it as her Rapunzel costume for a month. Cheers. 💚

#WaywardGuide wrapped last night and I couldn’t be more honored to have been part of such an awesome production. I made so many new friends, had great times with old ones, and honestly can’t wait to see this thing. It’s a big, funny, amazing adventure that I hope you’ll love! Special thanks to the @tincanbros for having me! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🐺

[SOURCE] @tincanbros production diary #7 (wayward guide). ""Mais, la partie amusante de la journée était enfin d'avoir Darren sur le plateau! Darren était l'acteur final que nous n'avions pas encore vu sur la production et nous étions reconnaissants que son emploi du temps ait fonctionné pour que cela soit possible. Nous avons passé un super moment à jouer avec lui et à le laisser devenir plus bête que certains de ses autres rôles récents. Il a même ajouté un ad lib que nous avons beaucoup aimé et avons décidé de le rappeler lors de notre dernier jour de tournage!" #darrencriss #waywardguide #tincanbros #productiondiary #starkids.

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