"Be aware of your wants. Be aware of your needs. Recognize that more often than not, your Wants are the very obstacles standing between you and your Needs." cc @danielrama_

"Pressure is a privilege for the prepared 🔄" cc @tonycarvajal_

Way Of Will is a natural essential oil body Care system for active lifestyles 👌🏼 We are stocking a range of Massage Oils, Hydrating Facial Sprays , Deodorants , Olfactic Inhalers and a few other goodies from this amazing range !! So come on down to discount vitamins in Watertown to stock up on them 😊😊 -
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"It does not matter what your specialty is, just get out and move. Test the waters. Move your body in ways you never have before. Find mobility within every nook and cranny." cc @christianflorezyoga

Just re-stocked these two scents from our local artist @arborfarmssoap. The store smells wonderful.

"Refinement and the subtle details turn the ordinary into the extraordinary . Some don’t even have to talk to get their point across ... extraordinary___" cc @yancyscotschwartz 📸 @sfreneenyc

An energizing aromatherapeutic inhaler infused with 100% natural pine and lime essential oils 🌲🍋

Some items to help you beat the summer heat...thoughtfully combined, healthy, natural body products that make you feel good all the way around.

My favourite organic deodorant is from @shopwayofwill 💜 the scent ‘lime + black spruce’ smells so delicious and keeps me fresh all day!! If you haven’t switched to an all natural deodorant.... it’s time to!

A 100% natural moisturizing face oil for sensitive skin. Apply oil after using a No. 20 face toner to keep your facial skin healthy and hydrated 😌

Commit to be fit 💪 / 📷 @isnathan

Firm, hydrate, and relax your skin with No. 07 Breather Moisturizing Body Oil 💦

A 100% natural lip balm with moisturizing properties from Peppermint and Bergamot essential oils 💋

Sensitive Skincare Routine: 20 Face Toner (Neroli + Frankincense) & 10 Face Oil (Frankincense + Borage) 😍

Power your training with Way of Will: Pine, Lime and Vitamin C 💪

“Your body is not a temple, it’s an amusement park - enjoy the ride.” - Anthony Bourdain cc @coach_clem

Like traditional smelling salts, use No. 32 Olfactic Inhaler when you feel tired and need to energize before your training session. This product has a fresh floral scent 🌸

"JUST ME? Energised. Focused. Ready to get at the week and hit those targets!" cc @kemomarriott 📸@luminaimg

Use Face and Body Spray for quick moisturization, especially during a dry sauna session or after coming out from a dry sauna 🔥

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