Remember that little bike shop I vowed to help out with? Well, here’s the progress. Between WhatsApp conversations and Google Drive interactions - this man and his son learned to create an inventory sheet, create a cost calculator, and will now soon be managing their own inventory. Their first large inventory purchase ‘ever’ has just been completed. Now the real adventure begins as we learn to grow this little seed into a future of opportunity for them and the village of my ancestry. This is only the beginning. #wayofthedirtbag

@floydsleadville grippy DNDs for the fall trails and cross courses - white for cross is boss! #wayofthedirtbag

Shop grip vice. The pounds per square inch on this model keeps changing weekly, for now. #boxersofinstagram #wayofthedirtbag #bikeshopdog

It’s cat tail season in bloom and passing on childhood traditions of enjoying the outdoors and all the cool things the seasons bring. #wayofthedirtbag

“You win the award for getting the best air of the day!” ...Perhaps the best compliment I’ve ever been given. #wayofthedirtbag #skunkworksmtb

My daughter took this pic of me yesterday. She said this is how I usually look, serious and quiet. I can’t say it ain’t true. I’m pretty contemplative and definitely am a serious fella, but I like to be positive and post positive vibes. I deleted my Facebook app on my phone because man it was nothing but downer news. There’s a lot that needs changing and I’m working on my role in all that - but - in the interim - I will post my usual vibe here on the grams. I mean who doesn’t like cute dogs and bikes? See you out there. #wayofthedirtbag

Hope you brought some Pam - and your running legs. Pre-ride dictates we will be eating Dan Ryan dirt easily. #wayofthedirtbag #danryancx #chicrosscup

Been a while putting on the spikes in the shoes. If you’re struggling, use a plastic brush and scrub the dirt out of the screw and use a non pointy philips to dig in and get them out. A little elbow grease and an f’bomb and you’re all set. #wayofthedirtbag

Good on ya @bikelinc - keep playing in the mud and you’ll go places, like all good Dirtbags. Keep it up! #wayofthedirtbag

Fall Color Festival at Kettle - butter trails, perfect berms, and great people to have a fun race with. So much fun, I forgot to put some food in my pocket. Good thing I can chill too. #wayofthedirtbag

*ATTENTION!* @bffbikes is a valuable component to the Chicago cycling community and is deserving of your generosity. Bike shops in general are all a labor of love - one that we share. And when your friends who own shops get hurt - severely even - doing the thing we all love, it can take its financial toll. Be the spirit that we all espouse to be on our grams and help a sister out. LINK IN BIO! https://www.gofundme.com/help-lift-annie-byrne-spirits

A lot of pent up aggression was let loose today, from poor race performance this past weekend to no race weekend coming up means a week to build. @newtroncole tells me I’m the first to do Samurais with the black band. He offered, I just said yes. Whoa. #wayofthedirtbag #squatsequalswatts #cxnats18

Recovery Mondays - soon to be extra faves after weekends of thrashing. Go get you some. #wayofthedirtbag

Fitness has been feeling decent coming into my first planned cross season since ‘16. But my handling at threshold hasn’t been the greatest the first two races out. It’s been great to have whatever game I got but taking chances and coming out awkward is painful sometimes. Thankfully it was only one mishap this time around but it was apparently more gnarly than thought. It’s early in the season and I need to work on my technical speed game. Otherwise, the minor moments of brilliance I do have, feel AWESOME!#wayofthedirtbag #aginglikeabatteredwine

Getting CX ready. I think. I dunno, ask me after the race on Sunday.

Guess I’m used to training in longer shorts, and sometimes I pretend a jaguar is after me. #wayofthedirtbag #runchi #magmile10k

Made in the USA. Elegant but tough. Worthy of your steed. Be heard with dignifying timbre. Now available at @tailwindcycles
#wayofthedirtbag #musa

90 degrees. Race bikes in the park. Why not. #badideajeans #wayofthedirtbag #chicx2018

Sometimes the Humble gets a request for a pro photo shoot. And sometimes it’s revealed where @chriskingbuzz gets it actual buzz. #wayofthedirtbag

Pulled this jersey from the back of the drawer today. Those were some good times.
#oldjersey #wayofthedirtbag #cyclingkits #rapha #crossiscoming #portland #couragebikes #chrisking

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