Final checks for Spanish City signage, on site from 8.30am tomorrow installing #signage #wayfinding #spanishcitydome #whitleybay #northtyneside

Commission → Franklin Till

В метро все больше и больше новой навигации, и это повод для радости - как же долго город шел к этому. Ещё предстоит многое привести в порядок, но процесс уже идёт - а это ура! #metro #mosmetro #wayfinding #wayfingingformoscow #moscow

@humansofny sometimes it's easy to forget that mass transit involves real people with real stories. we are all going places and that story is, sometimes, the #journey itself. #riseandgrind slow it back and #rewind @nycmta thank you for riding with New York City Transit #morningcommute #irl .
#expresstrain #grandcentralstation #grandcentral #merica #merica🇺🇸 #wayfinding #traveldiaries

- Series - .
Ground like EARTH Flow like WATER Rise like FIRE Open up Wide..Glide Lift Swirl and Swing like AIR de-Lightful In spaciousness..within around above as below..
In an unmanifested Ocean of invisible PresenCe
LIFE is subtle energy flowing in the field of great possibility manifesting in everchanging forms of the formless
All about Chi ‘Qi’
it creates, moves, flows, heals, protects makes trees grow, living beings breath,.. the cosmos as a whole is activated by it.
All we need to do as Human beings, is tapping into the energy, being nourished and flowing with it
since one of the forms most equivalent to Qi is water, as it fills any form and vital container without exception, life would simply not exist without it.

Welcome to Brand Manual - we hope our parking space signage stands out and also scares off all those yoga studio guests who loved to park in our spots. If you need a spot for your car during a meeting at our office, simply call us and we’ll let you know which space you can use. We have a hypothesis that adding license plate numbers will work as a psychological barrier for all those yoga fans and other wrong-parkers. Lets see ;) #thebrandmanual #newoffice #parkingspot #signage #wayfinding #wayshowing #therealityisorange

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