Thanks to the legend @garymcneillconcepts for the stick! Can't wait to get it in some good stuff. If only i could surf like dave rasta. Also thanks to @e_rose_art here in SA for the art. Always good to collaborate with creative and friendly people. Check her products out!! #waxgamestrong #surfing #surfboard #beachlife

WE 🖤 CLEAN INK! You already know we have the best tool around for Microblading #Heiress and now WE have the CLEANEST pigment line in the market. Fully Synthetic & MADE IN THE USA 💙❤️🇺🇸 •What does that mean for You as a Microblading Artist? NonToxic , NO Peg’s, NO PvP, NO Propylene Glycol, NO Azo & NO Titanium Dioxide 🙌🏽✨ I’ll be posting more about why those ingredients are not our friends ✨
•What does that mean for our Clients? Even Cleaner pigment, Even more longer lasting results, No ugly fading (Green,Blue,Pink/Red) *our last pigments didn’t do that either FYI*
DM for questions ❤️ We love continuing Ed!

Thanks @stiiizy !!!! For the free swag!! Had to go out and buy my two favorite #StizzyCarts to rep it with today! #staystiiizy @stiiizy #themovementisreal #Stiiizymovement #Stiiizy #itsalifestyle #stiiizynation #Swagg #BlueDream #grandaddypurp #waxgamestrong

Dem lil biddies clean up nice🤩🤩 #waxgamestrong 💪🏽😂

My New Bitch. 😈🔥💚 #newrigg 🤩
#waxgamestrong 💪🏼

But my floor is poppin tho 👌🏽👌🏽#latenightduties #waxgamestrong #chickenrun

So FRESH and so CLEANNNN 🍯✨Brow Babes I used my @precisbrows Megan Stencil, Dark Brown Powder and Angled Brush. Ps: Simplicity is key! Stay tuned for set up photos that make your services efficient and beautiful every time! ✨🍯

I love touch ups ❤️ Brow Babes : We used @precisbrows Pigment in Elizabeth with our stencil Megan and modified the arch ❤️ Natural Looking Brows are goals 🙌🏽✨

Teen brows ❤️✨ No fill in, but definitely shaped her Brows 💁🏻‍♀️ We used the Kim Stencil on her ✨ I like to keep my teen clients cleaned up, but still very natural. Opening May in a couple days 🌸 DM for appointments☺️

Shaping & a little @precisbrows powder go a long way ❤️ I’ve had so many clients come in after growing out for months who always will say “ I just have the most sparse brows, do what you can “ 💁🏻‍♀️ Friends sparse brows doesn’t mean you can’t have great brows! Getting shaped and taught how to correctly fill in can make the biggest difference! It can take you from feeling like you have sparse brows to feeling like Beyoncé 🐝🍋 DM me if you have any questions or if you’d like to know if you are a Microblading candidate 💛

My waxing techniques are the best😁 clink link in bio book with me🙃 #michiganesthetician #detroitwaxing #skincare #luxestudio #glamby_dreyah #waxgamestrong

Everytime i step away from this thing..i stop and look and say..."damn that thing looks tight!" #nofilter #waxgamestrong #tournamentready #f&;s #gleaming #bluemarlin #whitemarlin #sails #dredgefishing #catisland #bahamas #hawksnest #bigoil

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