"The meal is not over when I'm full. The meal is over when I hate myself."
Here's my custom Louis C.K.!

Entry for #ccpeoplecontest #wavy3000

🎵B-A-B-Y Baby🎵
Here's my custom Baby From Baby Driver

Some bay watch customs!

Custom deadshot!

Carol and Morgan!

Custom #marvel ant man !

Custom twd Daryl Dixon!

Someone has come along.

She's like you,Very much like you

Custom lego: Pennywise (2017)
I absolutely loved the 1990 miniseries and im slowly working my way up the novel, so I'm obviously really hyped for the movie! Most of the figure was sculpted which I have to give credit to @thelostminifig for and also cudos to him for the removable balloon idea! Tag @billskarsgard_ in the comments! #prettyneatcustoms1000 #wavy3000 #skybrickhorror

Lego custom Escape from new York: Snake plissken #wavy3000

Tony stark face #wavy3000

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