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Bye bye lil friends, I hope for safe travels #goldfishunion #goldfishofinstagram #waverlygoldfish

screened porch turned fishroom

this enamel pin is about to head off to the United Kingdom. Hope you enjoy it Alex! #waverlygoldfish #enamelpin #goldfishunion

new set up will be ready for fish soon, 650 gallons 😍 #goldfishunion #goldfishofinstagram #waverlygoldfish

Four cubic feet of new filter media have arrived for the soon to be finished 600 gallon tank #goldfish #goldfishunion #goldfishofinstagram #waverlygoldfish #aquarium

She still pops against that blue, look how big she is in the 2.5 gallon photo tank. This is why you need big tanks for goldfish they get so big with good care. #goldfishunion #goldfishofinstagram #oranda #waverlygoldfish #fishkeeping

Our outdoor pond crew would like to welcome you to their crib on this foggy morning #waverlygoldfish #goldfishofinstagram #goldfishunion

everyone's chilling outside in a blanket of white today #waverlygoldfish #goldfishunion #goldfishofinstagram


Took a quick video of our ranchu condo. Love having computer operated water changes

Red and whites begging for their supper. These fatties are clearly starving right 🀣 How do your fish let you know they want a snack?

chinese pom poms are not a breed we normally post about but they do make an appearance in our videos about the automated fish rack condos. Here’s a video where they are the stars.

Brought home some veiltails from @garyhater from the breeders social this year. They're so fun to watch swim around their quarantine tub. (Water was at this level during a water change)

ranchus who are adorable but not really friendly

a lil moment of zen and a reveal our newest fishroom pals, three blue bubble eyes! I wish this video let you appreciate how big these guys are.

new friends in quarantine what could they be? #dandyorandas #waverlygoldfish #goldfishunion #goldfishofinstagram

Chris feeds gel food with a fork, Arielle feeds gel food with chopsticks. We both agree we prefer to not touch it with our hands. It's just so slimey and squishy which is why the fishies like it so much.

I swear I filmed this on landscape but my phone seems to disagree. I lil update on our lemon pearlscales. They're getting so big on once a day waterchanges.

Dinner time! We are now at 300 gallons fully plumbed! With occupants for all but 4 of the units in the condo high rises.

screened porch turned fishroom

happy lil plant quarantine

Had the telepad drained for a water change so we could actually see all the fishies!

Doing traditional daily 100% tub to tub waterchanges on these guys while they go through quarantine. Gonna split them by size and put them in the automated 2x a day water change system once they're out of quarantine.

I said whales before but they act like they're a lil herd of cows πŸ€£πŸ‚πŸ³πŸ‚πŸ³πŸ‚

they're in their quarantine tub now but here's a sneak peek from earlier when they were being unboxed. Lil whales!

My favorite type of package! Here's to another game of "what do you think is in the box?" #waverlygoldfish #goldfishunion

Checking in on our nisai blue orandas. Looking really good at about seven inches. They're loving the green water too! #waverlygoldfish

We threw some of last years spawn into the 650 gallon "telepad" for grow out and they've exploded in size! I didn't even recognize them because the water has been so opaque and green with algae. The power of understocking and water quality is real!

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