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Kinda long so thanks for reading in advance lol As I board the plane headed back to Chicago, I took some to time to reflect on this entire prep for the Olympia..the early mornings and late nights..training..the 6-7 SAME meals daily for 2-3 months, the pain, blood, sweat and tears..the adversity..the broken relationships..fighting, through it all I kept my focus and never let anything distract me..because this is bigger than me..this is for those that never give up..this is for those who struggle but know in the end, things will get better..I'm so grateful for everyone's support..and even those who slept on me and didn't support me, because honestly, you pushed me to make sure I cross all my T's and dot all my I's and prove you wrong..This wasn't a win on paper, but this is a win in my heart..What an incredible weekend it was celebrating bodybuilding man! Thank you NPC/IFBB, Robin Chang and @mrolympiallc for running such a great event..I just want to thank my sponsors, @darcsport #Wolves, @beastsportsnutrition for providing me with my supplementation in preparation for the Olympia.. @insainlyfitmealprep thank you for all my chicken brother💯.. @athletesnutrition_palatine thank you for always being there to support, @schieksportsinc and most def my team @underground.athletes and @maximummusclereport!! My amazing family for always supporting and helping guide me..Thank you @_meganash_ for helping pick me up while I was down and having my back and just being there..and you already know, thank you #WaveGang #TsunamiGang We did it man, we progressed and that's them Big Waves ya dig😏 With that being said, I am currently 24 weeks out from the Arnold Classic 2018 where I will compete to BRING BACK the title to CHICAGO....Coach done let me loose😤

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Gm Ig. Don’t get sea sickness watching this video lmao. #kananstark🔫💰 #wavegang

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Gm Ig. Don’t get sea sickness watching this video lmao. #kananstark🔫💰 #wavegang

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bro @texdamessage got me right with the fresh cut 💯 #beardgang #wavegang

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All my niggaz Wavegang! Same thang ain't shit changed! #RIPANTROB #WAVEGANG #RNS

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