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Today I participated in a No Dapl march supporting Standing Rock. It's important we all do our part to preserve our planet! #nodapl #waterislife #waterissacred #saveourplanet #standwithstandingrock

There's that beautiful feeling when you're snorkeling in the water, watching the currents move back and forth making the seaweed unfurl like long curls, back and forth, and it feels like you're witnessing the Earth breathing, in and out. I love that feeling. I love the water. #waterissacred

Just spoke tonight alongside a bunch of dedicated others at Missoula City Council, encouraging them to divest from Wells Fargo. And then they did. The city has more than $10 million wrapped up in Wells Fargo. No more. That just happened. Bam. #nodapl #waterissacred #fightforwhatyoulove

❤Please Read ❤ Dear friends, last Monday I hosted a small auction on my page. I was so dismayed over the inhumane treatment of the peaceful water protectors at Standing Rock and wanted to do something that could give them immediate aid, and I asked some of my friends if they could each contribute a gift to auction. I am happy to report that we were able to collectively donate $320 to the Official Sacred Stone Camp GoFundMe campaign! 💜 Huge thanks to @intraloveart @milehighbeads @mal_wingostarrjewelry @freespiritloveshop @thisthatandthese @reneepiattdesigns @solarsimulation @bethkaya @emmyeffdesigns @emmyeffrocks and everyone who bid on and shared the auction! 🙏🙏 This campaign to fund the needs of the camp has raised well over a million dollars in just the past week over an outpouring of support from people like you--the camp has grown from approx 3,000 souls to over 11,000 in one week! Every post about the #DakotaAccessPipeline and every benefit auction spreads awareness, so keep going! The mainstream news is still analyzing the election instead of reporting the reality at Standing Rock happening NOW - it's up to us to keep spreading the word and let the Sioux and their allies know we are with them. Use your power! Take your money out of and/or cut credit ties with Wells Fargo, Citibank, HSBC and Bank of America, four big backers of the pipeline, and tell them why you're doing it! Call the White House 202-456-1414 and ask the president to stand up for our fellow Americans. The injustice of taking land for profit affects ALL of us everywhere in this country, and I believe we can collectively overcome power and greed and protect our planet and STOP the DAPL by standing together. Mni Wiconi! 🌀🌎 Art by @harleyandj #waterissacred #waterislife #noDAPL #istandwithstandingrock

🎶I am her child, my breath is her wind... her rivers the blood that flows within🎶 ...on a moody naked day by the river with @taliamigliaccio #taos #soakyourbones #newmexicosessions #waterissacred

Honoring the source to life is essential 💙breathtaking photo by: @jeremysnell #worldwaterday #waterislife #waterissacred 💦

Fresh out of the Sundance lodge with my Sundance sisters! #Ceremony #WaterIsSacred #Sundance


Check out our concept at Gauntletwater.com - link in bio

I am posting this a day late. The vision questers completed their 4 days and 4 nights with no water and food yesterday and are back and well. While I will never be able to imagine what it must be like to experience this incredible journey, the cards are speaking for themselves. As always I never force these cards, these are the cards that showed up and what a perfect fit they are. -------------------------------- The Shaman is highlighting the wisdom, transcendence, and clear insights the questers received as part of their journey. --------------------------------
In earth, the 9 of Water ‘Joy’ reflects the deep appreciation of the gift of water and in essence the gift of life itself. --------------------------------
In mind the Medicine Man represents that deep trust in nature, that trust that they can prevail and so they did. The pipe carrier is an ancient Native American symbol of peace and the white antler deer represents the divine feminine support from spirit herself helping them remember who they truly are. --------------------------------
In the position of Spirit the Daughter of Water makes one last appearance to remind them that she was always present with them, supporting them emotionally and making sure they were safe. --------------------------------
Sending love and appreciation to all of my beautiful vision quester friends. I admire your courage to embark on this journey.

Oh I love my weekends with my family in Belgium 💜💜💜 Whenever I rush from one place to another I however often forget to drink 😣 At work it's so easy when I have my water bottle in front of me, but during the weekend I always fail 😬 I have water bottles enough, that's not the problem 🙈😄 I just need to learn to refill and keep drinking! How do you manage to do drink enough during the weekend? #tea #gingertea #tealover #drinking #drinkwater #hydrateyourself #waterislife #healthydrink #healthybody #healthylife #waterdrinking #waterissacred #fitandhealthy #fitandhappy

"THE YEAR OF CEREMONIES" Solstice Super New Moon in Cancer. Emotion like water must be free to move and flow. Allow it 🙏🏼🌞🌚🦀💧 #sacredtimes #13moons #moonshaman #summersolstice #williamsburgbrooklyn #goddesseising #waterissacred #twinsouls

What a magical blessing!
I am so grateful to recieve these two precious tiny flowers! Lavender and mint...from two beautiful women! I am so grateful for the water and sun and earth that nourished these magnificent flowers! I am diving fully into their presence using my senses. What a wonder to behold!
#flowerpower #flowerstagram #flowers #lavender #mint #purple #violetflame #presence #magic #wonder #behold #sisterhood #women #goddess #motherearth #motherearthislife #waterislife #sacred #waterissacred #magnificent

Dehydration is very dangerous and can create a slew of different problems in your body, including a never-ending cycle of physical stress.
Electrolyte and fluid imbalances are big contributors to fatigue and brain fog.
So, PLEASE DRINK WATER 💧 lots & lots of water throughout the day 💙 Summer is officially here, meaning so is the extreme HEAT. 🔥☀️
#TheUrbanSpring #waterstore #healthstore #huntingtonbeach #dehydrated .

Today I met a human that didn't care about the future generations because he'd "already be in heaven" by the time any water crisis affected him. That thinking needs to end. People are already suffering in many places throughout the world, and although as a white privileged man he may not be directly impacted, the world's water security is at stake. Water is life. We cannot continue to carelessly use and pollute our water ways -- we must become a water conscious civilization. This conversation all came about after he said my choice to not eat meat makes no sense (fuck you dude, my body). I told him it makes perfect sense when you think about how it requires somewhere around 2,500 to 3,000 + gallons of water to produce a pound of meat. Now I wonder, how do I educate people like him in a way where they can receive and come to understand that their actions matter? How do I remain compassionate in those moments and best work to abolish injustices? How do I speak truth without fear and help expand collective consciousness? I'm sick of this bullshit. Humanity can do better. #comeonepeople #waterislife #waterissacred #miniwiconi

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