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The @millerntorgallery is a social art music & culture festival inside the arena of @fcstpauli to raise money and awareness for fresh water & sanitation worldwide @vivaconagua ! #waterisahumanright #art #artcreateswater #love #waterislife

Buying more water for flint today with your donations! This is on top of almost 50 cases we have already!! I think we are going to have to take multiple cars to Flint Monday to drop it all off! #thedahlias #wateryoufightingfor #thankyou!!! #waterisahumanright

10% of sales of the Clean Water watch go straight to @thirstproject⌚️💦 Swipe up on our story to shop! #timetomakeadifference #waterisahumanright

Heading to FACE Africa 8th Annual WASH Gala to bring clean water, sanitation and hygiene to sub Saharan Africa. #waterisahumanright #waterislife #FACEAfrica #WASHGala #blacklove

Be still my heart~ an ad for drinking #TapWater, with a jar in it 🙌🏼double awesome hehe 💦💧💪🏼💙
#BanBottledWater #PlasticPollutes #WaterIsAHumanRight

Squad is gelandet. Grüße vom @meltfestival 😎💧 📸 @ersteplatte

What was your first action for @vivaconagua ? Mine was #running for @vivaconagua #hamburg #marathon #2006 and realizing I can support people with my actions who have no fresh water or toilet to shit! #allforwater #waterforall #waterisahumanright #love #waterisahumanright #waterislife


#THANKFUL- Three flags representing the one and only @fcstpauli the social water and sanitation projects of @vivaconagua and the cultural social business @millerntorgallery ......YEAH! #allforwater #waterforall #fcsp #love #waterisahumanright #artcreateswater #waterislife #ourhomeissanktpauli

With clean drinking water and the ability to bathe, I look forward to hearing how Vela stands tall with confidence amongst his peers at school.
Our campaign to build a well for Vela's community launches tomorrow! 🚀🚀

What was your first action for @vivaconagua ? Mine was #running for @vivaconagua #hamburg #marathon #2006 and realizing I can support people with my actions who have no fresh water or toilet to shit! #allforwater #waterforall #waterisahumanright #love #waterisahumanright #waterislife

Inbaraj rides through dusty rural tracks outside his Narikuravar settlement with two jugs of water filled at a nearby tap.
The Narikuravar are Dalits, a low caste community which face discrimination in Tamil Nadu and continue to struggle for even the most basic of human rights.
Some neighbouring communities would prefer the Narikuravar didn't touch or share their water, and a simple trip like this can invite inter-caste disputes.
In just a couple of days I will be launching a campaign together with Ragul, a Tamil social worker from Tiruvanamalai, to raise money to build a new well for the 65 families who share Inbaraj's plight.

@millerntorgallery officially moved out of @fcstpauli arena which is waiting in a colorful and beautiful way for the fans of @fcstpauli #fcspsvw today with our friend and @vivaconagua supporter @max.kruse10 #love #football #water #art #waterisahumanright #artcreateswater #waterislife

I love family portraits.
There is something especially honest and authentic about this one.
A Narikuravar couple stand with their children outside their humble abode on the outskirts of Tiruvanamalai.
Our campaign to build a well for families of this community is launching in just a few days!!
Stay tuned.

Who s driving home from @deichbrand_festival after @marteria destroyed everything on Saturday night and has two free seats to hamburg for @vivaconagua ?
#festival #logistic #music #waterisahumanright #waterislife

Wie wäre es Fördermitglied und Teil der Familie von Viva con Agua zu werden? Klingt nice? Klingt nice! 😉

Oder auch schön: verschenke doch anstatt Blumen mal einen Brunnen zum Geburtstag? 😎💦💧 ❤

Mehr Infos gibt es auf unserer Hompage www.vivaconagua.org


Oder schreib uns einfach an, wenn du etwas wissen möchtest ❤❤💧💧

Jaina is a Narikuravar elder who has been left by her family to wither alone. Her husband passed away and her children have moved to cities, visiting very infrequently.
When I met her, she lived in a hut full of holes with a small fan hanging in the corner.
She lay on her cot with this constant look of distress on her face. She claims to be 110 years old, and whether or not that is correct, she has clearly lived to see much.
I cannot imagine being her child and knowing the conditions in which she lives. And I equally cannot imagine ending my days without the aid of those who I gave life to.

If you live in Washington State, and are buying rural property with the intention of building on it and installing a well, you need to educate yourself of House Bill 2239, based on the Hirst Decision. It could severely impact the process and costs of getting a well on your property- and could even halt it all together. Read it, make your decision, and then call your representative. There is a session going on right now that pertains to it. -
#hurstdescision #waterwell #waterwellrights #waterrights #waterisahumanright #washingtonstate #washingtonstatehousebill2239
#washingtonstategovernment #knappdrilling #knappdrillinginc #waterwelldrilling #cabletooldrilling

@teddysphotos for fresh water and @vivaconagua - today auction of @fcstpauli signed jersey ends today and all profits go to projects where people got no fresh water #allforwater #music #love #ed #waterforall #waterisahumanright #artcreateswater #waterislife

Old saris hang as shower curtains in a Narikuravar bathroom. Many families had a small enclosure like this, but I rarely saw a bucket as full with water as this one.
I am putting the finishing touches on the fundraiser to build a well for this gypsy community, while my partner Ragul checks on ground water levels and takes care of paperwork.
We are looking forward to launching our project very soon. Stay tuned!

Today, we delivered 500+ petitions to Senator Tammy Duckworth and Senator Dick Durbin in Illinois, asking them to introduce the #WATERAct in the Senate. The WATER Act would provide dedicated and sustainable funding to our public water systems by closing a corporate loophole. It would generate $35 billion a year to upgrade our public water infrastructure to keep water safe, clean, and affordable. #WaterNotWalls #WaterIsAHumanRight

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