Behold, "Water Wolf"! 💙

This is my latest animal piece. It is an expression of my time in the wilderness these past few months. And it merges my love of the water, with the spirit of the wild. 💙

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artwork by #TamaraPhillipsArt

Have you heard of Lemuria? Legend has it that this sunken city was once ruled by priestesses and that its remnants lie within the Pacific Ocean, where the Hawaiian island chain sits today. I created this Gifts of Lemuria Water Altar Set to help you honor and channel the energy of this lost civilization. Each grid is full of ocean magic and comes with a special tea light, topped with a seashell hand-picked by my daughter Zoe from the sands of Hawaii. If you need emotional healing or a deep recharge, these are the tools for you. Ask, believe, receive. Shop link in bio!

WATER ELEMENT: while pouring and assembling these anointing oils i was thinking about my feelings towards water, in general but specifically when I’m literally underwater; peace comes over me. 🌊
I understand everyone has different relationships to water, but Do you know what I mean? 💧I have so many tiny memories barely reachable now but that are specific to the quiet and the wonder that I’m dealt while exploring or even just dunking beneath the surface. The instant in which terror and absolute peace are two in the same. I say terror to mean a deep seated fear of death and unknowns, of darkness, of harm. And peace because for a quick moment you are unreachable and held. But free. 🌊 This scenario even happens in the shower! Or a bath! So many lessons can be learned through the plunge and rebirth in a instant and perhaps over and over through a life time. For most of us it’s a compilation. Literal and figurative, the repeat of some stream of lessons, pulled beneath or pushed to our limits, reconciled and reconstructed by the watery ways of our bodies, our circumstances, and our choices. 💧I honor that peaceful pause beneath the water; the holding of the breath, the releasing of fear. The echoes of muffled sounds above and clinking or shifting of pebbles and sand below, like a slow motion video where nothingness can be seen and felt all at once. 🌊Clarification, boldness to change, or accept change more gracefully. To be change. The shift and the shift and the shift and the glide of water, powerful and determined as it permeates and gives and resists. As it serves and retreats and shines and makes shine, as it fills and dulls sharpness, as it cuts and makes sharpness. 💧Water. Yeah, my favorite element. I could wax poetic for a long while about it..
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Трохи передісторії русалки... Почалось все з нестримного бажання перевтілення в цей образ, я просто відчувала що море не море без нього... Я запитувала себе що для мене цей образ... Це про стихію, про злиття зі стихією, про бути на хвилі стихії, про стихію в мені... Про бути ближче до себе, про бути в собі, про вірність собі та своїм імпульсам, інтуїції, своїй стихії... Є, мабуть, дві речі яким не піти наперекір це стихія(природа) та любов... І їхнє поєднання запалює❤️
Тішусь що попри всі перешкоди я таки зробила це)
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Water. .
I feel one and whole when in water or around it. No suprise since it is my element being a Scorpio and all.
It hasn't been until recently though that I've fully accepted this element as part of who I am. .
I am highly intuitive and even more sensitive, I feel things deeply and intensely more so than most. I cry often and hard, because I can literally feel the pain some people carry, and a lot of the time I cry for the pain our Earth feels. .
Growing up I would hide my tears, I would wait until I was alone to let the flood gates open, sometimes I had to really try to hold it together because I was infront of people, or in the presence of someone I didn't feel safe expressing myself with. .
I was told I was playing the victim or being a martyr, when in truth I was just feeling, feeling all the feelings they were refusing to feel, I experienced this many times with my own mother, who to this day has a hard time accepting who I am. Or simply doesn't. .
I say this beacuse not everyone will "get you" and sometimes the ones who don't, are the ones closest to you... and that's okay. Its taken me 29 year to realize that the only person who needs to "get me" is me. .
Feeling deeply and intensely like a river is my gift, it makes me who I am. I am emotional and nurturing and I refuse to alter or hide myself any longer. .
I unleash my gift, my power, my message, like Posiden does the vast oceans. This is me. .
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Big Spears for the Camera.
Didn't see the humor until it was too late.
Can you see what appears to be a tree limb speared through my head.
Gotta laugh at silly moments.
Laugher Heals ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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Great pairing of Water element with these two beads!
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Happy Friday to you! Today’s card is all about the water element: being aware of your emotions and trusting your intuition.
Angel Oceana is up to speed on your situation and knows your best path forward. Her message today is that you know that path, too. There is no need to second guess yourself out of alignment with your gut instincts. Prove to yourself that it’s safe to trust your divine guidance, by taking action and watching a clear path unfold for you. Fears are normal but you’re asked to look past them, to find the truth within you.
Focus on your solar plexus chakra today (located in the upper belly area), which is where your feelings of confidence and personal power are stored. Wear the color yellow, toss some lemon into your water, rock a strong warrior yoga pose. You already know what to do, you just need to build a little more self assurance in order to take action. Affirm: “my actions are divinely guided”. You’ve got this!
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