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Blue & orange, one of my favorite colors combinations. Painted on heavy weight watercolor paper with watercolors by @danielsmithproducts, and digitally with an Apple pencil. 🎶 The Whisper by PC III

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Awesome 🌀💙🐬
By @niharikahukku

Time to add the color! Hey there, it’s Beth (@beth3167) and I am back to show you the magic of the @tombowusa Dual Brush Pen watercolor technique. This video shows how simple it is to transform your simple scribbles of color into a fabulous watercolored piece! Just add small amounts of clean water to each area of color with a round paintbrush. Slow and steady is what you want to practice here, making sure not to blend the colors too much or you might end up with mud. Once blended, I always go back into each section of color with a bit more clean water to create the feathery effects. Don’t be discouraged – you have to wait until dry to see all the magnificent details! Stop back later to see my shading techniques! #tombow #tombowusa #tombow2017dt #dualbrushpens #popsicles #rainbow #summer

A quick Saturday morning painting. I'm still using up my canson a'quarelle paper and I'm not really loving it but I don't hate it either. It's the same price as Arches, which I prefer, so I don't think I'll buy this paper again.

Had an unexpectedly chaotic week and now I'm out of town and waaay behind on my own challenge. So here's something from a few days ago feat. @thestrokes - be back on schedule soon ✌️



Row, row, row your boat,
Gently down the stream.
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
Life is but a dream.

Deep AF

Medium: Watercolor

"cherries and cashew bits".......a repeating #print with non- representative colors, unmixed straight from the dry palette.
with my daughter-- i ordered all of the @primamarketinginc Paintboxes and they areived TODAY.
and we are having so much fun with them... and using the refillable paintbrush / #brushpens
I mocked up the repeat in @tayasuiapps , Tayasui is one of the apps I teach in my sognature program, along with a strong foundation in #gouache. This paintbox color collection: "the Classics. " if you like the opacity of gouache like I do, you'll love these paints! Great for #fashion #fashionart #fashionillustration

And the cherries?????? Delicious, sweet, juicy. Just like this day.

Congratulations @lynio22 who won a portrait of her beautiful cat Bagheera as part of @baby_cat_jade 's giveaway. 🎉 Isn't she so beautiful with her long black and ginger fur? I thought the coloring was really special! ❤😻 #fluffyfellows #blackcat #cat #watercolorpainting #illustrationartist

I went sketching on a beautiful sunny day down at Riverfront Park. The new Looff Carousel building is coming along nicely. I had a great time watching the welders work on the roof. What are you most looking forward to in the new park?

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